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Thursday 24 February 2011

Pop Songs Sound The Same - It's Official!

Something a bit different for you.  Hey just listen to this.

Axis of Awesome is an modern day Australian comedy band consisting of  Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo and Benny Davis. The trio cover a wide variety of performance styles, and perform a combination of original material and pop parodieb and they have just dropped a bomshell in the music world. 

Here they prove beyond doubt that popular music for the last 40 years is based on just 4 simple chords.
Have a listen to these 40 songs. Amazing.

Sunday 20 February 2011

There's a Heron On The Roof, Memories and a Famous Rugby Match

"Hey, Eddie, quick!! There's a Heron on our roof!"

"Don't be so daft, Mrs Bluelights!"

"There is!! There is - quick get your camera!"

"I'm watching the game! A rugby game, the Barbarians versus The all Blacks 1973"

"Never mind the game! Snap it quick before it gets away! Here's your camera!"

"You'll be telling me we had peacocks in our garden next!"

"We did! We did! Last year.  Don't you remember?  They just dropped in unannounced!"
 "Oh yes I remember!  I did a post on it called 'Did You Invite Mr and Mrs Peacock?'

"There, I've caught the Heron on camera - no doubt it is waiting to catch a fish from next door's fish pond! Now can I finish watching the rugby match?"

Memories flashed through my mind just after we were married.  I was watching a cricket match on the television between England and The West Indies.  The new Mrs Bluelights asked, "Are they the All Blacks?" I collapsed laughing and replied, "I don't think so! Well they may be but the All Blacks is a famous New Zealand rugby union team."

Recently I watched the American Super Bowl final on television which I enjoyed very much but I love our rugby game and the rules are very different.  Forward passing is not permitted, as can be seen by one disallowed try on the video, and the players have to run through the field and get clobbered more often than not in their attempt to cross the goal line to score a try, which is a little like a touch down.  There are no shoulder pads or helmets, just flesh, bone, muscle and blood. We have scrums where 8 players from each team push against each other trying to get the ball. When 6 front row players come together (3 player from each side) an astonishing 2 tons pressure falls on their shoulders when the ball enters the scrum, put in by the scum half.  So they have to get their heads in place properly, or else!! Anyway without going into to much detail here is a clip of the greatest rugby match ever played between The Barbarians versus The All Blacks during 1973, two months before our wedding (when I was a free man LOL).  The first try scored is noted as the greatest rugby try ever scored and a famous Welsh player, arguably the best rugby player of all time, scrum half Gareth Edwards of Wales, made a 75 yard run after some brilliant passing and side stepping by his fellow team mates..

Enjoy and tell your grand children:

The All Blacks always have a pre-kick-off Haka war dance by tradition - designed to put the fear of God into the opposition.  On this ocassion it resembles a damp swib LOL.  "The Barbarians" team is made up from top players from all over the world.  During the 1970s Wales was the dominant rugby team in both the northern and southern hemispheres and many wonderful players, now legends are in this Barbarian side.

Gareth Edwards played for Cardiff, Wales, The Barbarians and The British Lions. In the St David's Shopping Centre, Cardiff a statue stands in honour of him.
It was rather embarrassing one day because during a particularly busy shopping day my rather eccentric Welsh brother in law suddenly yelled at the top of his voice, "PASS THE BALL! PASS THE BALL, GARETH! COME ON LAD!

Everyone laughed and we looked for the biggest hole to crawl into LOL.

Thursday 10 February 2011

Your Hip is 'hip' Eddie

Well, I've just had my hospital examination to mark the first anniversary of my total hip replacement operation.
I had another X-ray that day which shows that the replacement hip joint is perfectly aligned and still firmly set into the femur and pelvis.  I had my camera with me this time and the lady consultant who I have seen several times allowed me to take a couple of shots from her computer screen.

See the screws holding the socket joint cup in place on the pelvis?  Imagine them rasping out that little lot and using all the power tools in the Black and Decker range! And notice the way they chopped off the head of the femur and rammed the the ball joint spike into the bone after pumping in some cement.  It does not hurt at all now apart from sometimes in damp weather, but only for the first few steps.

Earlier the lady consultant remarked when she saw me walking, "Hey, look at you move - that's perfect!"  And I had just walked a brisk three miles from where I parked the car.
She said, "Does the other hip give you any trouble?"
I said, "No, why?"
She said, "The joint is nearly worn out!  I can't undersatnd why it doesn't hurt you - see the gap of missing cartilage between the ball and the socket."

She went on to say that the X-ray is only two dimensional and may not have picked up that there may still be quite a lot of cartilage there on a different plane.  She said, "Obviously it is not troubling you and we are very pleased with your operated hip, so we are discharging you. If you have any problems we can do the other one for you." 

We always enjoyed our chats and she was fascinated by me donating 92 pints of blood and managing a donation just 9 months after the operation. Apparently the risk of dislocation has fallen to below 1% so I can ease up a bit on restricting movement.  After the consultation I shook her hand and said I would also like to thank the surgeon, the chief consultant, personally for giving my life back to me.  She knocked on his door and he did not have a patient with him so I did thank him and he was delighted that I did so.

Regarding the X-ray photo. Originally it was one photo but to save my modesty I cropped out the central part LOL. The full version is available on prescription only and please make out generous cheques to Eddie Bluelights LOL

On to other things - I am still having a partial break in BlogLand and from the Sunday Roast but I hope to return soon.

Meanwhile I received an email from someone called Paul asking me if I would consider selling my blog. No way Paul, it is part of me.  Not for sale!  Has anyone else had that request?

Finally, I saw an interesting maths conundrum recently which works for people born from 1900 - 1999.
Take the last two digits of the year which you were born and add these to your age next birthday.  The answer is always 111.  How about that for a piece of useless information! LOL

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Breakfast At Eddie's

Hey - I feel hungry and I can't resist popping back to show you one of the all time favourite British comedy sketches.

Here's Eric Morecombe and Ernie Wise dancing around their kitchen. Sadly both have passed on now. When I was a youth, many years ago, they were huge hits on the telly. I'm not sure whether they were known in the US.

I have to laugh because I can just imagine some of my favourite cooking friends having a little dance around their kitchens after this. Marguerite and Lola . . . one, two, three!! There you go!  . . . . and don't forget to shut the fridge door.