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Sunday 24 May 2009

Blogging Awards Ceremony

It gives me great pleasure, as Master of Ceremonies, to announce my first Blogger's Awards Showcase

Ladies and Gentlemen. There was considerable debate concerning the venue - Eddie Bluelights' ruminated for an age, striving to decide which of his two blog venues should host this event and the competition was fierce - either Clouds and Silvery Linings, where Mr Darcy is appearing live in Pride and Prejudice, or Plato's Procrastinations, where Stanley Holloway is appearing dead, but still managing somehow to read some of his monologues. In the end Eddie decided that this version of Mr Darcy is such a miserable old fart and so unattractive to the ladies, that Clouds and Silvery Linings won the day - thus obliterating Darcy from view for ever.

Three prestigious awards are 'up for grabs' tonight:

The Premios Dardo Literary Award
The Panda Super Comments AwardThe You Make Me Smile Award

All three awards were presented to Eddie Bluelights this year and now it is my turn to pass these on to some worthy blogging friends for their high quality work.

First, and perhaps the most coveted trophy, is The PREMIOS DARDO LITERARY AWARD.

I was highly honoured to receive this award from Janine at Sniffles and Smiles recently for services to literature, requiring deep thinking, innovation and taking risks whilst writing. (I take risks all the time, my dear, but I am pleased to say I have managed to survive intact so far!)
I summarise a section of my acceptance speech:

"I thank you kind Lady Janine for this wonderful surprise today. Of all the awards available this is my 'biggy'- the one which means so much to me because of it's pedigree, which is truly remarkable. I've been doing some research and thought you might like to see just what a 'biggy' this is. Holders of The PREMIOS DARDO LITERARY back to 1490AD are Marty at Dark Star Discovery, Lyn at Two Ghosts, Jane at Gaston Studio, Janine at Sniffles and Smiles and now, little old me, Eddie Bluelights at Clouds and Silvery Linings."

And now, without due delay, it gives me very great pleasure to pass on this award to a lovely lady whom I have 'met' only recently in blog land and already I am 'wowed' by her ability. She writes exceptionally well, produces very interesting posts, is a fabulous cook, is an excellent horsewoman (coming fifth in my Grand National horse race). She is an Italian/American and recently translated Eddie Bluelights into Edoardo Lucibl├╣.

Therefore, I am delighted to present The PREMIOS DARDO LITERARY AWARD to Lola of Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
Isn't she lovely?
"Yes" (wolf whistles! Applause! Applause!)
Next, I was pleased to receive this award from Granny on the Web

The Panda Super Comments Award for regular attendance to her blog.

Well Granny, your blog is terrific and your humour matches mine - the pleasure of visiting your blog regularly is entirely mine. Thank you again for the award, duly nailed to my Side Panel.

And now I am pleased to award this trophy to a young lady who faithfully follows my work, post after post, thus giving me great encouragement to continue in this harsh and lonely world in blog land. Also I admire her work tremendously - she is a very talented writer and poet. Incidentally she is an excellent horse lady, coming second in my Bloggers' Grand National.
Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome for:

Breeze of Breeze Daze
Come up and collect your trophy and give me a smacker!

And finally, the You Make Me Smile Award, received a while ago from Retired & Crazy.

I have two worthy winners and therefore it gives me great pleasure to award this lovely little trophy to:

Cheffie-Mom at Dishing with Debbie
Maggie May at Nuts in May

I admire both blogs very much.

I did want to award a trophy to Janine at Sniffle and Smiles but she is already weighed down by so many awards she has received of late she is seriously worried that any further award would make her luggage way too heavy for the plane journey home to America and thus might incur the wrath of our H M Customs and Excise officials and we can't have that can we?

Also I wanted to award a major trophy to Cherry at The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street but her blog side panel seems quite incapable of supporting a nail and blue tac would not be strong enough to keep it from crashing to the floor, thus waking up her angry neighbours.

So instead I present my Spiritual Award to both ladies whose work I admire greatly.

As for the rest of you, keep working, keep trying, watch this space and I might have another ceremony at a later date.

If I have missed out anyone - pull your socks up and get on with your writing or read my stuff and you will be rewarded! There, bribery will get you everywhere!

Oh! and there are some followers on my list who seem a lttle shy.
Please don't be!
Step down from your little box, give me a little wave and say, "Hi!"
I'd love to get to know you better.


  1. Thanks Eddie, it gives me great honour to accept this award! I am just waiting for my *technical support* to help me put it in my award thingummy! Be warned though, I am notoriously unreliable at passing on these trophies!

  2. I proudly accept this wonderfully prestigious award blushing and all teary eyed. I am not worthy of your words of praise, Edoardo. You honour (notice my Brit spelling?) me immensely, thank you from the bottom of my heart! How generous, how sweet of you. You've just earned yourself a lifetime membership to my home-delivery kitchen.

    I will display the trophy proudly and soon pass it on to a worthy scribbler.

    Ciao caro Edoardo, sei un amico!
    (Bye dear Eddie, you're a friend!)

  3. Beautifully done, Sir Eddie...Always a gentleman...always classy! Congratulations to you on your well-deserved awards...and to those whom you have commended!!! I thank you for your kindness from the bottom of my heart!!!! Always a delight to read your posts! I am honored to call myself your friend!!! With admiration, Janine

  4. Oh darling, smooch smooch smooch! I shall proudly display this on my sidebar! That Darcy post had me happy for days...and to come in second in the Grand National was a highlight of my career since I've only ever rode a horse twice before and viewed one horserace ever(first date with the mister actually). I'll post the pretty panda soon..thank you very much for the honour!


  5. Oh Eddie, you have been generous to your ladies.

  6. What a terrific idea, to make a huge ceremony of the awards.
    Congratulations to all the worthy winners, and lets say three cheers for our host Eddie. Hip -Hip...Hoorah!

    Love Granny

  7. Thank you so very much!! You made my day!! And, BTW - When I first heard your daughter sing, she reminded me of my daughter, Marissa. Kudos to you for celebrating your child's gifts!


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