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Saturday 10 October 2009

The Sunday Roast

This Is Extremely Easy For Me To Say

This week's interview is with Kathleen Kimball-Baker,
who writes the blog Easy For Me To Say.

Thank you Kathleen

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

Thank you for asking, Eddie. I could give you many reasons but at the core it’s because blogging brings me joy, and ever since the Year of the Sledgehammer, I’m all about joy. Discovering my spiritual nature brings me joy. So does prowling online for beautiful and generously offered images to accompany a post. Reading each precious comment gives me joy. I’ve always loved simple quotes that are full of wisdom, and blogging lets me share and illustrate them, which is another source of joy. Even posting the occasional sorrow with this supportive community lightens the burden and reminds me of our connectedness and the depth of compassion out in the world. When I started blogging in February, I did so to learn and to explore and to have a daily writing/spiritual practice. But it’s the joy that has made blogging addictive. My sidekick guest bloggers, Cora and Charlotte, have their own reasons for posting -- most likely for attention, I reckon.

What's the story behind the blog name?

Sheer panic. Anytime I have to pick a name or code for Internet purposes, I almost always go blank. So the name came to me in a hurry and it was meant to be a play on words and a reminder not to get too high and mighty with whatever I wrote. A story my son told me when he was in high school illustrates this point: A mother brought her son to a wise man, complaining that the boy was eating too much sugar. She wanted the man to tell her son to stop. Instead, the man asked the mother to bring her son back in 2 weeks. During the next visit, the man told the boy to stop eating so much sugar. Perplexed, the mother asked why she had to wait 2 weeks, and the man responded, “Because I had to give up sugar myself before I could ask anyone else to do the same.” Supposedly the man was Gandhi, and while I don’t know if that’s true, I sure like the message. I’m always tempted to jump in and suggest a solution when I see someone struggling. The name (a play off the phrase, “Well, that’s easy for you to say, but . . .”) is meant to remind me to keep my advice-giving in check. Don’t think it’s worked one whit!

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Surprises. Like finding out that Eddie Bluelights has graciously agreed to carry on the Sunday Roast tradition of our beloved David McMahon, formerly of authorblog.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Aw, you’re a rascal, you. And here I was trying to keep my advice-giving in check... But you asked! So I’ll put it as a note to myself: Put some time limits around blogging and get some sleep.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

Not one, but three posts stand out for me. I stumbled upon the Blog of Note feature not too long after I started. And the first blog to catch my attention was A Tidings of Magpies. From the author’s beautiful banner to the witty quips in her sidebar to her masterful use of photos, every aspect was irresistible. Her blog absolutely set the bar for me. I See A Bad Moon Rising fascinated me and introduced me to the range of expressions a post could have. From her blog roll I found A Knitting Nurse. Something’s Missing just walloped my heart with a poignant remembrance of her dog. And, well, I’m a dog nerd (correction: a dog fanatic) so I was hooked. Then, one evening, after a very long and difficult day, I happened upon a post by the author of Gump and Gandhi Holding Hands, whose beautiful artwork accompanies her words. The post was simply titled Work, and the provocative questions she asked set my imagination afire, evoked a strange response, and still haunt me today.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

That’s such a interesting question, Eddie, because defining what is significant is so personal. I didn’t quite grok the concept of comments when I started blogging. But receiving them has been one the loveliest surprises. No pun intended, but I truly love the comments that this post, That which connects us, drew. As for me, what has been most personally significant to write is a toss up between A rogue and a scoundrel,which opened my eyes to the inscrutable but fascinating man who was my father, and And who picked the grapes, which completely took me by surprise and left me feeling humble, a place I like to be.

OK, then, that was fun! At least for me.
Carry on, Eddie! What a gift you are to the blogosphere!
What a gift David started!

Today's Sunday Roast with Kathleen is the 85th in a weekly
series of interviews with bloggers from around the world. __________________________________________________

This interview will feature in The Roll of Honour
for all published Roasts. To view press HERE


  1. It is a privilege to be the first to comment on Eddie's Roast. It was a really good interview and it was great to meet Kathleen this way. Hope the flames were not to hot!
    I am going over to Kathleen's now.
    Nuts in May

  2. Great interview and I love the 'sugar'story.

    Well done Eddie - you've done David proud. :)

  3. Hello Eddie,

    I'm a regular visitor to Kathleen's but this has given me a little more insight, thanks. I see that you and I use the same blog template - great minds!

  4. Fabulous interview Eddie. You have just validated what we all knew - that the Roast is in very safe and capable hands. You've left it comfortable and recognisable whilst making it your own and putting your own mark on it.

    Thank you for introducing Kathleen.

  5. With an interview like ths I will be checking out Kathleen as well as the blogs she has been inspired by.

    Thanks for a a great job, Eddie.

    blessings and hugs,


  6. Hi there, Eddie!
    Now I know why I awakened feeling so warm and cheery! You are such a love for carrying on the Roast! I cannot wait to meet new bloggers--and perhaps learn more about the ones I already visit! Here's to you, Eddie Bluelights!
    Most gratefully,

  7. A wonderful interview. So glad you're continuing in David's footsteps. I know how wonderfully popular this part of his program is. Kudos to you and nice to meet you, Kathleen.

  8. First of all, Eddie, let me say thank you for continuing David's fine and Hilary and others will help fill the void which left...but he is a teacher at heart, I think...he's done well by us. Secondly thank you for the intro of a new done good, done good!

  9. great first roast Eddie! and a worthy recipient as well...way to go Kathleen. Loved your answers as well....i tend to use a lot of sugar. smiles.

  10. Nice to meet you Kathleen! I'm so happy to hear you have taken this over with David's blessings.

    He passed the baton to me to continue his punny news bits.

  11. A great first roast, Eddie. Don't you feel the love and pride? :)) I know you do.... I am so proud of you....a job well done.
    A great interview with Kathleen!!
    Smiles from Jackie

  12. Fabulous, Eddie!!! You have roasted her to a beautiful turn!!! Wonderfully done!!! And I am thrilled to be able to follow up and visit Kathleen's blog!!! It looks beautiful...and Icertainly do remember her post "A gentleman and scoundrel!" Well-done! You are one absolutely terrific Roast Host, my friend!!!! Hugs, Janine

  13. Lovely interview, great photo, and I am looking forward to getting to know her AND follow her links. As I said in my note to you on another post of yours, I will carve out time, grab my Americano, and enjoy my reading time with you AND with Kathleen! Beautifully done. Congrats to both of you. :)

  14. No worries, David...Eddie is carrying your torch high. Lovely interview, now I must go and do some reading of this, to me, new blog.

  15. Congratulations, Kathleen and you too, Eddie. It's wonderful to read this interview.

    It was always a pleasure to read your blog, Kathleen - and you were always so very regular and so very generous when emailing me with recommendations for POTD.

    Moannie, you're right - Ed's doing a great job. But there was never any doubt about that!

  16. What a wonderful interview. Kathleen always seems to ground me and give me food for thought. Thanks for posting this.

    Oh, Kathleen, how odd is it that I'd been thinking about and missing my Dukealicious, and then I come here and read this? You can't tell me we weren't meant to know of one another. BTW, I'm knitting as fast as I can now, especially after I saw you had snow today!

  17. Congratulations Eddie, an interview well done, as a roast should be....I am off to visit Kathleen's blog.....So proud of you....:-) Hugs

  18. Wonderful kick off interview for the Sunday Roasts new home! Thanks Eddie and nice to meet you Kathleen

  19. Eddie,

    Bravo! Thanks for the intro to new blog. I will hurry over to meet her.


  20. bravo Eddie! That was great! I'll go check her blog out!^^ looking forward to the next!


  21. Congratulations to the roastmaster. Well done, Mr. Eddie Blue. Wonderful first roast.

  22. I am a newbie to the Sunday Roastm but I thank you for continuing the tradition. It is wonderful to read about Kathleen and her blog.

  23. A terrific interview!! And I do enjoy Kathleen so much!

  24. Great interview Eddie..! You did absolute justice to the task you undertook. I can see that David is also proud of you.
    Keep it up!
    I am off to read the new roast, Kathleen.

  25. Yes I agree with Sandi, thank you for continuing the very much missed David's work :) And especially with the lovely Kathleen: an absolute favorite :)

  26. LOVE Kathleen's blog and you've now provided more insights into her already intriguing personality. Great first roast Eddie! I look forward many more from you in David's absence.

  27. Well done! Great interview and I too think Kathleen is a wonderful blogger :)
    you too Eddie :)

    best wishes

  28. Thanks for picking up the baton on Sunday Roasts. I enjoyed this post and now have several new, highly recommended blogs to check out.

  29. You've done a good thing here - and now I have some new blogs to check out.

  30. Such a fun and interesting Roast. I enjoy Kathleen's blog on a regular basis and this is just the icing on the cake.

    Thanks Kathleen - and thank YOU, Eddie :-)

  31. Just came upon this interview with Kathleen and was excited with the format. Great questions and answers.
    This seems to be a special little community of bloggers, some who are familiar to me. A warm and happy place.

    Your daughter's voice is beautiful and I love her rendition of "I Don't Know How to Love Him."


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