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Wednesday 12 January 2011

Blog Land's Got Talent Awards

Hi everyone . . . . . welcome to my award ceremony called "BlogLand's Got Talent".  Today I have two awards up for grabs and the nominations are far too numerous to mention in full, plus there are several blogs who sadly no longer accept awards who otherwise would be on the rostrum - all exciting and wonderful stuff.

In August 2009 a very good bloggy pal of mine, Jackie, honoured me by creating and sending me her This Blog Kicks award. Jackie is a retired school teacher who's blog she names Teacher's Pet which is a private blog - thank you again Jackie.  I wonder - am I the teacher's pet or were you just trying to tell me I am a silly ass? LOL

There are three conditions to accepting this highly prestigious award.

1.  You answer five simple questions - these appear at the end of this post.

2. You pass the awards to at least four ot to as many fellow bloggers you wish, asking them the same questions or five of your own.

3. You accept another award as a sort of Get One, Get One Free promotion LOL.

This second award, Making Smiles On Faces, was given to me by the lovely lady with green eyes, Marguerite, at Cajun Delights. Marguerite has an excellent blog which portrays all the delights of Cajun culture, including her own wonderful recipes which are sinfully delicious, and she treats us to video clips of her favourite Cajun music to boot. But she keeps me wondering as to where she features whilst dancing on some of the videos - she loves to keep me guessing you see although I am quite convinced I had the right answer at least once LOL. Also I have to be good because if I tucked in to all her fantastic recipes I would soon resemble The Incredible Hulk. Marguerite is a good friend and has a superb sense of humour (thank God)

So without further ado I am delighted to pass on this award to the following bloggy pals.  Indeed ALL their blogs kick and they ALL put smiles on faces.  Please visit them and tell them Eddie sent you - I for one need to visit them more often.
I had the good fortune recently to interview Sheila on my Sunday Roast column. Her roast was highly popular and her devoted readers commented in their droves, demonstrating their appreciation of Sheila's superb blog.

Marguerite @ Cajun Delights
Well, Marguerite, I cannot award you something you awarded me, so just for you please take the This Blog Kicks award PLUS either a plate of fish and chips for your forthcoming Cook Book.
uggg! . . . . sorry about all the Ketchup!

OR this one given to me by the lovely Janine at Sniffles and Smiles in April 2009
but take them both if you like.
Now please don't forget to remove the giblets! . . . . and let me pull the wishbone with you LOL.

Ken @ Grumpy Old Ken
Obviously I am not the only one to enjoy Ken's blog - he was recently awarded Blog Of Note by Google. Many congratulations Ken - very well deserved. I particularly like your monthly feature Grumpy's Alternative News.

Moannie @  The View From This End
Also recently awarded Google's Blog Of Note I send my congratulations to a dear blogging friend and fellow Total Hip Replacement recipient.  We would be great in a three legged race I think, Moannie.  Recently her blog went astray into hyperspace but we are all fortunate it was found and fully restored.

Monica @ The Creative Beast
I am fortunate to have 'met' Monica recently in Blog Land and she agreed to appear on the Sunday Roast.  She is not a beast at all but is very creative and also has a wonderful sense of humour (thank God LOL)

A lady who calls herself "I" @ Happy Frog and I
Yet another recent Blog Of Note recipient and again congratulations, and also roasted.

Maggie May @ Nuts and May
For those who don't know Maggie is my sister and she has just forgiven me for throwing her Teddy Bear out of the window when we were little. Get Sam to help you nail your trophies to your side bar.

Betsy @ My Five Men
Another very nice young lady who I roasted recently. . . . but rather greedy with all those men! LOL.

Jinksy @ Nappy Notes
Another good bloggy pal with a great blog.

Mimi @ MimiinDublin
A lovely Irish lass who plays the French Horn and also has a great blog.

Angie @ Gumbo Writer
Another Cajun lady with a great sense of humour and an awesome blog.

So now to the questions:
Please note: one word answers not acceptable. Expound your ideas/answers in a formally considered written response of at least two sentences. LOL

1.  What came first - the chicken or the egg?

2.  Which facet of blogging do you enjoy most?
a) Writing
b) Visiting
c) Commenting
d) Reading people's comments to your posts

3.  Runner beans - do they really grow clockwise round canes in the southern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere - or is this a load of tosh, they grow either way wherever they are?

4. What attracts you most to the opposite gender?
a) A good sense of humour, lashings of personality, charm and lots of wit
b) He/She is loaded with dosh
c) He/She is romantic
d) He/She has a fast sports car like a Corvette
e) Good looks
f) A cheeky smile across a crowded room
g)  Neither - please specify
h)  Other - I cannot imagine an answer to this one!!

(Please note you cannot choose ALL because he/she does not exist! but if you choose a) I will gladly email you my telephone number LOL)

5. What New Year's resolution did you make?

. . . . . . and
a penalty question to Marguerite, split into two halves!

6.  a) Have you written your roast yet?
b)  If not are you still on question 1 after 18 months? LOL

Can I bribe you to complete it with yet another award?

These questions, except question 6, are also open to ALL readers so please let me have your answers and my special prize is a free invitation to appear on my Sunday Roast interview.  Book early to avoid the New Year rush.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas festivities and 2011 is exceptionally kind to you in every possible way.

Finally, I am starting the Sunday Roast again week end commencing 23 January.  My first will be a Re-Roast of Jim Suldog which should be great fun.



  1. Yay, Suldog the old dog. I look forward to that.

  2. Eddie, thank you so much for this honor! You are so sweet, but Eddie, am I daft, or did you accept the awards and NOT answer the questions??? Don't hold out on us now! ;-)



  3. Sheila! LOL
    I was given the awards and at that time did not have to answer the questions.
    But I am a real meannie and nasty ex ambulance man and thought I would ask some difficult questions LOL
    You can just take the awards if you so wish because I am nice really LOL
    Thank you for calling me a sweetie. Hugs ~ Eddie

  4. Oh I got the Chicken Zombie Award! Yup, one award. Zombie Award!
    Story of my life ;-)
    But that's ok. I won first place at the Grand National back in May 2009 ;-)

    That was fun!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Cherry - now I know you actually like awards please take as many as I have from my side bar to go with your Chicken Zombie Award 'cause you are still my number one LOL . . . and I'd never ever let you finish in second place. Happy New Year to you and a big hug ~ Eddie

    PS So ya want to make me do another horse race do ya? . . . . Thinking Cap On!! LOL

  6. I am always glad when I stop in because I am always guaranteed a laugh or two. Off to check your winners.

  7. nice eddie...its good to see you...and some great people you are awarding...

  8. Eddie ~ you are so sweet. Thanks for the award. Now let me see...I'll be back for a choice! Wow..those questions have my head spinning. Too bad it isn't summer here and I could go out to the garden and check the runner beans! hahaha. :) Thanks again! xo

  9. congrats on the awards...there's some pretty creative ones there!

  10. Gee Thanks! Am I a zombie or a chicken?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. Thanks very much Eddie, I will get my thinking cap on to answer those questions. May take a while, but not 18 months, I promise! :-)

  12. Well, as usual, Eddie, you have made us all smile and laugh! You are such a hoot and are so hilarious! LOL Merci beaucoup for the Zombie Chicken Award, and what makes it even sweeter is that it came from our dear mutual friend, Janine. Love the questions, especially #4 and #6 and the plate of fish and chips, too! LOL I will proudly display both on my sidebar. Cheers!

  13. Marguerite - thanks and I just love to make you all laugh.
    Please don't forget to take the THIS BLOG KICKS award as well. Funny we had fish and chips tonight! but no ketchup (or tomato sauce as we call it). LOL

  14. I think I recognize that first photo! :))) ( My hubby would jokingly say that I recognize it because I see it in the mirror every day....and then comes the swift kick!) :)))
    I just left your sister's blog....terrifc answers, she has.
    You both have such a great sense of humor.
    Smiles and hugs to you, my friend.

  15. I noticed you didn't answer questions, too! I am slowly re-entering the blog world, so a very belated happy holidays to you. Hope you are getting better weather than my part of the world!

  16. Hi Eddie, Happy New Year! I hope 2011 is a happy and healthy one for you and yours.

    Congrats on your awards and thanks for reminding us of some really great blogs. I have my reading cut out for me.

    I'm looking forward to Suldog's Roast :-)

    xo jj

  17. Hello and Happy New Year Eddie!

    Thank you so much for placing me on your list for awards - I'm so honored! I wish I had time to answer the questions but I've got a lot on my plate at this time...they are awfully fun questions though so maybe I will answer them in a few weeks time =-)?

    Congrats on winning the blog awards - you do rock Eddie!

  18. Eddie my darling. It is more than generous of you to shower me with all this largesse. I had, I modestly declare, stored up quite a nice display of awards before my Blog disappeared [don't you just love that we have spell check now? Never could spell that word] But I always had trouble moving them to my place and Sazzie had to do it for me...I also found that those folks I wished to pass them on to mostly declined. So I hope not to insult you if I pass. I haven't even mentioned the BON award - what a surprise that was. I mean it has made my 'count' go stratospheric and I can't keep up; I always try to return the visits.

    Had my final 'one year' check up on hour to get through the traffic, an hour waiting, and five minutes with the Doc. All is I just need all the other bits lubricated.

    Once again, forgive me for looking this particular gift horse in the mouth.

    With affection and a tip of my hat for your award.

    Annie. XXX

    you won't believe it but the veri word is: kisubbe

    kiss you

  19. Moannie - Kiss accepted and returned with interest - shhh! LOL

  20. Hey, Eddie, thanks a million!!
    You're so sweet to call me a lass, always makes me feel good.

    So, you didn't answer the questions, and you're telling us that one-word answers won't suffice? You sound like someone who would throw a little teddy bear out of a window, oh hold on, you DID throw a teddy bear out of a window!
    Mmm, I don't think I'll accept such an award (ONLY JOKING!)
    Sorry for rambling, thanks for the lovely awards, I'll paste them all over my blog (I'm a showoff at heart), after I've thought of answers to those questions.
    See you soon, mimi xx

  21. Ciao Edoardo, I've missed you.
    I apologize for my prolonged absence from C&SL, please forgive me. But now I'm taking baby steps back and hoping to gain back the trust and love of my old bloggy friends.

    Hugs and wishes for a joyful new year

    Lola xx

  22. Eleonara - Trust and love have never waned here me dear and it is a joy to see you here visiting Edoardo Luciblù.
    You have made my evening, Lola.

  23. Hi there, stopped over from Marguerite's times here :)
    Loved your questions with the awards...

  24. I love your blog keep it up and I will return. I will follow your work stop by and say hello on my blog and leave a comment or two..

  25. Hey Eddie,

    I see that you are still here making the peeps of Blogland very happy :)

    I am back!! I have a different disguise because I am no longer eternally distracted ;)

    Missed ya gorgeous x

  26. Eddie:

    Thanks so much for the linkage, and for the future linkage. I've mentioned you today, in the usual uncomplimentary way, but you know how I really feel about you. You're aces, and a grand sport! Back Sunday!


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