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Thursday, 21 January 2016


I continue to look after Peter on Thursday and Friday and constantly strive for new things to gain his interest.

He was 2 in October. My, doesn't time fly?

As far as keeping him amused and providing an interest for the day, I have found that nothing is more effective than practical things, like making paper aeroplanes which fly and using tools and screwing two pieces of wood together.

I made this little woodwork project for him when he was here last week ~ he was fascinated watching me drilling and making pilot holes, and here is his new 'toy'. 

I am intending making a garden playhouse for the grandchildren in the summer and this simple joint is part of the design and will be used to screw the four sides together.

I gave him the correct screwdrivers, spanners and screws and boy was he as happy as a sand boy screwing and unscrewing ~ he already knew the correct way to tighten (clockwise) and to loosen (anti-clockwise) and for one so young he 'cottoned' on to it very quickly.  He knew from opening and closing his milk bottle lid when we always get his milk ready in his beaker each morning. He cottons on to things so fast and realises that threads work the same way universally. 

He stands on some steps and works over the kitchen sink. This seems his favourite spot and spends hours screwing and unscrewing . . lol and doing other projects and watching me draw pictures sometimes.  

Today I even introduced him to a ratchet screwdriver and he has almost mastered that as well. 

"Hey Grandpa! ~ these tools and wood are much better that any of my toys!"

"Hey Buster! . . . well done . . but what about the small screws?"

"Ok Grandpa . . . I'm just about to start them but first I want to make sure the little screwdriver does not fit the large screws!"

"Well done Mr Cool! or should I say Mr Hunky Enough! Where did you get those shades?"

Peter is coming again tomorrow. I shall have to dream up another project.  

I am so looking forward to the warmer weather when he can help me build some bird boxes and tables in the warmth and in the garden .  I am sure I can delegate some tasks to him by then.