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Sunday, 1 July 2018


"Grampa, she's just what I've always wanted ~ a baby sister!"
Peter was ecstatic ~ a really proud and happy boy.

Earlier, he was staying with his grampa, as normal on a Thursday. His Mum was in hospital with his dad for the arrival of little Molly. His dad telephoned and asked to speak with Peter, breaking the good news to him first, and then to me. His face lit up with excitement and together we beamed when we saw the first picture:

He saw me smiling with pleasure and promptly said in a very protective way, "Do not laugh at her, Grampa, that is my sister!"

Today we had a family gathering and Molly met her Auntie and Uncle and cousin Rosa, who was most interested in her.

Together she and Peter gave Molly a little cuddle and a kiss:

Molly's hair is very dark but this is nothing to go by because Rosa's too was equally dark before turning blond. Peter's was slightly ginger.

Well, eventually I got a turn and it was extremely therapeutic.

I am a very proud grandfather and consider myself very blessed to have three adorable grandchildren. Maria would have loved them to bits.

There is rather an amusing story about Peter when I used to walk him to playschool on a Friday. He said he wanted a little brother AND a sister and often approached young mothers and looked in their prams and strollers remarking that he wanted one of those. The amused mothers invariably said, laughing, "Well you had better ask your mummy and daddy, to which Peter always replied, "I have but mummy said there is not one on order!"

Thank you to my children and their spouses for producing such wonderful grandchildren ~ I am so happy.