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Tuesday, 30 April 2019


The Wednesday Muse # 4

Many aplogies, Toni, for my late arrival.
So pleased I have my internet back.
As the saying goes,
"Better late than never!"

This week Toni has set us a dancing picture prompt and asked us to write a short poem of exactly 44 words.
This format is called a quadrille

Let's Dance

Our music is playing
Come, let us dance.
It goes without saying,
You look right for romance.

Your eyes say it for you,
There's no need for a word.
I can feel tensions building,
That sighing, I heard.

There's lots I should tell you.

(44 words)

But I've run out of words!!! . . lol

* * * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
30 April 2019

Thank you Tony. The prompt can be seen by pressing HERE

And Carrie runs The Sunday Muse, see HERE

Sunday, 28 April 2019


The Sunday Muse #53

Thank you Carrie for this interesting prompt, set for our group.
I really love this prompt.

Photo by Josiel Miranda from Pexels

In My Mind's Eye

I saw the image of a little girl, 
And a tear of love appeared to welcome her.

If only I could live my life again,
Perhaps as that reflection of my youth.
That painted tapestry of my life,
With details sharp and finely focused,
Should by right be mine.
Yet, those sweet morsels once held dear, are lost.

That little girl is happy, I remember it so well.
Not a single cloud cast its sombre shadow.
Sunshine blessed her with her warm, caring arms,
And the night was gentle as she slumbered.
Her life was full of love and joy and mirth.
Yet, those sweet morsels once held dear, are lost.

I want to warn her; I don't want her to suffer.
Or better still, I want to be that little lady once again.
My mistakes caused me such anguish and such sorrow,
And my heart would break if she re-lived my life.
I met the wrong people and made wrong choices.
Yes, those sweet morsels, once held dear, were lost.

Why is life so complicated?  Someone answer, please.
The world is sometimes harsh and sometimes merciless,
Once that sweet age of innocence has passed.
I want to walk with her and take her hand,
To guide her through the snares of life
So those sweet morsels, once held dear, are never lost,

To her, and to me

Eddie Bluelights
28 April 2019

I was very late coming to the party last week so if anyone would like to read my version of The Muse #52 please press HERE

* * * * * * * * * * 

To reach Carrie at The Sunday Muse, please press HERE


Toni runs another group called

The Wednesday Muse, please press HERE

We are still looking to expand our little flock so please have a go.

Thursday, 25 April 2019


The Muse # 52

This week Shay at Fireblossom has set us a rather fascinating prompt.

My dear, you really are an obsessional exhibitionist, and you actually believe they will think we are doing a crossword?   

You are almost as delusional as me if you think they will buy that.

Stop saying, "Let's see  . . . One Across. Who is wearing the trousers? . . . and Six Down.  Man made material tights are made from?"

I told you right at the beginning this would get tongues wagging.  Am I right? . . . or am I right?

Just listen to them. It's so embarrassing!

The very idea of it . . . . indeed!!!

Ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . You talked me into it and I agreed to go along with it so I must bear the consequences, I suppose.

Well, as for me, I'm keeping my options open and I expect you to do the same.

Boy, my leg is numb, can we change legs to give mine a rest?
It's about time you had a turn.

What do you think they will make of it, honey?

I'm of two minds. 
On the one hand I think we should go to the pub and get legless, don't you?
Staying here like this is a bit of a tease for them,
They are all thinking, "Is it a boy or is it a girl?" . . . 

or, well,

"The mind boggles!"

Shall we keep them guessing a little longer?

They are bound to be wrong whatever they decide, but listen, 

we can't stay like this for ever or neither of us will have a leg to stand on . . . 

. . . oh! and in the meantime, stop playing footsie with me!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Eddie Bluelights
25 April 2019

I am a little late to the party. My Internet was down all over the Easter period.

Wishing all a belated Happy Easter.

To reach the Sunday Muse, press HERE


The Wednesday Muse with Toni, press HERE

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


The Sunday Muse #51

The tragic events of the devastating fire of Notre Dame has caused me to post this piece as my token of respect, albeit a small voice, in sympathy with the citizens of France, both believers and non-believers and lovers of magnificent buildings throughout the entire globe.

Archways To Heaven

My children,
I reach out to comfort you from beyond time and space, suspended by a thin beam of love from infinity.

I see you pour out sadness and weep unending tears.
I hear your prayers, and all your sung Ave Maria's.
I hear every single sorrow and every bleeding heart.
I too, cry a little tear as I watch you grieve in silence.

 My faithful, loving children.

You watch in disbelief as my temple burns and crumbles,
Each piece so lovingly assembled by your forefathers, from their hearts and their souls.
They built this mighty house with all their skill and artistry,
As a fitting testimony to my name and to my lasting grace, and they have their reward.

My faithful, loving children.

850 years of faithful service and 200 years to build,
Devastated in just a few hours.
I know you find this so hard to come to terms with.
Yet the stonework remains ~ have hope my children.

My faithful, loving children.

Not one spark shall be wasted ~ every cloud of smoke not lost,
For every molecule has a purpose and all will come to me,
The fire will rise ever onward and ascend into the highest heavens,
Bringing with it all your talent, each fine brush stoke, each woven tapestry, each carved figure, each stained glass image, each mighty oak rafter, each crafted leadwork and ironwork, each plastered ceiling 

~ everything, 

all will glorify my name.

My faithful, loving children.

And with it I shall rekindle every broken heart and every saddened spirit.
I shall raise a new legion of craftsmen, masters in every trade,
And from the ashes will rise this mighty house once more,
In all its splendour and all its glory, just like my temples did of old.

Take heart, my children
I have already set the wheels in motion.

* * * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
16 April 2019

It is a sad week, this really got to me.
Not quite sure why, as powerfully as it did.

To each Carrie's website at The Sunday Muse,
press HERE

and Toni has

The Wednesday Muse HERE

Saturday, 13 April 2019


It's Wednesday Muse Time again


A bit late for me to submit on Saturday, but better late than never.

This week, Toni has asked us to write about the rain.

My mind rushes back to a time just after my hip replacement when I awoke in hospital.

Not a poem this time, but a memory.

Can't You Hear The Rain?

Hip Hip Hooray

Before my operation, in the room adjoining the operating theatre, I was asked by the anaesthetist, "Which leg is it?"

Rather horrified I said "Left", then quickly added, "my left, and the one appearing on the right as you look at me!"

He laughed and proceed to draw an arrow pointing upwards on my left leg.

I said, "Why the arrow pointing upwards?"

He said, "Oh! so we give you a hip replacement not a knee replacement!"

Remarking that my nervousness was waning slightly, now we had reduced four possible permutations to one, he offered a mild anaesthetic before they commenced with an epidural procedure. They would be using the standard array of tools, Black and Decker power tools, along with various hammers chisels and saws, for their handy work.

Fortunately I was not conscious of anything unpleasant except when the catheter was inserted, then mercifully the sedative kicked in, and oblivion.

I awoke in a bed and a gorgeous lady nurse was sitting by my side.

I looked at her, smiled and said,  "Am I in Heaven, or are you Aphrodite?"

She gave me a beautiful smile and laughed. "Eddie, you are alright.  Your surgery was a complete success. As to whether you are in Heaven, can't you hear the gale outside and the rain lashing so hard against the windows?"

"No, you are on planet Earth, in the recovery ward after your hip replacement surgery."

She laughed again, then gave me a little wink.

Toni, from your list I believe the correct Japanese word for this type of rain is 


Eddie Bluelights
13 April 2019

* * * * * * * * * * *

To see the Wednesday Muse and Toni's very informative Japanese words for rain (over 50 types against our one) press HERE

and of course looking forward to The Sunday Muse #51, hosted by Carrie, HERE

Sunday, 7 April 2019


The Sunday Muse #50

Many congratulations, Carrie, on a half century of Sunday Muses.
Here's to the next half century.

Carrie Van Horn posts another interesting picture prompt for our merry band of poets.

It reminds me a bit of our Union Jack Flag
(Maybe that's where our Brexit went!)

Photo by Lukasz Dziegel from Pexels

The Old Barn Gate

It's all but a distant memory to me now.
The hustle and bustle is conspicuous by it's absence.
I never knew such silence as this, in this special of all my special places. 
I can hear the eerie inactivity, ringing loudly in my ears, and it makes me sad.

I peep through the old heavy barn gates,
Locked and uninviting to one they once knew so well,
Hoping upon hope that something, somewhere remains intact.
My heart aches to see such unfriendly desolation ~ everywhere.

When I was a little girl this place was alive, vibrant, teeming.
Yet the ghosts of all those dear to me live on within my soul.
Everyone was happy, fulfilled and joyful in their work.
Farm hands laughed and bantered as they went about their trade.

The sound of cattle and horses and poultry permeated through the fragrant air,
On sleepy sunny afternoons, crying out, "It's good to be alive".
Sharp whistles from my father pricked a sheepdog's ear,
As he heeded to his much loved master's orders for his flock.

A combine harvester chattered as it reaped, winnowed and threshed it's prey,
A tractor laboured as it furrowed well manured land with it's heavy plough.
We followed with our seedlings, preparing for our next crop.
And Mom came with drinks and cookies, reminding us the cows need milking.

We worked from dawn 'til dusk but not one of us complained.
We loved the work and were at one with each other ~ one large, happy family.
Yet those days are gone, sadly a distant memory.
Mom got sick and died, then Daddy went soon after, with a broken heart.

Us four little ones had never seen a grown man cry.
Yet my Daddy sobbed and sobbed for over a week,
 and cuddled us for comfort, before his spirit left him too.
His faithful Shep whimpered constantly and would not leave his side.

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be my Daddy,
And the same goes for my dearest Mom.
They are buried in the family plot within the grounds,
And our dear Shep sleeps every night on my Daddy's gravestone, such was his love for him.

In the twinkling of an eye our lives were catapulted from bliss to absolute despair.
There was no-one close by to look after us, or the farm and animals which we loved so much.
Cruelly, our treasured home was sold and life as we knew it was closed to us ~ for ever,
As if behind the descending black curtain of finality.

Our home was gone, along with Mom and Dad, so Auntie Em took us in, far, far way.
I have not visited this place until today, half a lifetime forward,
But past memories were never far from me, both good and bad.
They remain still beating in my heart, treasured for ever.

Nothing and no-one can take these precious jewels away from me, no matter how hard they try.
For they are mine and mine alone.

* * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
7 April 2019

Ok. Several of you are very concerned about Old Shep, the sheepdog and wonder what happened to him.

Well here is the answer.

The new owners bought the farm as a going concern and kept all the farm hands for a while, but it was never the same again. They all left one by one.  The four children went to live with their Auntie Em in a far away State. I could have made Auntie Em into some sort of ogre, giving the children a hard time, but decided to put this story to bed by making her into a Wizard of Oz vafriety.  She was very kind to them, but they pined for their former life for a long while. Auntie Em kept in contact with the new owners so that she could give the children all the latest news about the farm.

Faithful old Shep stayed on with the new owner as a working sheepdog and they gave him a happy life, but he still slept on his former master's grave during the warmer summer months. When he died a few years later he was buried with his former master,  

A few years on the farm became insolvent and had to be wound up and today has no occupants.

When she heard that Shep had died the little girl, now not so little, said that she would like to think that her Daddy and Shep are shepherding a different kind of flock for Jesus, up in Heaven, and together with Mom they are very happy.

* * * * * * * * * * 

We are always looking for additional writers.


Call in at Carrie's HERE


Toni is running

The  Wednesday Muse HERE

They compliment one another very well

Thursday, 4 April 2019


The Wednesday Muse #2

Thank you Toni for the opportunity to write about  

The Flowers Of Spring 

and what they mean to me

Write a poem about the flowers of spring and how they make you feel, memories. Write about enjoying them, waiting in anticipation for them, the last blooming daffodil of the season. Make your images vivid, not necessarily pretty and poetic. But above all, enjoy yourselves. Throw yourselves into flowers of spring.

They sing in unison, swaying gently on a mild Spring breeze.
A mighty choir of hope and joy, bound in symphonic chorus.
They greet the new dawn to regenerate our flagging souls.
They line the hedgerows in their multitudes to cheer our wounded hearts.
Their omnipresent melody transforms our fallen spirit
Into a newborn miracle of rapture.

For we know this is yet a precursor to marvels which must follow.

Eddie Bluelights
4 April 2019

To reach Toni and her webpage for

The Wednesday Muse

please press HERE

* * * * * * * 

As an aside, today is Friday and in the UK we have a rather amusing acronym, which is quite apt for our happy lttle group

Poet's Day

Push Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday


I believe in the States the equivalent is


Thank God It's Friday


The Wednesday Muse #2

Still thinking but I just had to let you all know I am alive and kicking . . . lol

While I search for inspiration the least I can do is to provide you with some form of entertainment.

A while ago I came across this hilarious mini short movie:

The Funniest Makeover

Press HERE

Hope you enjoy.

Hope to have my effort ready soon and I'll notify Mr Linky.