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Sunday, 20 October 2019


The Sunday Muse #78

The Sunday Muse is with us once more. Thank you Shay for this interesting prompt.
I had to look twice, then thrice . . . 

Today's image is called "The Architect"
and is done by 
Visit him at


Crumpled paper on the floor,
Attempts at logic by the score.
The architect is 'stretched' it seems
To make sense of his house of dreams.
It works alright until the roof,
And then he thinks, "Another goof!"
Two inside walls, a desk, a floor
Would make some sense with two walls more.

This would solve inside dimensions,
With him inside, with great intentions.
Just like a confused and frightened fly
He tries and tries to work out why 
The roof he's drawn looks just not right
No matter which angle meets his sight.
Two more attempts end in crumpled paper.
Just as he thinks, "I'll end this caper".

"Eureka! he shouts, "I believe I've got it
"All my attempts 'til now were not it.
"I know now how Archimedes felt
When he to science his theory dealt.
The roof is strange, I've drawn it wrong.
The length is short, the width is long.
In fact they are drawn out the wrong way
A 90% turn should work out okay. 

Then the perspective should work out right.
And not to onlookers be a confusing sight.

Eddie Bluelights
20 October 2019

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Monday, 7 October 2019


The Sunday Muse #76

I am a little late to the party this week, but better late than never.
Something a bit different this week.

Thank you once again Carrie, for another thought provoking prompt.

"The Weight of Groans" Photography by Julie de Waroquier
Click here to see her website

The Calamitous Cellist

Clothing catastrophe cruelly causes classical concert cancellation. 
Cross, celebrated cellist curtails concerto composition, collapsing catastrophically, causing considerable concern.

Confidence curtailed, confused cellist, colouring copiously, cannot continue cello counterpoint, capitulating, categorically ceasing countless creative crotchets. Curtains!!! Crisis!! Crumbs!!

Cackling, cheering, criticising crowd cautiously claps, cello covers cellist's crushing chagrin, causing constant consternation. 

Chivalrous, compassionate conductor cleverly covers crying cellist, ceasing continued confusion, concocting comforting consolation.

Eddie Bluelights 
7 October 2019

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