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Thursday 4 June 2009

Battle at Kruger (Lions, Buffalos and a Crocodile)

I have never ever seen anything like this utube footage before, shot by an amateur video photographer. Have you ever seen a lion in water? - I haven't! - a 'moist lion' you might say. I know tigers like water but I always thought lions hated it; but hunger amongst wild animals will allow almost anything to occur. And these are not small domestic animals, are they? They are amongst the earth's largest carnivores today.

Notice how buffaloes instinctively hate lions and how wary the lions are of these much larger animals - one which tossed that lion into the air so effortlessly.

This is a truly astounding battle of wits and how the herd finally overcame their fear and rescued the calf, with the added earlier complication of a crocodile turning up for its dinner! And wasn't it remarkable - the tug-o-war between lions and the crocodile? The thought occurred that a lion could easily have been a target. Miraculously, it looks at the end as if the calf did survive and let's hope it did not sustain major injury after all that rough treatment.

I can't help feeling that if the leading male buffalo had stood his ground, supported by the herd, right at the start then the lions might have backed off - but who knows?

And then a thought came into my head - has it always been like this? Violent, cuel nature where animals eat each other? . . . . and what about the future?

In the Bible in Isaiah chapter 65 we read that in the future ". . . . the lion shall eat straw with the ox" implying that peace will break out within creation. Those who take the Bible literally believe this situation will come to pass in a new time period in the future, just after the Second Coming. In this new "dispensation" (or time period) the Fall will be reversed, totally - the Fall itself having caused our present state of things within creation, before which a similar peace prevailed.

Just imagine a mother enquiring of her husband as to the whereabouts of their little boy. "Darling, have you seen David? Where is he?"

"Oh it's alright, love, he's just taken the lion for a walk!"

"Oh, that's alright then!"

The Bible promises that this future age, or time period, will be just like this - it seems utterly impossible for us to comprehend it right now, and course the whole subject is hotly debated in our age.

But this new future dispensation certainly is not for now - we live in our current dispensation when nature is very cruel indeed.

Pie in the sky? Surely this idea goes against everything we have learned and know in our experience!

Well . . . maybe not! . . . . I wonder!

But remember even if this is true, if you get your dispensations wrong right here and now it can be very dangerous for your health!!


  1. This is incredible video footage...It would indeed be dangerous to think that lions as we know them are not dangerous!!!! Fascinating post! Sorry, I don't have time to stay and chat...on the run today! But I'm soooo glad you're back!!!! You were greatly missed!!!! ~Janine

  2. That is the most amazing video that I've seen for a good while! That poor little calf! How amazing that he escaped a pride of lions and a crocodile. you'd have thought he'd have been brain dead by then.
    Just goes to show, if you work as a team...... anything is possible.

    Glad you are back. You were quickly revived, like the calf!

  3. wow! what an escape it was for the poor calf. Heroism exists even in the animal kingdom!

  4. I just love this video...I've watched it many times. It's so nice when the little guys win every once in a while.

  5. I haven't and won't watch the video! Sorry, I know it is nature and therefore 'natural' but I cringe with pain inside me when I see animals (or anything) killing and fighting.
    Must be something to do with the age-thing I think. I don't remember being so squeamish when I was younger!

    Are you back, and up and running again? Or like me taking little furtive escapes into blogland, at every opportunity.
    Love Granny

  6. I'm glad you are back! I saw the lion video awhile back and it's amazing how God's lessons are everywhere in many different ways!

  7. Very cool video and study of nature!

  8. Amazing footage. And yet perhaps the big cat was hungry? Nature can be harsh indeed!

    Glad to see you back!

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ah ah aha ha ah ah ah haaa, you silly!

    Ahem. (resuming control)

    The video was amazing, a bit too violent for me, but Nature IS fascinating. I like the idea of David taking the lion out for a walk. I'm a believer that the ox and big kitten will be snacking on straw together sometime soon.

    But that's just me being optimistic.


  10. I saw this on CNN and then viewed the whole thing on youtube; it's the most amazing wildlife video I've ever seen!

    I also saw an interview with the men who shot it, which is an amazing story unto itself.


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