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Saturday 28 November 2009

The Sunday Roast

What's So Funny About Margaret's Nanny Goats in Panties?
. . . . or . . . .
In The Boxers vs. Briefs Debate, Margaret's Nanny Goats Prefer Panties.
This week's interview is with Margaret Andrews
who writes the blog Nanny Goats In Panties .

Thank you Margaret
A warm welcome to you and to your followers

After wrestling with a 13ft Alligator last week it is a welcome change to meet some harmless animals.

I just love this blog name - possible headings to this roast are endless and questions keep forming in my mind about the goats. For instance, how long does it take you to dress them all each morning, Margaret? Or have you trained them to dress themselves. And do they wear diapers, I wonder? And do the Billy goats wear blue panties?

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

I blog for a number of reasons, the first of which is to make people laugh. If something funny happened to me on the way to the the chocolate follicle factory, my blog is the perfect place to share it. It's also a way for me to practice my writing. I also crave attention and need to feed my starving ego. I'm also extremely humble, not to mention modest, and feel compelled to tell the whole world about it.

What's the story behind your blog name?

I was taking this creative writing class many years ago at UCLA, and one of the exercises was to throw out unrelated phrases and words together on the chalk board. One of the phrases that came out of it was "A thousand nanny goats in panties". When I started my blog in 2005, I was trying think of a name that was random and funny and I remembered that phrase.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

The instant feedback. People might say, "Ha Ha you're so funny, LOL, ROTFLMAO" but I'll bet at least one out of ten people who say that, really mean it. Also, some of the comments I get are just as funny and creative if not more so than what I wrote, and I love that. It's a beautiful way to interact with like minds. But the absolute best thing is probably the millions of dollars I'm making off of it.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Normally, I would say not to worry about traffic and comments and number of followers, but it depends on why you're blogging. Why ARE you blogging, anyway? Are you blogging to get a million followers or a hundred comments a day? Or do you just want to express yourself and join a community of like-minded people? The former is called "blog whoring", whereas the latter is more of an organic process that requires patience, but is much more real and fulfilling. Find your community, read other blogs that you like, and give them thoughtful comments. After that, I say "build it and they will come".

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

Can I give you two? I don't know if they're the most significant, but they are the first two that come to mind because they moved me in some way or another and they were fairly recent. Kathy from Magick Sandwich wrote a satirical piece called I Want My Money Back that just nails the truth with such beauty, I wanted to reach across the country (of the United States, that is) and grab her and kiss her for her brilliance.
Joe from Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars went into renal failure, dialed 911, and while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, wrote a potential last blog post entitled, coincidentally, Waiting For The Ambulance to Arrive. I just couldn't believe he did that. That happened in June and he's been blogging from various hospital beds (or dictating to his wife) ever since. I apologize to those of you who wrote something more significant, but I either forgot, or it touched me politically or religiously and I try to avoid controversy. Mostly.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

That would probably be my post about when I joined the Ku Klux Klan, the National Rifle Association, and Church of Scientology all in one week. Gotcha!

OK, seriously, I'm not sure which one would be the most significant. A recent one that people seemed to respond to was one called Of Grandmas and Chocolate. But my most popular one, hands down, was called 10 Alternative Uses for Shelf Liner.

If you were to suggest two blogs for roasting who would you pick, and why?

OK, I'm figuratively throwing fifty of my favorite bloggers into a drum and drawing from them randomly.
And the winners are:
1. Kathy of the aforementioned Magick Sandwich because she is an awesome writer with a rapier wit. And by rapier, I mean long and slender with a cuplike hilt. Also? She has a keen eye for calling out the stupid.
2. JD of I Do Things So You Don't Have To, because she is one of the absolute most creative and funniest bloggers that I follow. If I were younger than JD, I'd want to be just like her when I grew up.

Today's Sunday Roast with Margaret is the 92nd in a weekly
seriesof interviews with bloggers from around the world. __________________________________________________
This interview will feature in The Roll of Honour
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  1. That you for a great interview! Margaret is wonderful and I have those same questions on my mind. Do you dress each goat differently? Etc, etc, etc??? I will have to check out the blogs she shouted out about too! Thanks!

  2. nice roast. i just recently stumbled upon nanny goats...saw the pic in someones sidebar...i mean how can you resist. lol. nicely done, both of you.

  3. Great roast Eddie and Margaret! Off to visit the blog..can't believe I've missed a blog called Nanny goats in panties...yikes!


  4. I simply HAVE to visit this blog later. She joined the Klu Klux Klan the National Rifle Association and the Church of Scientology all in one week???!!?
    My kinda gal.
    I'll be over to see her soon.
    (But not right now because I have an important appointment with the BNP. Later. Honest.)

  5. Brilliant Roast....... Eddie & Margaret. I am surprised our paths have never met! But I would have remembered those goats in panties!

    Off to see Margaret's blog now. Great name, Margaret, BTW!

    Nuts in May

  6. PS I tried to leave a comment on Margaret's post but found I couldn't do it. I saw her video about the two goats trying to board a bus & thought it was hilarious. I also wanted to say that I think she is very clever thinking of so many goat orientated things to post about! Enjoyed the blog. Can't think why it was so hard to comment!

    Nuts in May

  7. Love Nanny Goats in Panties--have been reading her for a while! Great interview!!

  8. Great roast. I've been reading Margaret's blog since I first started blogging.

  9. I LOVE Nanny Goats in Panties. In fact, I carry a pen with her logo on it with me where ever I go.

    I only dream of being funnier than Margaret.

  10. Oh, she is hilarious!!! I can't wait to check her blog out!!! And your intro to this roast, Eddie, is classic!!! What a comedy team you two make!!! The BBC and Hollywood need to tap your joint talent!! I can only imagine the blockbusters that would result!!! Cheers, my friend!! Janine

  11. I love Margaret. And the really creepy thing? I've been thinking about my answers for my own roast, and now I have to think of new hilarious ones, as I literally had some of the same answers!!

    Damn that Nanny Goat in Panties!

  12. Nanny Goats in Panties is one of the funniest blogs I've ever read. I found it when I started blogging and Margaret has been an inspiration to me ever since.

    Eddie, thank you for helping me learn more about Margaret and the origins of Nanny Goats.I can only hope to live up to Margaret's generous and kind opinion of me.

    I have been living in a 'shade of grey' lately. I hope this will light a fire under me to write more and get out of screensaver mode.

  13. Thank you, Eddie, for such a wonderful and fun experience! You are a gentleman and a scholar. May your comment boxes forever be filled with great joy!


  14. I may have to break down and get a Kindle so I can take Margaret with me everywhere. I always know where to go when in need of a smile. Great interview.

  15. Margaret Andrews of Nanny Goats in Panties was a great choice for your Sunday Roast! I enjoyed reading about her and the blogs she likes.

  16. So THAT'S where the name came from :-)

    Margaret is a great writer and her blog is fantastic. She's one of the very first blogs I followed. I never miss a post and always leave happy to have stopped by!

    YEAH Margaret. Great interview. Thanks Eddie!


  17. NGIP rules and her goats are very well attired in their designer scanties. She is seriously a very funny lady and her humor has such a distinctive twist to it that she is not like any other blogger. In the bloggy world, that is hard to do. That's why she is one of my faves.

  18. Nanny Goats are kinda funny all by themselves but in panties is hilarious, so naturally I would think the blog is funny. I have checked out the blog and it is more than humorous, it is boisterously hilarious. Way funny. Way way funny.

  19. The title of her blog is enough to make one want to go visit...and the roast is icing on the cake.
    I will go over and give her a visit. Thank you Eddie. You introduce us to some lovely bloggers.
    Many smiles to you from Jackie

  20. Hi Eddie...It's me again (worry wort!)
    I couldn't comment on Margaret's blog because it wouldn't let me without giving my e-mail I copied what I typed before I found out that I couldn't comment..and maybe she will come and read it here. Hugs to you, Eddie.

    Margaret..Did I mention that you have a terrific sense of humor?
    Did I mention that I wouldn't have discovered it had I not been a friend of Eddie's (yes, I admit it...not coereced or forced in any way to make the admission that the daft ambulance driver is my good friend)...and that he had a great roast for you....and you did well, my friend.
    Congratulations! Great blog! You are just too funny, girl!

  21. Nice roast. Will it be served with mashed taters and what's for dessert?

    I've lurked around this hilarious blog for ages and sometimes when I'm not intimidated by the scores of comments, I'll add my two cents.

    Great stuff!

  22. Does Margaret know you tried to roast one of her goats? Heads will roll!

  23. Welcome to the Roll of Honor. This roll is not complete without a panty wearing goat.

  24. NGIP isn't really that funny. And Margaret isn't warm and charming at all. Frankly she's a hack.

    Just kidding, I've had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Margaret and I just love her. I believe her to be one of the funniest bloggers around. She's an easy target on which to develop a crush. Quite the rock star!

  25. "That would probably be my post about when I joined the Ku Klux Klan, the National Rifle Association, and Church of Scientology all in one week."

    Funny chica! So much for avoiding controversy, but I LOVE how her mind works. Now I just have to figure out how to make millions off my blog too!

    What do you mean she was only being sarcastic? Shoot!

  26. You know when you laugh so hard and suddenly that it's more of a snort out of the gate? Yeah, that's EXACTLY how I reacted when I read this interview. I'm ready to drink the purple Kool Aid, if she's serving it.

  27. What's not to love? She's funny, witty, sarcastic, intelligent and rude.
    Is there like a NGIP fan club? Because I would totally join if it were free.

  28. Mmm . . . roast.

    OK, I freaking love Margaret and each and every last one of her pantied goats. This was a great interview, one I thoroughly enjoyed reading (and I'm thrilled to have discovered a cool new blog!)

    I'm bawling with pride to even be mentioned in the same post as Margaret (are you SURE you're older than me? I'm pretty old . . .), so thank you for the shout-out. Hey, anyone wanna be real jealous of me? I got to freaking MEET Margaret at BlogHer 09. Yes, it was everything I dreamed. So awesome.

    Margaret, I hope you never stop blogging. I count myself among the many thousands who really, REALLY mean it when we say, "Ha Ha, you're so funny, LOL, ROTFLMAO" because you are and we do.

  29. Great roast! Eddie, you've now given me the nudge I needed to visit Margaret's blog; thanks!

  30. I had to come back and say that she is seriously funny!

  31. Joanna Jenkins pointed my to your goat house. Nice to meet you and I enjoyed your pantie wearing goats.

  32. thanks - goats are always good for a laugh - now I have another blog to be inspired by - thanks

  33. Fun stuff. Just read and commented on your recent Kindle post. Very cute.

    Thanks for your hard work, Eddie! :)

  34. Eddie, this is a new blog for me and so are those she recommended! I love it! I will check her and her suggestions out later this week!

  35. Very funny person. I'll have to check out her stuff. Then maybe her writing, too.

  36. I've been following Margaret, Joe, JD and Kathy for at least a year now (I have proof, they comment on my blog) They are all wonderful writers and damn funny at that. They are like family to me, I am probably the stalker to them. You couldn't have picked a better blogger to roast.

  37. Hi Eddie...
    Jackie ( Teacher's Pet ) asked me to give you a little update and let you know that she will be unable to e mail or blog for a few days. Her
    mama has angina and Jackie is staying with her
    parents during this interval. No internet and spotty cell phone reception. She will be back as
    soon as possible.

  38. What a fabulous roast! I just love Margaret's sense of humor and really enjoyed the interview. I will be checking out her blog, for sure! Merci for the great introduction, cher!


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