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Friday 15 January 2010


Hi folks

Sorry, pressed the PUBLICATION button instead of SAVE and so Jen's Roast appears on your side bars too much early.

Please return at 10 am GMT when the roast will be officially posted.

Sorry about this.

Whilst I am 'on air' so to speak there is an opportunity to give an update on my hip situation. I had my pre-surgery appointment for a full replacement hip procedure at the hospital. I spent 5 hours there. I was very impressed with the patient care and professional way they explained everything. People sometimes knock the National Health Service when actually it is wonderful - most countries would welcome having a service like that.

Saw the surgeon who agrees my operation should be sooner rather than later. Still no date though. He says I will have a ceramic ball and socket joint for extra life. Presumable he thinks I will not 'pop my clogs' for a while. There is a 98% success rate but this operation is still classed as serious.

"What could go wrong?" I asked.
"You could die!"
("Jeepers!" I said)
"Well, any anaesthetic has it's dangers but you are a very fit man."
"Deep Vein Thrombosis"
"One leg could be slightly longer than the other, but unlikely."
"Hip dislocation during the first 6 weeks but this is rare."

He was a bundle of laughs and he is doing the operation. Actually he has a very good record.

Had another X-Ray.

Spent a long time in the Pre-Operation Assessment Clinic.

A nice nurse took my blood pressure, gave me an ECG and took my pulse. She was rather nice so perhaps the reading might have been slightly exaggerated LOL. Made her laugh a lot, along with her colleagues, particularly when she asked me for a urine sample and gave me a tiny little bottle. A told her I was until recently an ambulance man and we exchanged some nice stories. At the end she thanked me for the entertainment. LOL

Then saw another Canadian nurse who actually sounded rather Irish. She explained all about the operation.

Then I saw a doctor who examined my heart and lungs and I flew though it as very fit.

I may not have a full general anesthetic - they might not knock me out completely which sounds a bit 'hairy'. I will discuss options with the anesthetist when I am admitted.

Then saw a physiotherapist who told me about the dangers of hip dislocation during the first 6 weeks. Because the leg muscles are cut so they can uncouple my leg and work on it, there is not as much holding the joint together so I will not be able to do certain activities for 6-8 weeks. They say I shall be fully recovered in 3 months and will be able to run even, but not far. That's fine for me - I did run 6 miles a day when I was much younger and I was super fit with a pulse rate at rest of just 47. Some heart pump eh! It is about 70 now, which is not too bad for an old codger.

So I shall post Jen's Roast tomorrow.

Bye for now, Eddie


  1. How nice that you could keep the nurses entertained! They need a little levity, I'm sure! In my area of forensic nursing, we never had any!

    Hope you have your surgery soon and that it goes well. It is good that you are fine health, other than your hip!

  2. My mom had her hip replaced and she came through with flying colors. She said the first couple of days after surgery were kind of rough but after biggie. Just typical recovery stuff! She never had to use a cane or the walker!?! Mom is amazing! Was dancing in 8 weeks. You will do just as well.

  3. Hi Eddie, I'm glad your pre-op went well, and that the op is sooner than later.
    You'll fly through the operation, with your fitness and positive outlook.
    Only problem is...the nurses won't want you to leave the hospital, you're entertaining them so well.

  4. Canadian nurse who sounds rather Irish? I'm betting she's from the east Coast, Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia or somewhere on the SE coast of Newfoundland or St. John's maybe. I'm from there!

    I too am a Canadian who sounds a bit Irish :)

    My friend had a knee thing she ever did..she went on to lose 102 lbs(to date) and hikes and walks everywhere. Her limitations caused her to be sedentary a long time.

    It's good to have a health care system where you don't have to worry about insurance or even worse, the lack of insurance.

    We have it good here too..not perfect but good!

    You'll ace this thing and be running marathons in a year!


  5. Good luck with your surgery; I'm sure you'll do fine.

  6. Hi Eddie...I'm very very happy the pre-op went well...and I pray that after your surgery you won't have to worry with any of the conditions that were mentioned beforehand. I know that you can't wait to get your new hip...finish the physical therapy, and get back to kicking up your heels again.
    Please, please, keep up posted.
    Many hugs and smiles to you, my friend.

  7. Event though they must tell you all of the if's and's and but's, you know the goodness of it all :)

    Psalm 91 :)

    Looking forward to Jen's Roast and will be praying for your thoughts and upcoming procedures, Eddie.

  8. Eddie, it's wonderful to hear that you're in such fine physical condition. No doubt your surgery and recovery will go smoothly. I hope it's soon so that you can put all of your physical ailments behind you. Keep us posted. :)

  9. Hi Eddie, my friend had a hip replacement (titinimum.. sp), anyway was up and around in six weeks, said the first few days were rough but is loving how he feels now. Was in and out of hospitsl in a few days but didn't go back to work for 6 weeks...I just know you will do as well if not even better. Good Luck my friend...Hugs

  10. Isn't it amazing the things they can do today? I know several folks who've had hip replacements recently and all are thrilled with the results.

    Keep us posted on your timing. We'll be cheering you on.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Ah, ha! I wondered what happened whanen I popped in earlier. Hope all goes well!

  12. Eddie, such good news. Progress for you. I know some hip replacements are done with just an epidural anaesthetic though the patient is usually sedated as well - my dear Dad had a hernia op this way.

    Fingers crossed that all the ice has melted when you get your bionic hip,

    care and huggles,

    Michelle and madly purring Zebbycat

  13. So happy to hear that your pre-op went so well, cher. Since I work for 2 orthopedic surgeons, I know all about hip replacements! I'm sure that you will zip through the surgery and rehab with ease. And you'll be Cajun dancing in no time! Just make sure they knock you out! Good luck, mon ami!

  14. You better not die on me Eddie.!!!!!!!
    Sorry you are in such pain & that you haven't got a date fixed yet.
    I'm not really up to blogging yet but felt I must come over & offer you encouragement. Hang in there.

    Love Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  15. Hallo Eddie. I was very interested to read about your pre-op assessment which seemed identical to mine. Now I am into my seventh week post-op and have just about thrown away my cane, though first thing in the morning I feel a bit stiff from sleeping on my back [still] I cannot in all honestly say that I am glad I had it done, yet, but I am getting there much quicker than I would have believed possible in the first weeks.
    I had an epidural [with sedation] and it was fine and I think better than the general anesthetic which can be dangerous. Do your excersizes and soon you will be as good as new. [does bloody hurt, but you get good painkillers]
    The sooner the better love, get it done.

  16. Thanks for all you interest and comments. And Moannie, I shall certainly take your advice, thank you.

    And now I have posted Jen's Roast but it is taking an age to be dislpayed on our side bars - I posted it 2 hours ago and it is still not there - sorry

  17. I'm a little late with this but I was quite busy this past week. I'm sure you hip replacement will go well.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my place earlier in the week and leaving that nice comment.

  18. Will have my fingers crossed for you. Please pardon the pun, but I'd give my eye teeth to be half as hip as you when I get to your age!

  19. Fit as a fiddle, eh? Let's hope you'll soon be back to hopping about like a flea...(You will see, I'm very fond of odd phrases, as the mind tends to boggle when trying to decide their origins. I'm all in favour of mind boggling.)

  20. Thank you Mr London Street for your compliment but at the moment I am only 'half hip!' with this worn out hip but in the words of Arnie Sch "I will be back!" Btw I'm not quite as old as Methusulah! LOL

    Jinksy - I expecy people will soon tell me to 'hop it!' when I get back to normal LOL.

    Marguerite - I always thought you were a 'hip chick' - now I know - must be mental telepathy cher ~ Eddie Greenlights to you LOL
    Agree with mind boggling, great occupation.

    Ellen A ~ the pleasure was mine.

  21. I will keep you in my thoughts and I have no doubt you will keep the entire staff entertained during your stay at the hospital!

  22. This is why I don't like going to the doctor because you end up being referred to the rest of them ;-)

    After that hip surgery of yours, we shall all go to the ballroom.
    Save a tango for us!
    Mr Eddie - you will be okay! hear me!? :-)

  23. Hope you have your surgery soon and that it goes well. It is good that you are fine health,

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