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Saturday 23 January 2010

Sunday Roast Special 100th Edition

King David Returns To His Throne

Photo taken at Whitehorse airport in the Yukon.
Photo copyright Margaret Goodwin / Yukon Tourism

I have a fabulous treat for us today - it's not just a roast but a tribute to our own great blogger, friend, photographer, journalist, established writer and published author.

David has very kindly agreed to feature for this special . . .

100th edition of his The Sunday Roast

I hope many tune in to see how the column's creator answers his own questions (and mine) and incorporates a wealth of experience and advice for us all.

This week's interview is with David McMahon
who until recently wrote the blog, Authorblog -
now sadly on hold.

David features also on Red Bubble with his photographic essays
while pursuing his busy journalistic commitments.

Thank you David - very much appreciated

A very warm welcome to you and your many followers

(I've upgraded the 'mic' especially for you, David)

As a back drop to your roast, David, I thought I'd re-capture the shock we all experienced when we read your final post. The entire blogging community reeled when we saw you place your blog on hold. Accolades, tributes and good wishes, all 290 (and still climbing), poured into your comments box. On 25 September 2009 I remember reading this with sheer disbelief:

Goodbye To Blogging - That's All Folks

Yes, blogging has been a great adventure. Yes, it was a thrill to get almost nine thousand page views in a single day. Yes, it was a great honour to be chosen as one of Google's Blogs Of Note. Most of all, it was wonderful to be part of a vibrant, talented community.

But I’m going to be concentrating on my novels for a while.
I'll still have a strong online presence and if you would like to keep an eye on my photographic essays, you can get twice-daily updates at my
Red Bubble site.

Goodbye, good luck and God bless you all.

And so for the present David has chosen to live in the shadows outside BlogLand. He will explain his decision in a little more detail later in this roast. But it is wonderful to him here today.

Self-portrait. Photograph copyright: DAVID McMAHON

So here's the first of the standard questions you know so well. Why do you blog?

Thanks for inviting me aboard, Sir Edward. I began blogging for simple reasons. One, because I have always lived to write. Two, because I enjoy interacting with people. And three, because BlogLand is a wonderful forum not just to express oneself, but even more importantly, to admire the work of other writers from around the world.

My kids (The Authorbloglets!) once asked me if I have a favourite blogger – and my reply was simple: just as I love my children equally, I admire the different skills that bloggers bring the world of creativity. If I have visited your blog more than a couple of times, I’ve done so because I admire your work. Simple as that.

But to get back to your question ….. I’d looked around at blogs for a while, not knowing exactly how to dip my toe in the water. It was several weeks before I eventually signed on and took the first step. But in the first eight or nine months I think I only posted about a handful of items.

Then one day the penny dropped and I realized I should actually post every day. From that point onwards, I did. I think what helped me, too, was my background in newspaper and magazine layout, so my blog always emphasized the visual element, not just the written word.

What's the story behind your blog name?

Funny – I was sitting there in my study where I’ve written all three of my novels, thinking about this big step whereby I was about to start a blog. And one of the steps I had to complete was a name for the blog. On a whim, I just typed in the word “Authorblog”, thinking if I came up with something better I’d change it.

It was such a mundane name, really – but I stuck with it.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Without doubt, the interaction. You can get this in two ways – by visiting other blogs and commenting; or, later, when people start noticing your blog and dropping in to leave comments on your work, to follow their link and comment on their's in turn. I was very lucky in my early days as a blogger, because Biz Stone (one of the co-founders of Twitter) wrote some very kind words about the quality of my work and all of a sudden I was on people’s radar.

While interaction with other bloggers is vital, it almost proved a major hurdle in my case. As an established writer and a published author, I was quite happy to step in and give advice when asked, but there was a certain group of “senior” bloggers who didn’t understand my motives at first.

No one knows this story, but when I began giving advice to bloggers who (I hasten to point out) were *asking* for guidance, there were immediately some raised eyebrows among the members of blogging royalty.

I still have an email, written in kind but firm prose, from someone who acknowledged I was a “good dude’’ but that I was ruffling “lots’’ of feathers by giving new bloggers advice, when I was a brand-new blogger myself. What really irked them, I was told, was the fact that I had told new bloggers they could contact me at any time if they had any further queries.

I replied with forethought and courtesy, as you would expect.

But I kept giving advice, and I kept answering any queries that bloggers asked me. I don’t think there is a single blogger, anywhere in the world, who can say he or she never got a reply from me. In fact, I’ve even had the privilege of speaking on the phone to some bloggers overseas.

Can you tell us, David, why you decided to put your blog on hold?

Like I said, the blogger-to-blogger interaction was wonderful. It was great for me because when I started blogging I worked on an afternoon newspaper, working from 5am-2 pm. I used to be home early and so, before I picked the kids up from school, I had time to visit blogs and reply to each comment that people left on my posts.

Then in May 2008, when I took on a 9-5 role in the same company, I had virtually no time to reply to the many comments I was getting ..... and the personal interaction was starting to slip away.

As the very interaction that I find so vital in blogging began to dwindle, I realised that I simply expected others to visit me, even though I did not have the time to visit them. This in turn led to my decision on 25 September last year to put a hold on my blog.

But my close blog friends all have my email address, so I am still here for everyone.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Trust your instincts. Write without fetters. Write instinctively. BlogLand is a wonderful international forum for writers, because you have a global audience.

Post regularly. Write from your heart. Treat other bloggers with the respect that you seek in return. And if you can, always use a photograph, a graphic or an image of some description to illustrate your posts. Newspapers and websites have images to break the monotony of continuous typeface – and that works equally for blogs.

In the beginning, I was lucky. I didn’t even know how to construct a live link until Terry Fletcher, the Portugal-based webmaster and blogger, generously showed me how it was done. Terry would always chip in with advice and guidance while I was finding my way as a new blogger. In fact, not many bloggers would know that Terry – without even being asked – designed the banner that still exists on my blog.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

There were many significant posts I read, especially in the time that I kept track of a simple innovation called “Post of the Day”. This was a purely subjective list of blog posts that caught my attention every day, but instead of just one winner, sometimes there were joint winners and every day there was a list of other posts that caught my eye.

The multi-gifted Canadian blogger, Hilary of The Smitten Image, has kindly taken it upon herself to continue this sequence with her Post Of The Week.

So in answer to your question, there were several blog posts that caught my eye – and there is a permanent record of them in cyberspace. But since you’ve twisted my arm to name just one, I’d have to say it was A Modern Fairy Tale by a gentle soul called Maggie May.

David, this post describes Maggie's son-in-law's illness and was followed a week later by The Resting Place , sadly covering his death. Since then Maggie's daughter, Debbie Drews has opened her blog, Bittersweet Truths and she writes some very moving posts on the subject.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

Could I perhaps say that I’m torn between two posts, please, Sir Edward? I reckon one of the closest to my heart would have been an ABC Wednesday post called D Is For Dementia , about my mother, who was my earliest Muse, my Google and my guiding star in my formative years.

The other post was written live, about a significant encounter that had just taken place. It was called G Is For Grizzly and it was written the same day a grizzly charged while I stood several metres in front of a group of hikers in Kluane National Park in the Yukon. The really significant thing about that day was that in many ways it proved in my own mind that I was coming of age as a photographer. Fortunately the bear broke it's charge and I am here to tell the tale.

Many bloggers think of me as a photographer, but in truth I only really got into photography when my wife, the wise and beautiful Mrs Authorblog, bought me a digital SLR camera, the Pentax K100D that has travelled round the world with me ever since. At that point in time I was a writer who just happened to take photographs as well.

That day in the Yukon, we were at the end of our hike and I had put the lens caps on both my cameras (the other was a Pentax K200D) and switched them off. Then our guide told me there was a grizzly in front of us, and I moved to the front of the group to get a better view, but the grizzly had gone to ground. A few moments later, this magnificent beast appeared in full view – and I suddenly realized I’d probably never get the chance to photograph a grizzly face to face ever again. I ripped the lens cap off my K200D, unfurled the lens, lined up the bear and hit the shutter as he began his charge. There was no time for fear. That came much later, a delayed reaction that made me shiver when I sat down to write the story that evening.

More importantly, it proved to me that my photography had become instinct-driven. Cecily, the US-based blogger who co-hosts Photo Story Friday asked me after this if I was a writer who takes photographs, or a photographer who writes novels. My reply to her was simple: I said that her question itself was the greatest compliment anyone had ever paid my photography.

If you were to suggest two blogs for roasting who would you pick, and why?

I think San Merideth at A Life With A View is one who should be roasted - I was never able to get her to do a Roast! And the second blogger I’d love to see roasted is Merisi, whose work I have always admired at her blog Merisi's Vienna For Beginners.

I will add two more because I think these are very good roast prospects. Jennifer Harvey at Thursday Drive and her cousin Louise who hosts Skywatch Friday.

Thank you David for your recommendations and I shall approach them shortly.

That concludes the formal aspect of the interview but it would be nice to get to know you a little better while you are slowly turning on the roasting spit. So while you are screaming in agony above the open fire here are a few more questions for you.

The open fire is a bit of a worry, because I live in Australia and it’s scorching hot at this time of the year. Er, could we put the fire out and turn on the air-conditioner, please?

OK, and we'd better issue all your followers with buckets of water - can't be too careful with possible bush fires - I've read some of your accounts of these.

Pick three things you can't live without.

My family. My principles. My camera.

If we were to make a movie about BlogLand, what would it be and who would you cast in the leading roles?

I’d call it “Moolah Rouge” and I’d have Suldog playing any role he chooses, because he’s so full of unpredictable creativity; Deborah Gamble playing a Wild West gambler, because she is a winner; Shrinky playing the musician, because she rocks; Mushy as the favourite uncle; Fat Hairy Bastard as the sheriff, because no one would take him on; Braja, Janine, Daryl, Corey, Hilary, Sazfab and Moannie as the Muses; and I would find a role for every single blogger whose site I visited more than once. I made many friends in BlogLand, and I would like to meet them all in the same place, at the same time, to tell them how deeply I admire their work. So, can we find a way to make this happen?

Well in a way David you have met them all today but as for the story, come on Sully, you're the ideas man! Thinking Hats on everyone - maybe we can all write it!

If you were an ice cream cone, which flavour would you prefer?

Chocolate. No question about that.

Describe in one sentence your perfect day.

Harmonious and creative.

It is not every day we have a successful writer and published novelist, journalist, blogger of note and photographer on the show, so shall I provide readers with a short resume of your literary and professional accomplishments?

David is a Walkley Award-nominated journalist based in Melbourne.

David is an internationally published photographer and travels the world with his cameras. I suspect he would not avoid another chance to photograph another charging grizzly, or worse, even after his 'grizzly' experience.

David is a well known published author and has written three novels. His first, Vegemite Vidaloo , was a best seller from July to December 2006, published by Penguin Books in April of that year. I have added a link to a post he wrote about this HERE.

David's second novel is due for publication soon, again by Penguin. It is a war time love story. (You old romantic, you, David). The title is Muskoka Maharani.

David, you are a giant in the blogging community, with followers peaking at almost 1000 on Authorblog and recognised by Google as a Blog of Note. There are those who marvel still at how you managed to post so prolifically and consistently, running your regular features, Post Of The Day, The Sunday Roast, Verse and Worse, Humorous Posts, Serious and Photographic posts WHILST finding time to visit us and comment . . . . plus a little thing like earning a living. To a man and woman we find this feat truly amazing. You know, perhaps of all the posts I miss the most it has to be your Verse and Worse - I just loved that to bits, adding my own efforts in your comments box, as seeing all the laughs you got.

And finally, now you get to ask me a question in return - it's the least I can do. OK fire away!

Do you grow a beard each December, to return to your secret identity as Santa Claus?

I have to, David - anything to aid my escape from Mrs Bluelights! If I stayed at home she'd find me loads of extra jobs to do, so I figured it is much easier to grow a beard, get into my Santa outfit, hitch up Rudolph with his mates to the sleigh and then deliver all those presents to the kiddies. Besides that it's well worth getting stuck up chimneys from time to time for all those mince pies and glasses of Sherry, wouldn't you agree? You know, it is really difficult delivering all this stuff in such a short time. I wrote a post recently explaining just how difficult it really is, see HERE. Oh and by the way I always take my camera with me, whether or not I have a beard. I never know who or what I might meet! You have trained me well maestro!!

Thank you David for appearing in this special edition - I am highly honoured to host it and to carry on with your great column, The Sunday Roast.

I am sure everyone in BlogLand wishes you success in all your ventures. Please visit us from time to time whenever possible because there is nothing any of us like better than seeing this familiar 'piccie' along with a comment from you.

And finally, David, I am sure I speak for us all in thanking you for all the help and advice you have given so freely and generously. God bless you, David.

Screen Save of David's Authorblog website showing his last post in September.
To date over 290 comments are placed by his then almost 1000 followers
of which approximately 900 have remained loyal.

David now features on Red Bubble with his photographic essays.

Today's Sunday Roast with David McMahon is the 100th in a weekly
series of interviews with bloggers from around the world.

This interview will feature in The Roll of Honour
for all published Roasts. To view press
HERE __________________________________________________

Next week's roast is Eva Gallant


  1. I wonder if readers would kindly place a note somewhere on your blog to assist with getting the word around for this special roast. Thanks

  2. I have a serious crush on David McMahon and was honored to receive a mention on authorblog before it became an frozen in time.

    It is a treat to see David again... and my but doesn't he look fabulous? I can't wait to go through this interview with a fine tooth comb and will gladly link to it at Casa Hice.

    Thank you Eddie for another stunning Sunday Roast, and thank you David for returning to your throne.

    With love and respect.

  3. Thank you. It gave me direction as to where we are all heading. Blogging is a journey.

  4. I am overwhelmed by this interview, Eddie, especially as David remembered my post about a very sad time in my life....... that proved to be therapeutic when I wrote it down. The fact that David was moved by this piece of writing leading up to my Son In Law's death, was the greatest compliment that anyone could ever give me.
    I can also remember shedding a tear or two when reading David's account of his mother's dementia. Especially when he whispered a question in her ear and the reply she gave him. See...I will always remember that too.

    I was gutted when I saw that notorious last post on Authorblog (as well as all David's other followers who obviously felt the same) and it took several months of doom and gloom in Blogland for any one to really feel that anything was worth while again.
    However, Eddie, you rose to the challenge with Sunday Roast and that has been a great success. This was a wonderful idea to interview Authorblog on the 100th Roast. Hilary has also risen to the challenge with her Post of the Week. However, we will always miss Authorblog and are ever hopeful that David will start his blog again.
    I have read his book Vegemite Vindaloo and can thoroughly recommend that. I look forward to his next novel becoming available.

    It is a great pity that some one who is as talented as David and who is SO modest in his attitude about those talents,,,,, has to have a jealous *fly in the ointment* that caused a *spanner in the works*. Not much more needed to say about that, is there?

    Thank you David and Eddie for really brightening my day.

    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. A tribute to the Verse and Worse King!

    David, dear David -
    when there's something hot on,
    there's you with your camera -
    though gone - not forgotten!

  6. Wonderful roast, Eddie..and so great to see David! What a treat indeed!

  7. wonderful interview. thank you david! when i was first starting out i learned so much through you and those you had in your POTD. thank you for that. much appreciated.

  8. I started my blog in July 09 happily recieving the odd comment or two and ecstatic when my followers reached ten... very soon after David included me in one of his Posts of the Day. My little, bitty blog exploded and to this day I think that post recieved more comments than any other. I thank you sooo much. I know that I only stuck around in this blogland because of all the great comments I get from the people that were sent initially by David. So very glad you came back to do Eddie's roast and hope that we hear from you again soon.

  9. Lump in throat as I write...
    Eddie, thank you for continuing the Sunday Roast tradition. It's a wonderful way of getting to know new people in this blogland, and I know you put a lot of work into it.
    This is definitely the champagne roast!
    It's great to see David interviewed. I was gutted when I read those words "That's all, Folks", as I had only begun following David's blog. I felt as though I had come to the party just as everyone was leaving, and wondered if I'd continue in blogland at all. But I had already met some wonderful people, thanks to David and a POTD mention, and the connections continue on. I agree that the commenting (giving and receiving) is the addictive element in blogging.
    And lastly, David, if you're reading this,I miss you and thank you for your immeasurable contribution to blogland. Hope you'll return some day.All the best in 2010.

  10. Thanks for a wonderful roast. I never had the privelege of reading David's blog. It was fascinating to read about a blogger who's made it big!

  11. The roast of all the kingly gentleman himself.
    First...Is he easy on the eyes or what!! What a handsome and 'in shape' guy he continues to be. Best wishes to you David. Your roast is one of the most informative ones I've read...straightforward and gentle. You are like a gentle giant in blogland, to me. Thank you for your wisdom, your patience with questions when you were at Authorblog...and for answering them with integrity. Wishing you the very best as you face grizzly after grizzly in your life...and may you rest with the lambs at the end of the day. You have enlightened mine. With much respect I am....

  12. I am so sad that I never found David until now, but so glad that I was able to read about him and share some of his work! as a new Blogger just from his interview some of my questions were answered! Thank you for sharing this amazing man and his journey with us!

  13. David we all miss you terribly. You truly have done so much for so many new bloggers. My modest posts exploded on days when you'd give it a mention on yours. They grew again when I decided to take on your fun Post of the Day but being totally unable to comprehend how you juggled so many posts every day, I streamlined it to Posts of the Week. That in itself can be a full time job.

    Clearly you are a magician. There's truth to that in your writing, your photography and your ability to organize so many diverse posts.

    Kudos to Eddie for saving your fine interview for the 100tj. And thank you kindly for linking to my blog, I do hope your travels bring you back to Canada, one day. I'd love to me the Authorfamily. Thanks for all you've done for so many.

  14. At Last - The King himself got Roasted.
    Brill work Eddie and what an interviewer you make.

    Well David, Its so nice to see you finally got to be Roasted.
    I want to thank you for all the help and encouragement that you gave me thru our friendship, which has helped me so much.
    I'm sure ev1 would say that they miss your posts and blog.
    I wish you every success in every thing you do.
    God Bless you.
    imac - Stewart.

  15. A fabulous royal roasting indeed! Lovel yto hear from you here David...I cannot tell you how much you are missed's taken until very recently for the atmosphere to find it equilibrium....several bloggers left aorund the same time...and its just not the same, but differnet is good too!

    I have printed this off to reread with my tea ad feet up...which is an honour actually...I usually save this for hand written letters should anyone, rarely write to me in the old fashioned way.

    Thank you for the honour of a mention, I am flabbergasted truly in such fine company!!

    Thank you Eddie for organising this special edition and for holding the torch so high.. you are a star!! Even a hoppity one!!

    This has made my day!!

    bye for now, as I will talk to you both soon, l hope.

    Love Sara x (saz aka FFF & MMM)

  16. Now, that was one of the most pleasant posts I have read for a long time. David meant a lot for my own Blogging development and did indeed answer my newbie questions. I hope he will be back some day.

    Thank you for this very impressive post! :-)

    From Roast of the Week No. 50.

  17. We have enjoyed David's blog and have received much assistance from him. He is truly a gem. Thanks Eddie for giving us a peek into David's life. We are looking forward to his novel.

  18. OK, I admit it. I cried when I read David's last post.

    I felt like Santa had suddenly retired or chocolate had disappeared from the face of the earth or a black hole had sucked the life blood out of BlogLand.

    And at the same time, I could understand and respect David so much for his principles and truly madly deeply appreciate his generosity and friendship and wish him well on his next adventures.

    I always loved the subtitle of his blog, about being totally committed to encouraging excellence in others. I deeply appreciate David's tireless efforts to connect us, delight us, teach us, and build our confidence.

    As a journalist, I've always pictured a reader in my head as I produced stories or articles as a way to "keep it real". When I discovered authorblog, David became the "reader" I kept in the back of my mind. Still do. And it that way, David's influence has no stop date.

    So, thank you Eddie for carrying on the tradition and adding you own blend of character and David for one of the most generous spirts in BlogLand -- and the universe, for that matter!

  19. What a wonderful roast - it was really great to read David's thoughts...he sounds like such a cool down to earth guy.


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Thank you, Eddie, for the 'Roast', and thank you, David, for the generous mention.

    I guess I better get back to 'producing' stuff for the blogs I try to write ...

  22. To me you will always be my Sir Knight of /Blogland and the quest. You sir are a gentleman and sorely missed.
    Thank you Eddie for this wonderful gesture of honouring David with the hundreth Roast.

  23. This was a real treat! Thank you David and Eddie.

    I learned so much from David in the nine months I read his blog before he stepped away. And it was a huge honor when he recognized my posts. It gave me the confidence to keep writing and working on my blog. It also introduced me to some fantastic bloggers that I still read today and proudly call my friends, including you Eddie.

    So thank you David! You made a huge impact on this blogger.

    Glad life is good for you. I'll be watching for your book's release date!

    All the best!

  24. It was a sad day for me, and for so many others, when I found out that David was leaving blogging behind. I've often referred to him as a benefactor to bloggers, because of his generosity and encouragement for so many of us. Each time David recognized one of my posts in his Post Of the Day entries, it always made my day.

    And it's such an honor that he would mention me in his interview! (Thank you, David!)

    So glad that you interviewed him...I can't think of anyone more deserving of it. On the edge of my seat to see what comes of his time focusing on his other writing. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  25. David, it is good to hear your life isn going well!

    You handed off two of your traditions beautifully to Eddie and Hilary. It speaks volumes of the kindness you spread so generously around in our global community! Their choices are closely followed and they continue the lovely introductions you began. May what you accomplished among us, return to you a hundred fold!

    xxMeredith T

  26. Great, great interview. Wonderful to see David and hear his answers. He has reached out to so many bloggers, me included, and he is cherished by us all.

  27. Hello, Eddie and David!!
    As you are aware, I am inundated with projects in the real world, and so I am on a blogging break...but I could NOT miss OR resist this roast.

    David, through your warmth, encouragement and kindness, you have mentored so many of us. And we continue to be inspired to rise to greater heights by your extraordinary example. Your rare combination of humility, genuine interest in others, and phenomenal talent will long reverberate throughout the blogging world. You are greatly missed, dear friend. What an absolute joy to read your roast here today, and to see so many pour out their love and affection for you through their comments. I am grateful for your mention of me...You already know that I admire you beyond words, and so, your extremely kind mention of me means more than you can ever fully appreciate. Thank you with all my heart for all of your encouragement!

    Eddie, you have carried this most exceptional roast off to perfection!!! You have presented your "subject" ;-) with your usual flair and grace. And you have done so with the thoroughly delightful style for which you have become so well-admired! You are truly a fantastic host as well as an incredible friend to so many; I am honored to know you. You have brilliantly continued David's legacy, and we are ALL thankful!!

    When I began this comment, I didn't think I would be able to complete it...I felt a loss for words...but obviously, that did not last for long...LOL... Nevertheless, there is little that can be added that hasn't already been said. And so to the both of you, I will simply say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am truly grateful to know such magnificent men." Hugs, Janine

  28. Eddie - thank you.
    David - You're missed.

    A thoroughly enjoyable interview and well deserved recognition. I would never have got started if it hadn't been for David's encouragement and yes - advice. I am so glad he chose to go with his instinct and continue to support newbie bloggers.

    David is the most courteous, kind and generous gentleman I have had the pleasure to "meet" in BlogLand. I hope one day I can meet him in person. Me and about another 900+ ;0)

    Thanks Eddie. Great Roast.

  29. There just aren't enough words to tell about David and his blogging days! I remember my blogger friend, Vic Grace (as she was known then) of Cariboo Ponderer, was the one who first told me about David and his blog and I became a fan of his from then on until he left the blog scene. I still carry his blog on my reader though in the event he ventures back here under the same blog name!
    This was probably the very most appropriate individual to ever be "roasted" and thanks to David, and his recommendations, I now have the banner I have on my blog which was done by his friend, Fletch! The times when he awarded me the "Post of the Day" kept me motivated to stay with the blogging too as did the little rhymes he posted daily too! So many things -from the beautiful photographs, the interesting tricks he did with so many pictures too. No, it didn't turn me automatically in to a good photographer -that would take a much better camera and also, a natural eye for that to take place, as well as a whole lot of extra practice too! LOL But his blog, overall, the introductions to so many other bloggers I found through him, do still sustain me. Thanks to you, Eddie, and to Hilary too, for trying to maintain the great work David began and I,along with many others, still keep plodding along, always with many of his bits of advice still staying with us over time and surfacing now and again.
    Cheers to you David -miss you, your pictures, words, advice -everything -but I'm glad you're still peeking in from time to time to check up on what a great thing you started!

  30. Everybody loves a good roast! Thanks for the informative interview, this Ozarks farm chick really enjoyed the read. I'm so glad I popped over.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ozarks!!!

  31. Such a terrific interview. David was very kind and inspirational to me, as he was to so many.

  32. Great interview Eddie with one of my favorite people in blogland. He is so very much missed. I am off to read Maggie and Debbie's recommended post.
    You are a fine replacement for David Eddie, am pleased with all that you do and love how you encourage others.....:-) Hugs

  33. What a wonderful interview Eddie, I still really miss David, like you I loved his verse and worse. He was always very generous with comments, advice and tips. I hope one day he will return to blogland, as he'll make alot of people very happy.

    Wishing you well and continued success David.

  34. This was really nice to read...I enjoyed his blog also and was sad when he left. He is a great writer that is both humble and encouraging.

  35. What a wonderful treat for us! Thanks for the great interview Eddie and good luck with your unfettered writing, David!

  36. Thank you for a wonderful interview. I wish I had been around a few years back. I can tell I missed something wonderful.

  37. Good to know that David is alive and kicking. I am yet anothr blogger who is very grateful for the help and encouragement that I received from him when I first got into blogging.

    We all want to know if/when he is going to return.

  38. nice to hear from you again david, even if indirectly!!!

  39. What a lovely surprise!! How great to read my two favorite gents dueling over the spit roast.

    Thank you David for your presence and grazie Eddie for making this special event happen. I am so happy!

    Ciao friends, I heart blogland.
    Lola xx

  40. It's great to read David's roast, thanks for letting me know about it, Eddie.

    CJ xx

  41. What a lovely roast! I wasn't priviledged enough to have been able to read his blog...but I am sure I would have loved it...
    Good luck with your writing David :)

  42. David - I miss you every single day. Did I see a ghost of you leaving a comment over on mine in the last little while? I still hold out hopes for a signing of my book and perhaps a huge hug to go with it. I confess here and now that I used to write in the hopes that you would take notice if only to leave a comment. Miss you big guy!

    Eddie - a superb roast. I think you cooked David quite nicely. Thank you.

  43. This was a great 100th Roast Celebration! Thanks Eddie and David.

    I was never more proud than when I received a POTD from David, which is why I have begun my own Goddess Award and Toasting the Posts of the Week series each Friday. I wanted to extend that feeling of excitement and acknowledgment to other bloggers too.

    And as synchronicity would have it, Hilary announced her series on the very same day as I did which made me feel even more connected to this friendly community in the blog world.

    And to David, I wish many more blissful experiences!

  44. Thank you for this wonderful roast! How fun to hear from David again ... I've missed his blog!!! Good to hear he is doing well!

  45. David is definitely missed in blog land. Absolutely missed!

  46. Thanks for sharing this information. This was my first blog roast I have ever read.

    Tom Bailey

  47. Wonderful tribute and interview Eddie and thank you again for taking up the baton until David is ready to return.

    David, I personally can't imagine anyone complaining about one person helping another, but I'm so glad you didn't listen to them and stuck to your unselfish and compassionate thoughts on the matter!
    Like so many others, I thank you for the many POTD (and mentions) you awarded my humble blog postings and I wish you great success in your endeavors.


  48. Eddie, how great was this?! I was so happy to see David's roast today and think it was absolutely the perfect, special roast for the occasion.
    Great interview-- and David? We miss your posts, I for one would be happy just to read without expecting response :-)

  49. I'll never forget the day that David popped into my blog world. I thought, "Who in the heck is this handsome guy in a diving suit?" I loved his photography, but even more, his charming little ditties.

    This elegant, sweet man is sorely missed in the blogosphere.

  50. I'm full of what, David - 'unpredictable creativity'? Well, I knew I was full of something, but I was sure it was spelled with fewer letters.

    David - Your unfailing generosity remains a model for me. Whenever you gave one of my postings a spot in your 'Posts Of The Day', I'd receive an extra 75 - 100 hits, at minimum. Sometimes it was a much higher number. You increased my readership mightily, for which I thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart. I try to be as kind, to those folks who reach out to me, as you always were. It's quite impossible to be as kind and generous as you were, of course, but I try.

    There are few bloggers who have engendered such feelings of devotion and love as you have, David. You've earned every accolade you've been given, and more besides.

    And, aside from boosting my numbers, you introduced me to some wonderful people. I believe I met Hilary via your blog, as well as Moannie, Saz, and quite a few others whom I consider friends. God bless you for that!

    Eddie - Thank you for this, and for continuing David's work. You are a lovely man, yourself, and we all appreciate the effort.

    As for ideas... I'm somewhat bereft at the moment. At least, I'm bereft of any that wouldn't get us all fitted for long-sleeved white jackets in a rubber room. However, since David says I can play any roll I want, I think I'd like to be a corn muffin.

    Oh, 'role', with an 'e' on the end? In that case, make it blueberry. Or Emperor Of The Known Universe. I can't quite decide. You choose.

    In any case, big THANKS to you both! If I'm a blueberry muffin, that won't mean as much as it would coming from the Emperor Of The Known Universe, of course.

    Where in hell is my nurse with the medications?

  51. Dearest are the quintessential host and interviewer sublime. You allowed me to get to know David in a behind-the-scenes way and I'm grateful.

    Thank you for sharing so much, David. I followed you but I never knew you. I'm grateful to find out more and wish you well in all your endeavors. I appreciate your notice one time as being a nominee for blog of the week. I'm just another mom with a blog and I try to give a chuckle where I can. I wish you every success in whatever you put your hand to. Thanks for sharing with all of us and giving back in great measure to the blogging community. I met many of my dearest blogging friends through the Blog of The Week feature and I will ALWAYS be grateful!


  52. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and no doubt there will be more to come. I am sure David will be very touched to read these.
    I am reliably informed David is 'out of town' right now in Asia and is due to return soon. What a great welcome for you David. I do hope you were not side tracked into photographing a charging tiger though. Nothing would surprise us!! LOL

  53. I was going to wait until I'm the 100th blogger to comment. Maybe I get a prize?
    Ah I never could wait.
    I was did you manage to interview the godfather of blogland? (Did you make an offer he can't refuse?)

    The first time I've "seen" Authorblog was at another popular blog (Vienna for Beginners).
    I checked him out *wink*, then saw hundreds of followers!! So I said to myself...ok if I leave a comment he is never going to notice me anyway. So I left.
    A week later, he left a comment on my blog *gasp*.
    It always feel like Santa sneaks in your house in the middle of the night and leaves behind a present you know you will love.


    And you my dear friend Eddy, you have done a great job with this particular roast as well as all the other roasts!

    The crown on the mic is very clever!

  54. Will try to get to it this week although don't have much time in the house, beside a computer.
    David was kind enough to name my blog several times as his Post of the Day, and also sent me lots of photographic advice for the Queenager who is still taking up the cause.
    Thanks for this roast and for your support of Maggie.
    Expat M

  55. Congrats on POTW mention Eddie.. well deserved with this special interview!!

  56. This roast was a fabulous treat, indeed, Eddie! As always, a great interview with a wonderful blogger, who encouraged so many, including me. I loved reading about David's early blogging days and his advice for newbies. His humorous Verse and Worse and helpful POTD posts were my faves and are greatly missed. Best of luck with your latest endeavor, David! Hope to see you back in Blogland, someday, cher!

  57. Dear Eddie and all those who left these amazing comments ....

    I am so very privileged to be the subject of the 100th Roast. Never once when I started the weekly Roast did I ever think I would be the subject one day!

    In all humility, may I say a heartfelt thank you to each of you who left these kind and generous comments. In many ways, my parents would have seen this is a validation of the upbringing the gave my brothers and me.

    It is their message I carry. It is their blessings that I hope to pass on. It is in their honour that I (as we all do) connect with people whose work I enjoy.

    I have only just returned from a week in Asia, hence the delay in reading this. It's taken me a while to read all the comments, but may I simply say to everyone that I am VERY deeply touched by the affection you have shown me.

    May I also say that even though my blog is on hold, anyone who needs my advice can still contact me by email and yes, as The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said in her comment, it would give me great pleasure to check out something you've written and photographed.

    You have all been so generous with your words and your time. I thank you, with deepest sincerity ....

  58. One of the proudest moments of my blogging life was a post of the day on your blog and from my lesser known blog. Thank you for taking the time to catch us all up! We didn't know each other well, you stopped blogging not to long after I started but I still managed to miss your updates particularly your funny little rhymes!

    Great roast and good luck with the new novel!


  59. Wonderful! Glad I didn't miss this one, I only became aware of Authorblog in it's last few months and was honoured to have written one of the last Posts of the Day. Always a pleasure to see David around and looking forward to reading his new novel!

  60. Excellent roast, Eddie, and fascinating! I came here by way of Maggie May's--how sweet of David to pick her post as one of the most memorable he read. It was indeed a poignant post, well deserving of this high praise. I used to visit David's blog when he participated in the ABC Wednesday meme; such a talent!

  61. Eddie,

    Thank you for the message alerting me to this VERY special edition of the Sunday Roast. I've been waiting for this one for some time! It was a pleasure to read and a thrill to catch up with a dear friend.

    I put a link on my blog.


  62. I'm an Aussie, I'm a redhead with curly hair, and since you mention Moolah Rouge, I wanna play Nicole's part and do all the high kicks and swinging on the swing. Got that? Call me.


    Brilliant, David....brilliant :)) Thanks a million Eddie, I've been so slack lately but am catching up!!

  63. Good brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  64. Dear Eddie,
    I cannot tell you how big a jump my heart made when I got the news that you were roasting (well done!) David! He has done so much for the blogging community and I feel blessed that we crossed paths: I would not be online anymore were it not for him. His encouragement and his selecting me for Post of the Day nurtured me in more ways than he will ever imagine. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you brought him back in this wonderful roast, albeit only for a Sunday, but still, how so very good to know he is doing well and working on his novels and other projects!

    Eddie, I just love love that you set this little cute crown on top of the microphone, what a creative way to honor our King!

    Thank you, David, for honoring me by mentioning my work. I feel still too shy to take part in the roast, but let me tell you that this past Monday I got the wonderful news that the university I applied to accepted me and I shall be back to studying come March! I would not have come that far without your unwavering support. I shall forever be in your debt. Thank you, Eddie, and all the bloggers out there who kept me going even in days when I doubted myself and was close to throw the towel on my photography. Not that I have made a penny yet, but for now I want to become the best picture taker I can be. Thank you and bless your hearts!
    In gratitude,

  65. Dear Eddie,
    I cannot tell you how big a jump my heart made when I got the news that you were roasting (well done!) David! He has done so much for the blogging community and I feel blessed that we crossed paths: I would not be online anymore were it not for him. His encouragement and his selecting me for Post of the Day nurtured me in more ways than he will ever imagine. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you brought him back in this wonderful roast, albeit only for a Sunday, but still, how so very good to know he is doing well and working on his novels and other projects!

    Eddie, I just love love that you set this little cute crown on top of the microphone, what a creative way to honor our King!

    Thank you, David, for honoring me by mentioning my work. I feel still too shy to take part in the roast, but let me tell you that this past Monday I got the wonderful news that the university I applied to accepted me and I shall be back to studying come March! I would not have come that far without your unwavering support. I shall forever be in your debt. Thank you, Eddie, and all the bloggers out there who kept me going even in days when I doubted myself and was close to throw the towel on my photography. Not that I have made a penny yet, but for now I want to become the best picture taker I can be. Thank you and bless your hearts!
    In gratitude,

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  67. Thank you Eddie for another stunning Sunday Roast, and thank you David for returning to your throne.

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