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Wednesday 17 February 2010

Hard To Say I'm Sorry - my version!

By the time you read this I will have had my operation and hopefully will be home within a few days with a new hip. Hip Hip Hooray!

My sister, Maggie at Nuts in May, will have kept you informed about how the surgery went on Saturday 13th.

Now, for your amusement I found this YouTube of a favourite song, "Hard to say I'm Sorry" which I modified to tell you all about the correspondence from the hospital before the operation after my long wait. I found a very funny non vocal version of a very focused Saxophonist with his marvellous rendition.

If you have been watching my Freddie Bluelights series you can see this player is brimming over with testosterone making him the leader of the pack and strut around the restaurant.
Also you will see the lady introducing the act with about 10% of her daily word allocation of 20,000 words. Very sorry for the delay with the music - anyway here it is.

Hope it works out - just sing along to the music with these lines.

Had a letter from the ward today.

They wrote to say, "At last, my brother,

Come to and so us Saturday

Your hip to discover.

Hold on now - it's hard for us to say we're sorry.

We just wanted to say,

After all that you've been through, we will make it up to you. I promise you,

And after the surgery is done, your hip is part of you and won't let go.

We know you couldn't stand another day, in that way, with your body

Hurting night and day, as you lay in every way, in the bed you love

Hold on now. It's hard for us to say we're sorry, but we wanted to know,

Hold on now. We really want to tell you we're sorry and may never let you go!

After all that you've been through, We will make it up to you - we promise you

And after all that's been said and done and when your ready we'll let you go.

After all that you've been through, we will make it up to you - we promise to

You're gonna be the lucky one."

I said I'd pack a suitcase right away

for my stay" - oh brother!

"For a four or five day holiday, from my son's mother.

"Hold on now. It's hard for me to say I'm sorry. I just want you to say.

"After all you've been through, we will make it up to you - we promise to.

And after all your hip job is done, and your fit we'll let you go.

Couldn't stand to be kept away just for the day from my body.

Wouldn't wanna be swept away, far away from the one that I love.

Hold me now. It's hard for me to say I'm sorry. I just want you to know.

Hold me now. We really want to tell you we are sorry and we will let you go.

After all that you've been through, we will make it up to you. We promise to.

And when your hip job is done, and part of you just walk and go.

After all that you've been through, we will make it up to you. We promise to.

You're gonna be the lucky one.

Well that was fun! Do you want to hear the Chicago version?

Oh go on then!!


The nurses must have got fed up with my jokes.
When I had my temperature taken I asked a sister, "What is the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?"
She was scratching her head and asked me for the answer, "The taste!" She was highly amused.
I managed to capture this post before it scheduled so I can give you the latest.
Feeling much better already. The pain is negligible compared to the arthritic hip and I have started my physiotherapy exercises.


  1. glad to hear all went well and that you are home! hope the mend process goes well. thoughts and prayers...

  2. Yeah! Welcome back, and keep up the good work re getting better. xxx

  3. Welcome home I hope your rehab goes well and you are up and around in no time.

  4. So glad to hear that you're doing well. What a relief it must be to be rid of all that pain.

    "The taste"... my Dad would have said that! ;)

  5. Hooray! Glad to hear all went well, Eddie. Since I said a prayer for you, it is all my doing. You're welcome.

    (Before lightning bolts split my head, the thanks would, of course, go to God. He generally doesn't mind a joke, but why take chances?)

  6. hahaha! love the joke..glad you are feeling better and on the mend!


  7. haha not even an operation can wear down the funny man! you make me laugh all the time! hip hip hooray! 'glad you're fine and I never stopped praying for you even when my page was silent for a while! BIG WARM HUGS!!!


  8. So glad you are on the mend! Having been a nurse myself many years ago I can tell you that they probably loved you as a patient. Sending good thoughgts your way!

  9. Yay, Eddie. So glad to hear that your surgery went well and you're on the road to recovery!! My dad had a total knee replacement last May. He recovered well too.

    I hear that the hip replacement is normally well in the recovery stage.

    You be sure to do all that they tell you in the therapy, okay?! Sometimes, we can get lazy with that once we're feeling better - you know, the at home exercises :)

  10. Brilliant that you are home. Don't overdo it. Take your time with recovery.
    Still trying to fathom out that Japanese video clip!!!!!???????

    Nuts in May

  11. That's great!

    Now you can kick off Spring in full swing!

  12. So glad you're over the surgery; hope rehab is short! Take care.

  13. Great news and courage for your physio...not easy at times.

  14. Prayers are answered, Eddie.
    I'm so glad that you are home.
    Welcome back...and take care of yourself, please.
    I love Chicago's "I'm Sorry"...nothing like it. I will listen to it again and again.
    It is a wonderful song...great lyrics...and the rhythm...impossible to beat.
    Again, welcome home, Eddie. Give Maria a hug from Jackie.

  15. Hey Eddie, So very glad to hear you're home and all's well. Take care good of yourself!

  16. So glad you're home and well, Eddie.
    Thanks for a good laugh in the first video!

  17. Oh mon cher ami, I am so happy that you're home and doing so well! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    Love, Marguerite

  18. Keep up with the Physio, cher Eddie - It's so easy to stop once you start to feel better, but just two words - Scar Tissue - From one who knows, keep up with the exercises, Sire, and hope you feel better and much better very, very soon... xox

  19. Dear Eddie,I'm happy that you have won the battle with your sour and bad hip.Now you are with a new young head and a glistening cap.Congratulations!!.
    Take care of your new femur-head and a glistening acetabular-cap.

    Now only and only physiotherapy of this joint will strengthen your mobility and success.
    Take good care of yourself including your head and cap..dr.s.s.yadav.

  20. Hello my friend....I'm checking in again...hoping to find you mending quite nicely...and that you are continuing to follow the doctor's orders...(hopefully, the correct orders are now in hand)...
    Do take care, Eddie.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. P.S. That 'deleted' comment is (was) mine... I hit the 'publish your comment' button twice sense in repeating, repeating myself..... :))))))))


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