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Saturday 22 May 2010

The Sunday Roast

Does Ethel Mae Always Post Early - She Should - She Works In The Post Office!

Ethel Mae Potter - We Never Forgot Her!

Talking to Lucy again! I don't know! The telephone bill must be sky high! btw please tell Lucy, I love her. I used to love that TV series!

Now we all know Ethel May, don't we? Fancy her being on the telly!

This week's interview is with Ethel Mae Potter
who writes the blog,
The Adventures Of Fred And Ethel

Thank you for the interview, Ethel Mae

A very warm welcome to you and your followers

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

Two years ago, I didn't even know what a blog was. I was a regular on the Orlando forum of TripAdvisor, doling out advice to queries about Disneyworld. It's common practice on that forum to write a "trip report" after a visit to Orlando, and in my first trip report, I mentioned that my son, who had popped the question to his fiance at Disneyworld, would be married in a couple of weeks. Well, it seems folks liked my writing so much they begged for more...someone suggested that I write about the wedding. But I realized I couldn't write about a Nashville wedding on the Orlando forum, so I began a blog. After the wedding, I continued blogging simply because I enjoyed it; I enjoyed the creative outlet and the escape from reality a couple of times a week.

What's the story behind your blog name?

I wanted to remain completely anonymous, so I gave everyone in my blog fictional names. I have always felt a kinship to Ethel Mertz of I Love Lucy, whose (fictional) maiden name was Ethel Mae Potter, and my husband is the cheapest man on the planet, much like Ethel's husband, Fred. It also helped that our relationship mimicked theirs - on the surface, they seemed completely unsuited to each other, constantly bickering, but they actually loved each other deep down. As for the title, The Adventures of Fred and's rather tongue in cheek, as I feel we are the most UNadventurous and boring couple in history!

(Found myself chuckling here, Ethel! I doubt that you were boring though)

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Number 1: Friendship with people from all walks of life, all over the planet
Number 2: Writing experience
Number 3: The opportunity to read the works of some truly exceptional authors

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Oh, I feel completely unqualified to answer this question! I suppose my advice would be to write about what you know, write from the heart, and don't quit your day job...because if you're expecting to make a million from your blog, well, it just ain't gonna happen!

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

ONE?! Are you kidding?! Okay, I'm gonna go with...with...with...nope, it can't be done. Three, that's as close as I can get to one. Hosing Strays and A Safe Place, both by Janine at Sniffles and Smiles, and Dead Dandelions, by Sara at Mother2Mother.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

Again, this is so difficult! Monsters , and its follow-up, The Monsters That Lurk in the Shadows, are ones that I wrote in anger, which is a rare emotion for me, and my feelings show plainly in my written words. My post about Colby Curtin, a ten-year old cancer victim, was written in admiration and sympathy. But I think the most significant post I've written about myself is The Fat Lady Sings. And significant, as far as making me happy and making others laugh, would be anything about Willadean, especially Triangle of Love, Starring...Willadean?

(Looking forward to reading some of these)

If you were to suggest two blogs for roasting who would you pick, and why?

Whoo, Eddie, it's gettin' warm up here on this roastin' spit! No, don't!!! Don't throw another log on the fire!!!!
(And you look so innocent in your smiling photo! No one would ever suspect you are actually a fiendish devil.)

(How perceptive of you, Ethel! . . . pray continue)

Well, I do hate to put them through this agony, but I think definitely Janine, at Sniffles and Smiles. And, many blogs, so hard to choose...I'm going with...Alane, at Land of Shimp. Why? Because they are both superb authors, who weave beautiful tales. I do hope you will use a higher spit and fewer logs for their roasts, should you interview them.

(I am working on them and thank you for your suggestions)

That concludes the formal aspect of the interview but it would be nice to get to know you a little better while you are slowly turning on the roasting spit. So while you are screaming in agony above the open fire here are a few more questions for you.

Pick three things you can't live without (no you cannot have ice cubes to cool you down)

Oh, the essentials, definitely: air, water, and chocolate.
No, seriously, it would be my family, Christmas, and tv.

If we were to make a movie about blogland, what would it be and who would you cast in the leading roles? about The Blog Graduate? It would be the tale of a young man who doesn't know what he wants to do with his life and is seduced by the computer...and blogging. Soon, he is spending his days floating in the pool, thinking of subjects for his next post, and his nights typing away furtively on his computer, all the while keeping his second life a secret from his family and friends. Eventually, his secret is exposed and his life almost destroyed. He then follows a beautiful girl to her college, where he stalks her, sitting in on classes, and discovers his true love IS actually writing, and he pens and publishes his first novel. The stars? Who else but Eddie Bluelights as Ben; Hilary, from The Smitten Image as Elaine; and as Mrs. Robinson? An Apple Macbook Pro!

('Hilaryous' - oh! I've got her name embedded on my mind - I mean hilarious, Ethel! But why am I lucky in love only in fiction? Oh I can't say any more, Mrs Bluelights is about! But have you got Hilary's telephone number? . . . and don't tell Mrs Robinson! LOL)

If you could live your life again who would you be, and why?

I actually wouldn't want to be anyone other than myself. Sure, there are people who seem to live the good life, but everyone has problems, and at least, I'm used to my own. I might make a few better choices the second time around, though!

(Most people want to be themselves which is refreshing to hear.)

You have been given a wonderful talent from above. This causes you to make your mark on humanity and be world famous. In which area would prefer: a best selling novelist, a brilliant artist, a gifted musician, a fantastic singer, a charismatic leader, anything you choose, and why?

Well, right now, I'd want to be a wizard who could extinguish fires with a magic word. I mean, come on, it's HOT up here!
Honestly, all I want to do is help people and make them happy. But how would that make me world famous? I suppose the closest I can come to that would be to become a cancer researcher and find a cure for all cancers.

(Seconded for sure, but please hurry up, Ethel, there are many people afflicted. It would be wonderful to have a cancer cure would it not?)

If you were an ice cream cone, which flavour would you prefer and who would you most want to lick you?

Eddie, this is really a very...unique question. (Were you on drugs when you came up with this one?)

(No! Just ice cream!. . . sorry to interrupt)

Okay, I would want to be the fudgiest chocolate imaginable, and as for who to lick me? No thanks, I'll be just go the route of the Wicked Witch of the West and melt.

(Oh fudge!)

Describe in one sentence your perfect day.

It's Christmas Eve, snowing, I've just retired, and my entire family is gathered at my house, children running up and down the stairs, everyone enjoying the snow, the warmth from the fireplace, and the smells of turkey roasting and fragrant pine branches.

(Sounds like Utopia)

If you were a fictional writer which one would you be and why?

This one took a lot of thought. I'd like to say Margaret Mitchell, as Gone With the Wind is my very favorite novel, but if I were Margaret Mitchell, I'd be dead and gone, so...yeah, that's out. Harper Lee would be nice, since I could definitely go with the reclusive lifestyle, but she's 84 years old...even though I sometimes FEEL 84, I have no desire to skip over the next thirty years instantly. Nicholas Sparks, but I don't want to be a man.

(Oh I don't know - it's not so bad being a man but you surprise me! Most women I have met say they will come back as a man next time - it's much easier. . . . but please continue)

JK Rowling would be nice, but just imagine how much research she has to do! On the other hand, she's already done all that research and is finished with the Harry Potter series. But the pressure to surpass that series would drive me insane. I'm not sure it can be done. Maybe Stephenie Meyer - she's young and rich, and sorry if I'm offending anyone; it's just my opinion, but I believe there's yet room for improvement in her work.

And finally if you have answered all these questions I invite you to ask me one in return - it's the least I can do. OK fire away!

FIRE away? Is that a pun, Eddie? Because I'm definitely ready for this fire to be put away.
I think someone asked you a variation on this question before, but this is slightly different: If you could go back in time and witness any event, but not interfere in any way, what would you witness and why?

(Ethel, please extinguish those awful puns you are drenching us with LOL. But to answer your question)

I remember Knucklehead asked me a similar question and I dragged him back to 1905. It is a shame you will not permit me to alter events after all the hard work of travelling backwards in time. I might have arranged for the Trojans to defeat the Greeks and Hector valiant against Achilles, but I'd be a bit of a 'heel' if I did that!. But since you have forbidden me to alter history I would go right back as far as possible to the beginning of everything. Why! To answer the question once and for all. "Was the Universe started with a big bang, in which case where did a nucleus come from? Or was the Universe created?" I'll lay odds on it was created and in just 6 days too! But that's just my humble opinion.

This was fun Eddie! Thanks!

You're welcome Ethel Mae and gosh I see from your screenshot you've just won POTW. Many congratulations.


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Next week's roast is TechnoBabe. Don't forget to tune in.


  1. wonderful roast eddie! and kept me smiling and love your outlook on life...

  2. I was chuckling about some of your answers, Ethel & Eddie!
    Thank you for a wonderful Roast. I am still licking my lips!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Ethel!! You did great girl!! Loved this roast Eddie! Wonderful and I have been a follower of Ethel's for some time. Love her blog!!

  4. Ethel is one of the most loving, thoughtful, witty ladies that I have ever been privileged to meet! And she is an incredible writer!

    But she has one flaw...she likes me. LOL...And I love her for it...This is such a fantastic roast, Ethel...and I don't say that because you are sooo very kind to me...(which you are, and I am absolutely flabbergasted... humbled and grateful! Thank you!) No, this roast was perfection...because as always, you balance humor with depth, information with wit and maintain your beautifully strong written voice! AND I'm delighted to see what you look like...You are beautiful! My mother was a strawberry blond...I love your hair color! And you have the warmest smile! I could just hug you.

    Eddie, my dear crack me up...and you KNOW how I LOVE to laugh...surest way to win my friendship and heart...and you do it over and over again every week!! You are incredible. No wonder we all love you. Such a fun host...and a caring and genuine soul. And you are wickedly witty.

    Okay, enuf. I obviously could go on and on about two of my favorite people. But I will not bore your readership with my verbal dribble...I do enough of that on my own blog, and don't need to do it here. Congratulations to you both on a great roast! You are the best!

    Love, Janine

  5. What a wonderful roast, Eddie! (Sorry, Ethel, for the heat, but I am sure grateful to have met you that way!)

  6. Oh, I love her. She is a wonderful lady to roast...and roast well, she did! Her sense of humor is wonderful....
    A great roast, Eddie!!!

  7. What a fabulous roast, cher! Just love Ethyl and her great sense of humor! I especially LOVED her answer to the ice cream cone dilemma. lol Brilliant answer! Merci beaucoup to both of you! Cheers!

  8. What a treat! Ethel Mae has such a great sense of humor! Well done on the Roast you two.
    I totally agree with her "best things about blogging" answer as well as her ice cream flavor!

    Thanks for a great read!

  9. Hi Ethelmae! Great to read your "roast" over here at Eddie's!

    I love your Christmas perfect day too!

  10. Nicely done. I also loved the perfect day description.

  11. The one thing I love most about the Roast is being introduced to a new blogger. At the same time, sometimes I feel like I have missed out.

    It is a joy to get to know you Ethel, I'll check out who Fred is :)

    And thank you Eddie.

  12. Eddie, Thank you so much for honoring me with this interview. It truly was quite fun and a bit challenging, too.

    I would do something along the same lines if I were to go back in time with the stipulation of witnessing only. Either the beginning of it ALL or Jesus' birth or resurrection. Or a miracle - maybe the parting of the Red Sea or the conception of Jesus or Aaron's rod turning into a serpent. Or maybe watch Helen Keller learn her first words or Galileo discover the moons of Jupiter. Or Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa. Something deep.

    Or maybe I'd just go back and watch Cary Grant sunning on the beach.

    Thanks again, and come visit when you can!

  13. hi Eddie-- i just found your page-- over at Ethel Maes place. great roast/ interview. i'll be back to see more.

    isn't she just a great lady? i don't think anyone who has read even one post on her blog would disagree.

    hope you have a great day!

    happy to meet you-

  14. Oh Eddie, EthelMay was an excellent choice this week. Loved reading your questions and her answers.....great roast my friend.
    .......:-) Hugs


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