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Thursday 1 July 2010

Sorry Folks - My Infected Leg Means No Roast This Weekend

I must apologise that this week I am not able to post a Sunday Roast.

I have a badly infected leg, the non operated leg on which I had my hip replacement. That seems OK, I am pleased to say. Consequently I am not fit enough to get a roast ready. I think something bit me in the garden and liked the taste of Eddie's blood. However, I did not detect the flapping of vampire's wings.

Seriously I have been prescribed a powerful antibiotic, flucloxacillin, which I hope does the trick.
I went to bed early last night and slept for 12 hours and I woke up feeling very groggy with a fever like headache and with a hot leg. Funny, until recently my legs were exceptionally strong. But now I feel completely drained and my head tells me I have been overdoing things with the kitchen/house renovations for the last 4-5 weeks when I am not yet fully recovered from my operation. Still, "She who must be obeyed" and all that! LOL

My son is on holiday in Cornwall and I did his paper round this morning. Normally I would think nothing of it, but golly did I struggle with it. Jackie was talking on her blog about mail boxes and I mentioned that here in England we have a letterbox in the front door of our houses. Boy, do these kids deserve danger money!! Some people are considerate and post a notice on the front door, "Beware of the dog!" However, some don't! Dogs fall into two categories, firstly those who bark like hell, this giving timely warning that they want to bite off your fingers. However, there are crafty dogs who seem to want a silent meal - I posted the paper through a few doors and was greeted by a monster canine specimen intent on eating the paper and my hand. After the paper round I went to bed and slept for 4 hours and I shall have another early night tonight.

The last time I saw a "Beware of The Dog" notice beneath it was another warning, "Survivors will be prosecuted!" So the poor postman would have a choice of being eaten alive by a ravenous canine or being 'banged up' in the local cop shop.

Returning to the subject of The Sunday Roast I was delighted with the reception and the number of comments on Ocean Girl's roast. It makes the whole thing worth while when it elicits a response like that. However I have noticed in general interest is waning and I am wondering whether you would like me to continue with it, or have any suggestions to stimulate interest. Also whilst writing I am extremely low on roasts in the pipeline and many are taking an age to complete them. Some do not reply at all to my invitations and of course some decline. That's OK, at least I know where I stand with those.

To finish I noticed in the newspaper that Brussels has decreed that here in England we can no longer sell or buy eggs by the dozen. We must sell and buy them by the kilo. This is 'nuts' and I am fed up with Brussels telling us what to do, like what shape our bananas should be, and what size our potatoes should be. (Eddie shows his teeth on this, can you see?). Personally I think we should come out of Europe altogether and become the 51st State of America. You would then get your history back and have an honorary Queen. Our cultures are much closer that in Europe who we have been fighting for centuries. Also just look at how weak the Euro is! Poor old Germany is being dragged down and down by all these weak countries joining the EEC and here in Britain we pay handsomely for the privilege. Keep this up and Europe will never climb out of recession. These Brussels bureaucrats should be concentrating on dealing with international crime and particularly all the fraudsters who personally I think should be hung, drawn and quartered.

This was a bit longer than I intended but nothing compared to the work involved in getting a roast together. I will have one ready for next week.


  1. Well, Eddie, I am so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. I can relate to being laid up with an infection in your leg. I just spent five days in the hospital for cellulitis of my right lower leg and was on massive IV antibiotics ( three different ones ) - and have continued on two oral antibiotics for ten days since I've been home.

    You take care of yourself, first and foremost. Your fan club will be waiting!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this Eddie - first and foremost because of the discomfort you must be in. I hope it gets better soon.

    I love the Roasts and I can well imagine it must be a thankless task. I felt incredibly honoured to have mine on your blog but I don't think you should be obligated to anyone. If the responses have dried up then take a break and write about yourself instead. Ultimately, after all, that's why we come here.

  3. MLS - Sound advice. Maybe I could do a roast every two weeks and post instead on my many funny experiences in life. Thanks

    Gosh! my aliment seems very insignificant to your experience with Cellutis (that is a dreadful complaint - had it not seriouslt a few times myself).
    Hope you are well and truly on the mend.

  5. Thanks, Eddie, I can finally get a shoe on my right food - I guess the Lasix has helped. Why is it that infirmities seem to really snocker us, the older we get? And my 45 years of being a nurse have made me the grumpiest of patients!

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your leg infection Eddie. I too will pray for you! And I can only imagine how time consuming putting a roast together can be. But I enjoy them immensely and would hate to see them go by the wayside. It is summer and people tend to take extended holidays. So that could cause some delays in responses or no responses at all. Those lazy, hazy days of summer you know. And some our in winter and therefore hibernating. Ha!! Keep positive my friend and rest!!

  7. Well gosh darn it Eddie I wish you had not done the paper route this morning with your leg like that. Please let us know how you are doing. Regarding the roast, the only thing I would suggest is maybe have a few different questions and change off with them. Maybe everyone is so used to the same question although for me personally I think they are good for a short post to get as much info from the "roastee" as possible. I think you put a lot of work into the whole business of the Sunday Roast and you don't get to just enjoy your blog and visit other blogs like the rest of us. Maybe change the name to Blogger Roast and don't do it every week. I know there is a solution that will be good for you and your needs.

  8. Oh, my poor cher ami, Eddie! I'm so sorry about your leg! And I agree that it was not the day to do the paper route. You should stay off of it completely, until all of the swelling goes down and it is totally healed! And please don't worry about the roast. Just rest and take very good care of yourself. Hugs and prayers, Marguerite

  9. Ack, Eddie. I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly. You shouldn't be worrying about paper routes and Sunday roasts right now. Just focus on getting better. Your health comes first. I hope you're feeling better before too long. Hugs to you.

  10. Oh Eddie, So sorry to hear your leg is infected. I hope the medication works FAST and you are up and about again soon.

    Ocean Girl did a fabulous Roast and I'm glad it drew so much attention. I'd love to keep seeing it but I know how hard it's been getting people to participate. I'll think on it and email you if I have a brainstorm.

    Feel good!

  11. I can't believe that people get away with having dogs that threaten delivery people!

    I hope you find yourself all healed up soon. That will probably involve not taking paper routes!

    As for me, I recently discovered the roasts and throughly enjoy them.

  12. Oh Edoardo, I'm so sorry to hear you are not well!
    I hope some rest and the powerful drugs will make you all better soon.

    Amazing to think the cliché of the delivery person faced with growling critter still thrives.

    Praying for you,
    Lola xx
    Aglio, Olio e

  13. Get well soon Eddie.

    I hope you get the money from your son for the paper round as well.

  14. Really sorry to hear about this set back. I think that you are obviously overdoing things and should take your health much more seriously.

    I am also sick of Brussels telling us what to do. The new egg thing is ridiculous.

    As for the deliveries of papers..... some letterboxes are lethal. They take great chunks out of your fingers. Sometimes worse than the dogs.

    Get better soon
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Eddie - PLEASE do continue with the roasts. Even if I don't always comment, I do always read. It is one of my 'must see' blogs each week.

    I hope your leg feels better very soon. Take care now and don't over-exert!

    (By the way, I know I've promised you that I would tackle your meme soon - I've promised it more than a few times - and I will, I promise! But, it may be yet ANOTHER week or so. I'm just easing up a bit on my writing, perhaps up to doing one or two posts a week while enjoying my summery activities. I'm sure you understand, being the kind and generous soul you are!)

  16. Please do get better, Eddie!

  17. Oh, know we are all now worried sick about you!!! Please DOOOOO take care of yourself, first and foremost!!! And yes, we do want you to continue roasting our Sunday dinners!! You are an extraordinary gourmet!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily, but especially right now!!! Sending big healing hugs, Janine

  18. Just a short note to all - I am feeling a lot better but the leg looks awful - still the antibiotics will take time to deal with that - the leg is less angry and the fever has diminished. Managed to paint the last two doors today so I can ease up over the weekend - I hope. Thanks for your concern and for your encouragement.
    Do not worry - Eddie does not stay down for long!! LOL

  19. Eddie I thought of you this weekend, and I am sorry to hear about your infection. Take care Eddie.

    I have always enjoyed the Roast but only lately that I got to see how hilarious you are and I would love to see more of you at your blog Eddie.

  20. I'm glad that you are feeling a lot better, sorry to hear you have been poorly though.

    I'm sure there are lots of people who read the roasts and enjoy them but don't always comment. I agree with some other blogger comments above though that you need to do what's right for you. Whether that is cutting back on the roasts or taking a break for a bit to write more about your own experiences.

  21. Hoping you are feeling better, Eddie. BTW....I would welcome you as our 51st state. :-)

  22. Eddie, I hope you're on the mend now, but please do take it easy and don't get a relapse.
    On the Roast, I love it, and always read it, though I sometimes don't comment.
    On the EU, I'm committed to EU as I think it has helped deliver many decades of peace, but we (you in UK and us in IRL) should probably do what the French do and ignore whatever rules don't suit them. We're too enslaved to their rules- here many lovely little cafés and bed and breakfasts closed due to "hygiene", but not so in France.


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