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Monday 27 September 2010

"Versatile Blogger" Award Ceremony

What a lovely surprise I had recently.
I was quietly looking through the comments on my latest post when I was promptly 'whisked away' by the lovely green eyed, chef extra-ordinaire, prolific cookbook writer, dancing supremo and great bloggy pal, Marguerite at Cajun Delights.  She said she had 'a little something for me to collect' and quite naturally I thought she meant a shrimp or two, or one of her gorgeous culinary creations. 

In fact Marguerite's invitation was to her own special Academy Award Ceremony.  I was thrilled to see a large Supa Trouper spotlight shining brightly on me, along with 9 other bloggers, each hand picked for the ocassion by Marguerite.  I made an appropriate acceptance speech and held aloft my prize, one tenth of this highly prestigious Versatile Blogger Award.
  Miraculously at once it reconstituted itself into a complete award without any injection of stem cells. Thank you very much Marguerite, cher - I am highly honoured and I can now tell Mrs Bluelights that folk regard me as versatile LOL, just in case she had not noticed.  So with due ceremony I duly nail the trophy on my side bar with great pride.

Firstly, I congratulate Marguerite on receiving this award from Drick at Drick's Rambling Cafe.

If anyone has not visited Marguerite at her superb blog, Cajun Delights, you don't know what you've been missing.  She provides an endless supply of wonderful mouth watering recipes and she also features great Cajun music which gets yer feet tapping, but I warn you that all the dancing and eating requires a lot of stamina and that gal can sure move like lightning.  Now you see her, now you don't!  Whooosh! - she's off dancing again to her rallying cry, "Let the good times roll, cher! It's party time!"

"What Again!!", we all say, "you've just had one! Where do you get your energy from?"

This award is conditional on me supplying BlogLand with 8 pieces of riveting information about me which the world has been waiting for with baited breath for such a long time, LOL. I wonder if it can it stand all this information all in one go? LOL

1.   I was born with two appendixes and now have none.  I have no idea why the second appendix existed but it, and not my official appendix, was causing me grief. The day after a game of rugby (the English version and not the sissy version played in the States LOL) I awoke with severe abdominal pains after scoring 3 tries and kicking 2 conversions (goals).  I was diagnosed with a severe appendicitis which turned to peritinitis - little Bluelights was almost lost but they operated just in time!!  They removed the infected one and they decided to take the other as well for good measure - a sort of BOGOFF promotion.  By the way I have only one heart and nature has deemed it not necessary to duplicate any other parts of my anatomy - thank God!

2.  Had my dad not supplied the required Y chromosome at my birth I would have been a girl in which case I would have been christened Daphne. Geepers  - thanks Dad for the Y chromosome LOL.

3.  I have recently resumed donating blood again after my total hip relacement. So far I have donated 91 units of blood. I started this when I was 18. I expect I might reach 100 one day. I often wonder who I have helped but will never know, this side of the grave anyway. 90 pints is enough for 11 people. Just imagine there might be clones of Eddie walking around all over the place, so watch out!!  Anyway I am very pleased to be able to donate again.

4.  When an active ambulance man aged 60+ I beat a 26 year old ex paratrooper soldier, also an ambulance man, at arm wrestling. They don't make 'em like they used to! LOL

5.  At 65 I discovered I'd like to be a brain surgeon. Do you think I will succeed? I might cut this one if I can think of something else! No I'll leave it in! LOL

6.  I used to get tonsillitis as a kid so I had them removed, along with my adenoids, whatever they are! Anyone know what they are used for?  Anyway I had a temporary 'cure' for tonsillitis and that was eating tomatoes with vinegar and salt with some piccalilli. Yummy! One for your cook book, Marguerite LOL

7.  Can you believe it? I've NEVER flown! I've lived such a sheltered life you see.

8.  On the same day in BlogLand I was called a "Cool Dude" and by someone else a "Cute Hoot".  This was very touching, almost as cool as being called Canaille, which means fun loving and is a great compliment. Thank you, if you are reading LOL.

Well I could play this game all night but I will stop at that, otherwise someone might steal my identity! But hang on a mo, there are a couple of things I'll add.

9.  Whilst journeying on a bus, a rare occasion for me, I once stood up for a young lady and invited her to sit in my pace, as is customary for a well mannered gent of my ilk.  She retorted, "I'm just as capable at standing as you are!" and looked at me as though I needed a shrink LOL. Perhaps she thought I was old and decrepit! LOL. Perhaps she might be right and I do need a shrink!  Is there one out there who would like to introduce themself? Go on diagnose me!! LOL

10.  I am ambidextrous, except for writing. I can paint equally well with both hands but alas not at the same time which is a shame because the decorating would be done much quicker.

It remains for me to name 10 people who qualify for this award and I take great pleasure in doing so - these are all fabulous and versatile bloggy pals and they all have a good following. Here they are in no particular order:

Retired and Crazy.  Ann has a fantastic sense of humour and I recently roasted her on my Sunday Roast interview.  She certainly qualifies for versatility because her blog posts range from articles about nude men at a car wash to high powered political observations about why Britain is in such a financial mess.  Now that's a measure of 'megga' versatility.

Menopausal Old Bag.  Another of my favs and a Scottish lady who writes some great and funny stuff - I have often been in hysterics reading her posts.  MOB is currently writing her Sunday Roast which will be a real treat for us but I notice she has not posted for a while.

Joanna Jenkins at The Fifty Factor.  Joanna blogs about anything and everything on her high class blog and she is a very popular gal.

TechnoBabe at TechnoBabe's Adventures is certainly a very versatile blogger and highly popular.

Jane at Gaston Studios is a great fav of mine as well.  She has led a very interesting life and her family tree is something to behold.  Oh and she knew Omar Sharif in her youth - how about that!

Mimi at MimiDublin is a lovely Irish lass who plays the French Horn which she hid behind recently for the Sunday Roast whilst the roving cameraman was trying very hard to take her picture. Oh boy - all hell was let loose when she started playing it - then she lost it!  Can you imagine losing a French Horn. See her roast! HERE LOL.

Jules at The Gravel Farm is another mad Brit ambulance man and writes a highly entertaining and funny blog.

Jazz at Haphazard Life, recently moved from Blogger to Wordpress and she is soon to be roasted.  She'll sing "All That Jazz" to you if you ask her nicely.

Ethel Mae at The Adventures Of Fred And Ethel - Did you know her feet talk to my feet and vice versa! Next installment on it's way, Ethel LOL

Alix at Casa Hice - all sorts there, including taming and 'parenting' wild ducks.

I therefore pass on the resposibility to the above mentioned 10 bloggers to keep these awards going for ever throughout BlogLand - rather like the Olympic Torch which is never extinguished.

So there we have it - thanks again Marguerite for your generous award.

In conclusion I have been persuaded to post The Sunday Roast on Sunday,  not on Saturday.  That seems a great and logical idea Mr London Street and Mimi and others. I wonder why I did not think of that, and it gives me another day in the kitchen to marinate my victims.


  1. Sunday Roast on a Sunday? Crazy talk! Well, if we can get used to Marathons being called Snickers, we'l adapt to this too

    And many thanks for the mention Eddie. Very kind of you.

    Jules (The)

  2. Congratulations on your very fine award, Eddie! It makes it all the sweeter that 1) it was bestowed upon you by the wonderful fabulous Marguerite whom I also adore and whose recipes I have recreated with great success - AND that 2) you paid the honor forward and bestowed the award upon me! Thank you so much my friend. This is such a lovely surprise, especially since I have been mostly AWOL in Blogville this summer. Thanks so much for remembering me and the Casa. Much love to you!

  3. Congrats on the award, and you've picked some very worthy writers to receive it as well.

  4. Eddie, thanks for the Award!
    Moreso, thanks for referring to me as "young lady"- WOW, it's a good while since someone called me that!

    You're such a bold boy saying that I lost the French I would (you wish! so do my neighbours!!)
    but you're a good boy for donating blood. I can't, cos I had jaundice when I was 8- didn't get that in your Roast, ha!!

    Thanks again, see ya soon!

    Oh, and don't tell Mrs Bluelights that you're versatile, she'll get more jobs for you and we'll see less of you!

  5. note to self...never arm wrestle eddie...smiles.

  6. NINETY UNITS of blood! I take my hat off to you Eddie. That is a VERY big deal and one that I'm guessing few people can match. What a great gift you are giving people. High Five to YOU!

    I'm a fan of Marguerite's and usually drool as I read her posts. She's a smart girl for passing this Award on to you-- It's so deserved. Congratulations my friend.

    And a million thanks for including me in your list of bloggers to pass this on to. I am very flattered, especially with the other terrific blogs you included. A million thanks!

    Keep up the good work at the blood bank and the Roasting! All the best to you and the Mrs.

    xo jj

  7. Oh my stars! I am completely flabbergasted and honored to be included in such an elite list - thank you so much, Eddie!

    But I'm afraid I have been most remiss. I have never even answered the questions you posed when you bestowed upon me the Life is Good Award, way back in June. Seems that Life is not only Good, but BUSY, and I simply have not had the time. However, I promise to post both awards and provide some "riveting information" about myself very soon.

    Speaking of riveting do not disappoint. Two appendixes? A medical oddity, indeed. Ambidextrous, and you've never flown? And your blood donation is quite impressive - I received a transfusion of two pints about two years ago - I'd like to think I have a little Bluelights in me now!

    (And Daphne Bluelights would never do - many thanks to your Dad!)

    Oooh, oooh, oooh! Pick me, I know the answer to number 6! Pick me!

    Ahem. Adenoids are similar to tonsils, in that they offer protection by trapping germs and viruses in children. They are located behind the nose and mouth, and if the adenoids get infected, the tonsils will most likely follow. As a child ages, and develops a stronger immune system, the adenoids become less important and shrink, sometimes disappearing altogether. For this reason, doctors often remove them along with tonsils.

    You'd think a fledgling brain surgeon would know this stuff.

    Okay, enough of this medical nonsense. I thank you once again, and conclude with a message from my feet to yours.

    Dear Eddie's Feet,
    We hope you are doing well. We are still quite miserable and the $400 shoe inserts that Ethel's podiatrist ordered have only served to INCREASE our pain. Thank goodness, Ethel has decided that they are worthless and is no longer wearing them. Today, she took us to...get this...The Good Feet Store...and spent $700 on inserts and special shoes for us! We are pleased with her generosity and pray that her investment will provide us with some relief. If not, we are afriad we are destined for surgery around the holidays.
    We shall look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Ethel's Feet

  8. Thank you so much Eddie. It is a great compliment. I thought that I was going to have a boring day today, but now I'm going to be fully occupied. Thanks again.

  9. Yo Eddie, you rock. Hubby says hello to you too. Thank you for thinking of my little hippie blog as versatile, love the award. Hugs to you.
    It was very interesting to read more about you, especially the blood stuff. I have never been able to give blood, the Red Cross sent me home and told me not to come back. They couldn't get a fourth of a pint out of my arm and no lab tech has been able to get lab samples out of my arms. So I another thing to admire you for: your veins!!!

  10. Congrats on this award Eddie, your blog is nothing if not versatile!
    And thanks so much for including me in such wonderful company!

    Personally, I'm glad you're an Eddie and not a Daphne.

  11. Congrats on your award Eddie, and thanks for passing it onto me...

    - Jazz

  12. Well, at the risk of my three comments popping up all at once, (that I've been trying to post since yesterday) here goes number four! lol Merci beaucoup for the very flattering and kind words, cher! You are very welcome and very deserving of the award! Also, congrats to all of your recipients! Loved your 10 things and must admit, I've never heard of anyone having two appendixes! Do you suppose that you had one for each personality? lol And 91 units of blood! You must have some kind of super veins, but I'm sure that all of the Eddie clones all appreciated it! lol And just, in case you're interested, I know a good shrink who would be happy to analyze you! lol Cool Dude, Cute Hoot, and Canaille, you are all of these and more, and one of the best blogging buddies and friends that anyone could ever have! Cheers, mon ami!

  13. These answers made me chuckle!
    It is a pity that the girl in the bus was so rude to you. People are very quick to take the front seats in a bus these days and let an elderly or disabled person stand. Even the notices telling people to give up their seats to elderly persons have been removed now.
    Perhaps elderly people don't like to be reminded that they are elderly.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Sunday roast on a Sunday eh? I guess it could work!

    Congratulations on your award and welcome to the club. It's rather a nice club to be part of!

    Really liked your information. Daphne eh?! I would have been Alistair.

  15. Dear Daphne .... I mean Eddie, as usual, I cannot help but smile and laugh as I read through your posts. Well done and congratulations!

  16. Oh, congratulations, dear Eddie, and so well deserved!!!! Marguerite is wonderful... And this a great group of awardees!!! matter always leave me laughing!!!! You have the BEST sense of humor!!! Love it!!! But two appendices? Amazing!!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!! AND GET ON WITH THAT ROAST!!!! ;-)) Hugs, Janine

  17. Dearest Eddie... Thank you so much for this award and your very kind comments. You are right, I haven't blogged in months but I guess it is time to get around to doing one again! Well done to you for geting this award yourself - very well deserved.

    I'll be in touch soon. All the best. Mob. X


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