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Saturday 16 October 2010

Blogger Overcooked the Sunday Roast

Hi Folks

Blogger has been up to it's old tricks again.

The roast is ruined and the oven overcooked it and spilt over onto my sidebar.
There are ingredients mixed up all over the place and steam everywhere - mostly coming out of my ears and nostrils!!  Blogger has a mind of its own sometimes as we all know.

Do not believe anything blogger says on my sidebar about a phantom roast - it does not exist yet.

Excuse me whilst I marinate blogger!!  That's better!!

Please bear with me and Betsy's Roast will appear as soon as possible.

Waiter! Where's the roast? I ordered it a week ago!


Bon Appetite. LOL


  1. Oh Dear! Hope you manage to retrieve all the bits.What a mess!
    I managed to delete all my blog list links yesterday but fortunately my son was at hand to retrieve it all. Phew!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Totally a bummer!! Good luck!!
    I will wait for dessert!

  3. Gosh, Eddie, has David's return caused an explosion in blogland?
    Don't worry, we'll wait patiently while you baste the victim!

  4. How unreal and totally nerve wracking! LOL Hope you get it all back! I shudder at the thought of you having to start over! Love your idea for marinating Blogger! LOL Good luck, cher!

  5. I recommend Blogger be hung, drawn and quartered - then boiled in oil, never mind about roastng him!

  6. Hope all works out well for you Ed.
    Ahhhhhh you will figure something out, I'm sure.....:-) Hugs

  7. So glad you got Blogger roasting down again. What af rightful site that was you madly dashing around as such, spoiling every dish. LOL.


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