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Sunday 21 November 2010

The Sunday Roast

Magpies, Magpies Everywhere But A Quintessential One Was Not In Sight! . . . . . until now!
Ah! . . . . shh! . . . she's just landed!  I know both David and I have been trying to entice this very popular lady onto the show for quite some time.  Now at last Mrs Magpie has landed on my roast post . . . that elusive Magpie was very diffficult to catch for my roasting spit. Just as I got very close, brandishing my bird net . . . . she chattered, "Can't catch me! Can't catch me! . . . . and whoosh! - she was off again!

This little fledging Magpie in the making told me, "I am, of course, reading here which has always been a big part of my life.  Thanks to my parents, particularly my father, my love affair with books began at a very young age. :-) 

. . . and here is her familiar calling card . . . . yes I think now we all know who she is:

This week's interview is with Mrs Magpie
o writes the blog, The Quintessential Magpie
Thank you for the interview - we have been looking forward to this.

Thank you, for having me, Eddie.  I'm very honored! :-)
A very warm welcome to you and your followers

Here are the standard questions. Why do you blog?

I blog because I enjoy having a creative outlet to express myself, and it's not fattening, illegal, or deadly. But the main reason I blog is because it allows me to point to other bloggers who have more china than I do when my friends and family accuse me of being a one-woman relief act for Wedgwood and Mottahedeh! ;-)

(Very nicely put!)

What's the story behind your blog name?

The story behind my blog name involves my husband.  You see, when I shop for things I love, my eyes light up like Christmas trees.  My husband, who thankfully has a marvelous sense of humor (particularly when I'm raiding his wallet), once quipped, "So little time, so many shiny objects for a magpie!" At the time, I was hyperventilating over the booty to be had in one particular antique shop with only a few paltry minutes before the shop closed. And from that moment on, he started calling me "Mrs. Magpie."  Then before I had my own blog, I'd been reading design blogs and wanting to comment.  So I thought about a screen name. We played around with the name Magpie, and me being the quintessential lover of all things "shiny" (be they animal, vegetable, or mineral),  we thought The Quintessential Magpie would work well.

(And it works very well, Mrs Magpie . . . . . . Listen everyone, put all your shiny things away or she'll swoop from the sky and nick 'em)

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Oh, by far the best thing about being a blogger is all of the interesting people I've met and friends I've made.   The Blog world is a microcosm of the world at large, and in a single day, you can entertain people from all over the world in your living room or be entertained in theirs'.

(Those who don't blog don't know what they are missing . . . . are you listening, Mrs Bluelights? LOL)

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

It depends on why you're blogging, but if you are blogging for enjoyment and to meet people you enjoy, an excellent way to do that is to participate in the memes.  I participate off and on in several memes and have made some wonderful friends that way. Some friends have actually come to visit us in Florida from other countries (Claudie and Julie) and from other states (Jeanne and Teresa).  While other blogging friends have come to visit from other towns in Florida (Becky, Deborah and David), and a few have actually moved to this area of Florida (Rhonda, Lisa and BG).  I know one Kim and have met another, and Smiling Sally and I met half way for lunch!  It's delightful knowing them both off and on the blog circuit. To that end, I would tell newbie bloggers that they need to visit other people's blogs, take the time to get to know them, and respond on their posts.   The best way to make a friend is to be one and to treat others as you want to be treated.  Blogging is a reciprocal process, and it's that give and take, as in all of life, that is key to it being a rewarding experience. So go out of your way and visit others, particularly the people who are kind enough to visit you, and you should always leave a shiny comment.  You never know whose day you just may brighten or vice versa.

(Excellent advice and I wish I could devote more time to this myself)

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

There are SO many, and I have a hard time limiting this.  However, one comes to mind immediately. The post is by my beautiful young friend Carrie of The Vintage Wren who wrote a very personal post about her battle with clinical depression called The Sad Truth . She did this in an effort to help other people who are battling depression to know that there is help available.  This post was significant to me because one of my favorite friends took her own life when she was struggling to get a handle on clinical depression. I felt Carrie's post was important enough to post a link on my sidebar.

(A very real problem is clinical depression - my blogging friends will know that my Great Grandfather took his own life because of depression, alas)

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

Oh, that's a good question. I'm not sure I've written it yet.  My blog is basically very light-hearted because I feel that people need a place where they can escape and celebrate their inner child. I also think some of the comments I've received outstrip anything I've ever written.  But if I must pick one post, I once wrote about a photograph I took of a star and it reminded me of two scripture verses about the star of my own life, the Lord.  One thing lead to another, and I mentioned that the photograph also reminded me of a song my sister and I sang to our mother as she lay dying and included links to the song as found on You-Tube. This inspired me to write the post, Sunday Solace: The Light Of The World which was posted on a Sunday (usually a slow blog day), and I was surprised at all of the comments I received on that post.  David McMahon of Authorblog also gave it an Honorable Mention as a Post of The Day.  Later on, a friend of mine told me how much the post meant to her during her daughter's brush with death and how she had sung to her daughter as well.  You just never know whose heart you've touched and how you've touched it through blogging.

(A must read if ever I saw one - I remember it and commenting! . . . . but I intend reading it again)

If you were to suggest two people for roasting who would they be and why?

Oh, I am unable to pick between my friends.  I simply cannot.  I think everyone in the world has a story to tell, and everyone's story is worth hearing (or in this case, reading). So, please feel free to ask anyone that you find on my blog list.

(Yes this is a difficult question - I'll have a look at your blog list - thanks)

That concludes the formal aspect of the interview but it would be nice to get to know you a little better while you are slowly turning on the roasting spit.  So while you are screaming in agony above the open fire here are a few more questions for you.

Pick three things you can't live without.

Only three?  Okay. First, I cannot live without the Lord and wouldn't even want to try.  I can't imagine my days without His companionship and the assurance of His grace. Second, I cannot live without family and friends, and if my family were gone, I would want to make sure I had loads of friends and vice versa.  Third, I cannot live without living near water, preferably in Florida which, to me, is paradise.  I find such comfort in the beauty of the ocean, lakes, and rivers. 

Now, on a lighter note (and I know this is four), I cannot live without china.  A girl can NEVER have too much china.  I fancy myself the Imelda Marcos of china patterns.  The difference is that china is meant to be shared, and shoes aren't! That's exactly how I justify my obsession, oops, I mean my passion for china. ;-)

(Now we know your secret!)

If we were to make a movie about BlogLand, what would it be and who would you cast in the leading roles?

Since I love comedies, the movie would be Blog Land's version of "Nine To Five."  I would cast Debbie of Confessions of A Plate Addict in the part of Lily Tomlin because Debbie can deliver a one-liner like nobody's business and is an absolute scream. Then Gloria of The Little Red House With The White Door would fill the Jane Fonda role because Gloria has a sweet, wide-eyed innocent demeanor, but she, too, has Jane Fonda's underlying great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Plus Gloria has a teenage son, and something tells me she could hogtie a boss! Dolly Parton's role would have to be played by Lou Cinda of Tattered Hydrangeas because not only is Lou Cinda a blonde, she is one of the funniest people I've ever known and could carry off the Southern accent and the entire part without batting an eyelash! And just for fun, I would cast you, Eddie, in the Dabney Coleman role, and the rest would be history. No one would remember the previous version! ;-)

Here are the links to their blogs:

Confessions of A Plate Addict

The Little Red House With The White Door

Tattered Hydrangeas

(I am very flattered to be included in this star studded production)

If you could live your life again who would you be, and why?

I would be myself, and I would have all the knowledge and all the life experience (minus the loss of certain loved ones) I have now.  I would have the body of a professional dancer, the mind of Einstein (love that man!), and the sense of humor of my father (love that man even more).  I would be as engaging a speaker as Maya Angelou, would write like Eudora Welty, would sing like Norah Jones or Eva Cassidy, would have a speaking voice as enchanting as Shelby Foote's (only in female form... maybe Vivian Leigh's) and a grasp of history as solid as his, too.  I would finish my doctorate and be a college professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine because it has the most amazing campus I've ever seen.  I would teach history and communications courses and make them come alive for my students, and I would take my dog (the greyhound I've always wanted and haven't had yet) with me to work every single day.  He would sit around, looking beautiful and bored, hopefully unlike the students. ;-) AND I would be married to Mr. Magpie because I have already married him three times - see my post, True Confessions: I Married The Same Man Three Times . Why do I want to do this? Because you asked! ;-)

(Cracked me up to see the huge shopping list of attributes you would require in your ideal existence. And . . . married to the same man three times!!!! - must read this!!  I think you must love him LOL)

You have been given a wonderful talent from above.  This causes you to make your mark on humanity and be world famous. In which area would you prefer: a best selling novelist, a brilliant artist, a gifted musician, a fantastic singer, a charismatic leader, anything you choose, and why?

I would be an evangelist, and I would be an evangelist in the form of a Billy Graham because I think his ministry has done more to change the world for good and to spread the Good News of Christ than any other single person outside of the Lord himself.  Billy Graham has consistently lived a good and righteous life, and I have never, ever heard him condemn another person.  He is a walking, breathing example of what it is to be a good Christian, and he is so sweet and so humble and so kind that he makes me want to be a better person.  Plus, what better thing to do in life than to hand people the key for the transformation of their lives and for their assurance of eternal life?  I cannot imagine anything finer or better. You'd have a front row seat to see other people receiving the best present, the shiniest object, in the world! Talk about Christmas!

(Fantastic answer - Billy Graham is one of my all time favourite human beings and I admire him for the same reasons.  You may be interested to know I have just joined a group of Christians and we are starting a Healing Ministry - very exciting to be an instrument for The Lord)

If you were an ice cream cone, which flavour would you prefer and who would you most want to lick you?

Oh, hands down I would want to be a chocolate ice cream cone (double chocolate or triple chocolate... the good rich kind, preferably with nuts, the kind that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head), and I would want my late dogs (an incorrigible pair of terriers/terrorists) to lick me. Why? Because those two silly dogs loved treats more than anything on earth.  I know that chocolate isn't good for dogs, but I would be sure that I wouldn't poison them. As a matter of fact, I am certain they are eating chocolate ice cream out of golden bowls every day in Heaven!  Wouldn't you?

Describe in one sentence your perfect day:

One Sentence: I laughed.

(Mission impossible - eh!)

One Faulknerian Run-On Sentence:

My perfect day would be to wake up early on a bright summer morning after a late night at the theatre in London as well as a previous day of touring the British Museum, spend time with the Lord, have a fabulous breakfast with kippers and the works at the Russell Hotel (we stayed there years ago, and the breakfast was out of this world!), catch the train to Scotland where my husband and I would meet some friends at the station in Edinburgh who would then drive us to St. Andrews to have an early dinner in a delightful restaurant (whose name I can't recall) that serves the most incredible barley soup and trout I have EVER eaten, and attend a classical concert at the University of St. Andrews before strolling to the flat we've leased for the summer where we play a rousing game of Pictionary (of which we reign supreme and which is fun no matter who wins), say my evening prayers of thanks, and sleep tight, hopefully without bedbugs biting!

(Sounds good to me!)

If you were a fictional writer which one would you be and why?

I would be Eudora Welty (or I wouldn't BE her, but I would write like her) because she had the most amazingly witty way of looking at life and seeing the humor and the pathos all around her and expressing that on paper.  Her humorous stories are funny without the least bit of vulgarity, and she was as eloquent and as literary as any writer who ever lived.  Her short stories are unsurpassed, and I prefer them to her novels.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I have two, and fortunately, I can laugh about both!  The first one occurred when I was a small child in a Christmas pageant at church and forgot my lines. You can read about it HERE  as I did a blog post about it.

As an adult, the moment of moments would have to be when I went to city hall for an important meeting. I overslept and was rushing, and fortunately I got there and saw some friends who were having cigars on the front steps.  One of them looked at me rather oddly, and I jokingly said, "What's wrong?  Do I have my clothes on inside out or something?"  And he replied, "Yes, unless those are supposed to be there!"  With that he pointed to my shoulder pads, and they were sitting on top of my shoulders like epaulettes! I had my sweater on inside out, and it was in the days of "Dynasty" and Joan Collins' shoulder pads! We got quite a chuckle out of it. 

If you woke up and found you had changed gender what would be the first thing you would do, and the second thing.

Well, the first thing I would do is see if Mr. Magpie had changed into a woman, and if he hadn't, I would go straight to the nearest monastery and sign up!

(It's about all you could do LOL)

Your turn to ask me a question if you wish.

Of course I want to ask you a question!  Magpies are very curious creatures, you know.
"So, Eddie, if you could perform any death-defying feat that you knew you could safely do, what would it be?"

(I've performed a few non safe death-defying feats trying to catch the Quintessential Magpie for this show.  I've climbed ladders, walked the plank, climbed trees and goodness knows what!!!

But a little more seriously . . . . . . if it was guaranteed safe it would not have the same the same charisma because I would know I would be OK and there would be no sense of danger. So here I go without a safety net!  I would have a go at walking the tight rope across the Grand Canyon  without a parachute or a First Aid kit!  Do you think I should write my will now?
  If I couldn't do that I would jump into a lions' den and say, "Boo!".  Do you think they would be scared of me?

But to be really serious . . . . I would say I have already done the ultimate death-defying feat.  I have given my heart to The Lord and He has promised me Eternal Life.  All I had to do was to walk from the world of darkness into His world of light)

Well, we have come to the end of this delightful interview - thank you Mrs Magpie


Today's Sunday Roast with The Quintessential Magpie is the 142nd in a weekly
series of interviews with bloggers from around the world.

This interview will feature in The Roll of Honour
for all published Roasts. To view press  HERE

Please keep your recommendations for The Sunday Roast coming.

For those who would like to know a little more about it, how it started, the nuts and bolts of it etc, press HERE


  1. Good Morning, Eddie!

    Thank you so much for inviting me to be on your roast. I am truly honored.

    Now, as to your answers:

    "I would have a go at walking the tight rope across the Grand Canyon without a parachute or a First Aid kit! Do you think I should write my will now?"

    Most definitely, and Mr. Magpie can do that for you since he's an attorney. ;-)

    "If I couldn't do that I would jump into a lions' den and say, 'Boo!'. Do you think they would be scared of me?"

    If you said, "Boo," quite possibly. Now, "Shoo" might not elicit the same amount of fear so don't try that one. ;-)

    "But to be really serious . . . . I would say I have already done the ultimate death-defying feat. I have given my heart to The Lord and He has promised me Eternal Life. All I had to do was to walk from the world of darkness into His world of light)."

    Loved your final answer. Beautifully put and so true! :-)

    Again, my thanks for your kindness. It might just be you and me, but hey, we had fun, didn't we??? Two can make for a good party! LOL!


    Mrs. Magpie (Sheila) :-)

  2. Let me start by saying, that I am the Lisa that Mrs. Magpie mentioned as a blogger who moved to Florida. What she failed to share, is the role that she played.

    To sum it up, Mrs. M. is the nicest woman in the world. She won not only my heart, but my daughter's (BG) and my husband's, who deemed her the nicest woman in the world, after she drove three hours to greet us on the day we arrived in town, exhausted after the 1000 mile journey.

    Blogging brought us together. That, in itself is not nearly as amazing as how one woman can turn strangers into family. Yes, Mrs. the big sis that I never had, always able to offer support, ideas, and laughter. While I will never have half her class, and strength, I feel honored that she counts me as a friend.

  3. Hi Sheila - fabulous interview! It shows what so many of us know already - you are a truly beautiful person, inside and out.


  4. You always find interesting bloggers to interview!

  5. Hi Sheila! That was a very good Roast and I do relate to you needing to collect shiny things and feel I am very like that myself. There are so many beautiful shiny things to collect.
    Just as well I didn't name myself Magpie though..... otherwise I would have been Maggie Magpie!
    Brilliant interview Eddie!
    Maggie X (Eddie Bluelight's sister!)

    Nuts in May

  6. Darling interview. I enjoyed it very much, sugar!

  7. Eddie you could not have picked a better person for your Sunday Roast. I adore Sheila, and I'm not the only one. She truly is a shiny star in blogland. One of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She always takes the time to comment, even when she is crazy busy. And she has been my biggest cheerleader in encouraging me to get back to writing. I can only hope that one day I get to meet her in person. Great choice! Kat

  8. Mrs. Magpie aka Sheila is one of my very favorite bloggers! I just love her ♥ She is one of the kindest, most down-to-earth, loving, wonderful women I've ever "met". And even though I only know her online, I count her as one of my real friends!

  9. Another great roast Eddie, thank you very much :)

  10. Mrs. Magpie is simply the best...always makes you smile - and we LOVE her to pieces :)

  11. LOVE Mrs. Magpie and now I know how she got her name.:) Sheila, you're love for life really shines through.

  12. First, thank you to Eddie Bluelights for this roast, we got to see a little more of Sheila's beautiful spirit!

    Sheila, you really do have a beautiful heart, and it was inspirational to read even more about your commitment to The Lord, and it's easy to see Him through you and your generous spirit/words/actions.

    God Bless!
    Love and Prayers,

  13. Hi Sheila
    I loved reading your interview here today. The picture of you as a child is adorable. I thought I knew quite a bit about you already but I enjoyed learning even more. You are the most interesting person I have ever met and one of the loveliest too. You and Mr Magpie are very special to so many of us in blogland. I treasure your friendship and can't wait until April!
    So we just finished eating our Sunday roast and now you have been 'roasted' too. haha

  14. I so enjoyed this roast. Mrs. Magpie is even more charming in person. Mr. Magpie too. You've reminded me today, just how much this blogging world can lift your spirits. Sheila, you really are one of the most inspiring and beautiful people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I will always treasure my time with you (and all of the other bloggers) in St. Augustine.

    And so nice to meet you, Eddybluelights! I really enjoyed your roast!


  15. Well, first I must say that I am the Rhonda my dear, sweet friend mentioned in her interview. After blogging together for a while, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Magpie and she has become such a close friend. When I moved from the West Coast of Florida to the East Coast, she welcomed me with open arms, I mean wings and I couldn't imagine not having her in my life. Sheila is always there with a shoulder when needed and can make my day so much brighter with her witty posts. I'm glad to see you finally wrangled her into an interview, she is such an inspiration to so many bloggers and just the sweetest person you'll ever meet!

  16. I was enthralled with the interview, and you sure kept your composure despite being embarrassed about your bangs.

    Amen to Billy Graham! You got it right sista'.

    Have a super day.

  17. Hi Sheila, I adored the interview and a Big Thankee for introducing me to this interesting and fun bloggy. I could have picked you from the answers without knowing who I was reading about. Wonderful. Only thing missing ever is a recent picture of YOU. I WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR FACE! Love you, Mollye

  18. You picked the best and the greatest woman to interview. Knowing her even more is fabulous. She really is a very kind, loving and interesting person...Christine

  19. You picked a great person to talk about - Sheila. She's simply wonderful. She never gives up on you - she always writes back - has the most interesting blog and pics and has a ton of friends.
    You can tell she is loved by all and she loves all.

  20. What a wonderful interview. I'm going to have to look for that post about marrying Mr. Magpie 3 times!

    Mrs. Magpie and I connected over a post about a doll house and I simply fell in love with her whimsical, creative stories.

    Here's to all shiny things, especialy silver linings in clouds!

  21. Our beloved Ms Magpie led me out of my protective muse amour...and into a world of brightness.

    She played a part in the penning of Enigmatic Evolution...her kindness and gentle manner, were always most encouraging to my humble quill.

    To roast her is to toast her ~ she is indeed a voice of sweetness in the realm of blog!

    And most loved :)

  22. You couldn't have picked a better person to roast...Mrs, Magpie is beyond adjectives. I am so grateful having met her as a blogger and now consider her a good friend...across the miles, across cyberspace.

    Fabulous interview, Eddie!


  23. What a wonderful interview!
    Sheila is one of my favorite bloggers and a true friend indeed!
    I found her blog shortly after I started blogging myself, and we have been true, blue friends ever since. Her blog is always such a whimsical and delightful place to visit. And her posts are truly wonderful!
    Great Interview!!

  24. Interesting interview with a super blogger!

  25. I am relatively new at blogging but I am so blessed to have found Ms Magpie's blog. She has such a kind and giving heart. It truly comes through in her writings.
    Thank you for spotlighting Sheila today. She is most deserving. Her caring and grace come from above and our Lord uses her writings to advance his peace.
    I love you Sheila. Ginger

  26. Wow! I didn't know about Eddie's Sunday Roast! What an honor to be interviewed and who better to keep our attention with your answers than you, Mrs. Magpie. I know you a little better and love you a lot more now!

    Wonderful interview, Eddie! I must read more!


  27. What a delightful roast! I enjoyed reading this very much. Anyone who loves to shop that much certainly deserves the name Magpie! How very cute!

    three marriages to the same man...ok...must go read what that's all about! ;)

    Thanks Eddie and Magpie for a wonderful roast post! :)

  28. Such a great interview. I absolutely love Mrs. Magpie. Although we've never (yet) met in person, she has become a dear friend. And, would you believe that through her blog, I was re-connected with a dear friend and prayer partner whom I had lost touch with several years ago when we moved from Florida. So, Mrs. Magpie was rather like some sort of Oprah show to know reuniting long-lost friends.

    Thanks for the interview,

  29. Hi Eddie! This is my first time to your blog and first time to a Blogland Roast! Oh, what a wonderful lady our Mrs. Magpie is! She is such a delight and has a heart of gold. I do believe all of Blogland adores her, me especially! Never met her in the flesh but our hearts have met and I consider her my friend!
    She's a sneaky little Magpie though and refuses to show us her most gorgeous face in Blogland. So what a treat to see what a darling little girl she must have been!
    Thanks for the interview.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. What a wonderful interview with my absolute FAVORITE person in blogland! Sheila has such a heart for other people - she has been such a great friend to me for quite some time, praying for me and counseling me in the loss of my mom. You couldn't have picked a more wonderful person to interview. I love you, Sheila!!
    Trudy :)

  31. Oh, what a wonderful roast, Eddie! Mrs. Magpie is one of my favorite bloggers! A kinder, more caring person cannot be found in all of Blogland! And I am so flattered, Miss Sheila, that you chose me for Lily Tomlin's role in 9 to 5! lol I must confess, since I do occasionally confess in my blog, that I am envious of her wonderful collection of china...fabulous! She's a girl after my own heart in that department! And I have to say also how much I admire her sincerity and her openess about her faith. All in all, our Sheila is the quintessential friend and a lovely human being! Hugs to you, dear Sheila!...Debbie

  32. Hello, Eddie! I thank YOU and our dear Mrs. Magpie for mentioning my blog and I on this post!!! I am so HONORED and EXCITED!!!!! Sheila has been the BEST to me since I started blogging. I am nowhere NEAR the blogger she is, or so many of the other ladies and gents out there in Blogland, but I am so happy that she has taken me under her Magpie wing!!! And Eddie, I just became a Follower of yours and am looking forward to catching up on some of your posts. I hope people will visit me at my blog -- the name is "The Little Red House with the White PORCH" though -- not white door. LOL!!!!!! My door right now is actually a DIRTY white (needs a painting) so now I guess I am going to have to paint it a pristine new WHITE since Sheila renamed my blog! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, thank you, Eddie and Sheila, from the bottom of my heart and it was great hearing all of Mrs. Magpie's stories in the interview!! God bless you both.
    Love and best regards,

  33. Dear followers of Sheila Magpie (sorry I don't know her surname).
    I am extremely touched, as will be Sheila, to see all these wonderful comments. Mrs Magpie is indeed a very special lady and so are you, you faithful followers of Mrs Magpie. I am proviledged to have you visit my humble blog and I am delighted some of you have become my followers as well. I shall try to visit you all very soon . . . but meanwhile, thank you again. It is your excellent response which makes the whole exercise of compiling The Sunday Roast so worthwile. This one has been a real pleasure to do for you - thank you. God Bless ~ Eddie

  34. That would describe my perfect day as well! Well said!

  35. Yay for Mrs. Magpie! She has one of the most delightful blogs I've ever read. Like her, I am curious and attracted to the sparkly and the shiny.
    What a delightful interview!

  36. Hi Eddie and Magpie-- THANK YOU! This Roast was worth the wait! I enjoyed it very much. She's inspired so many bloggers and it great getting to know her better.
    I take my hat off to you both.
    Cheers, jj

  37. Oh Thank you Ediie for doing the sweetest gal in matter what your day is like you can leave it up to Shelia to put a smile on your face...and guess what girls I do have a picture of her that she send me last she is one of many of my adopted daughters in blogland ha ha!! She beautiful on the outside as the inside and I'm so proud to call her a daughter and friend...Love ya Shelia...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  38. Great choice of a roast/interview. Mrs. Magpie is such a sweetie. I look forward to visiting your blog again soon, please drop by mine if you ever get a chance :-)

    Thanksgiving blessings to you.

  39. What a great interview with the Magpie, she is one of my favorite people in Blogland. She has so many commenters and followers, yet she finds time to visit me and leave me a thoughtful, kind comment. It means SO much to know that she would take that time for me.
    I love her!
    Hugs, Cindy

  40. Hi there Mr. Bluelights...lovely to meet you. You could NEVER have picked a more wonderful chickie to feature....She is one very special lady!

    I started my blog nearly two years ago to deal with the death of my Mum.... I got the most wonderful note from this precious woman.... I've been saved for many years, but Mrs. Magpie talked to me about Jesus being my a way that I had never really considered. It's hard for me to explain, and you'd have had to read all of the dear messages she's sent to me... but, the bottom line is, it has changed my life.... One dear chickie in Bloggyville, reaching out to a hurting girl.... what could be more special. She'll always be special to me... and I'm so grateful to have "met" her. What a blessing she is....and I always think of her as "MY SHEILA", I do understand she must be shared.....but really she's MINE.... *wink*.

    I loved reading all of her answers to your great questions.... I love her even more.

    Warm blessings,

  41. What a wonderful roast! And thank you Sheila for calling it to my attention. It was wonderful to find out more about you. Loved the interview!!!


  42. I just adore Shelia, and you could not have picked a better person to roast, she is one of the most dedicated bloggers and best friends that I have met in blogging.
    She always encourages all of us, and she is just as sweet as honey. We have never met physically, but I have told her that I want to have my home right next to hers in heaven. Thank you for allowing us to know her even more.

  43. Hi Eddie
    It is my first visit to your blog as I had to come over from Sheila's blog right away to see her "roast"! You asked her such wonderful questions and Sheila's amswers were as beautiful and thoughtful as I knew they would be! She is such a sweet friend to all who know her and her blog is always so much fun to visit.
    Brava Mrs Magpie! You brighten everyone's world by being you!

  44. Having personally met Sheila aka, Mrs, Magpie, I was totally entertained by this interview. She is a dear friend and this interview is a true assessment of who she is. A person I admire and love very much. Blogging has brought us together and for that I am thankful.

    Love you Sheila.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  45. Sheila,
    Wonderful interview. I wish you loved closer to me in Florida. You are truly a talented woman.


  46. Oh Eddie, how I do ADORE this woman! I met her through blogging as well and it has been such a blessing! She has made me laugh, she has listened to my heart, she has been there for me in so many ways!
    I never would have thought it possible to meet someone via a BLOG and feel such a connection to that person....but it is true with Sheila! She is a blessing to me and so many others...she actually knows things about me, that my best friend does not that not amazing! Of Course, she may rather I rant in another direction HOWEVAH I don't! I will be her Dolly any any ANY day!! And it is on my bucket list to get to Florida and meet this GEM in person!

    I love you Sheila!!

    Lou Cinda

  47. I think the world of Sheila...what fun to get to know her better than I already did! THANK YOU!

  48. Who wouldn't love a magpie? And of course, we all love our very own Quintessential Magpie. She is a dear in all of our hearts.

    Thank you so much for roasting our very special friend.

  49. You have a very special something going on here... I enjoyed every word. Your questions are quirky and fun and I found myself getting to know The infamous Mrs. Magpie just a little bit better. Intuition is an amazing thing and I knew when I met her that she was a kindred spirit that I had not yet unravelled. I visited with her in her community by the sea and our visit was just all too short. I live too far away to just drop by and pick her up but life is a winding road and we will find each other again I know.

    Thanks for your great style. I will follow this winding road too.


  50. Eddie, what a wonderful choice in Miss Sheila, the woman is a light in everyone's life and it's so bright at times, but it never blinds.

  51. Hi Eddie,

    This is the first time that I have been to your blog ... it is amazing! You put so much work into your posts! I really enjoyed your interview of Sheila, who found me through a Tablescape party along the way.

    I found your blog through Gloria, and am going to add you to my favs.

    Take care,


  52. Bravo! Wondermous! Stupendaful!
    I love this interview-action! drama! philosophy! humor!

    fun fun fun. :-) Thank you both for lovely way to end a worky world day.

  53. What a delightful interview with an absolute gem of a lady! I can say that Sheila is even more wonderful when you meet her!

    Sheila, my dear, YOU ROCK! And you fill so many people's days with JOY!!

    Thank you , Eddie for posting this! Such fun!

  54. For all of us "Mrs. Magpie Groupies" {of which I am a card carrying member} this beautiful interview was a real treat! It isn't hard to understand why and how she wiggles her way into the hearts of so many. Thank you for featuring this special lady...and about those bangs? I think they are adorable! Sweet, sweet photo! Xo, Sue

  55. Just ran across your babel fish translations of the Shakester. Dare I say it, they actually made more sense than the original. Sorry Willy.

  56. As always I am astounded by Sheila's intellect and creativity! I am blessed to know her!

  57. Sheila is the rockstar of bloggers! Lucky you to land her for an interview!

    This was great!

  58. Dear Eddie Bluelights. Great interview.

    You picked a very shiny bird indeed. Mrs. Magpie is OUR favorite bird of all time. She rocks blog land in a very big way.
    Got to know her a wee bit more today : )

    Love Claudie from Canada

  59. Shelia, I always wondered how that nickname came to be!

    I totally agree with your statement "Blogging is a reciprocal process"...that is what makes it so FUN!

    I will go read The Sad Truth as well as your post The Light of the World, just as soon as I hit submit on this comment. I didn't know about either of these, so I'm so glad you're doing this interview.

    "that china is meant to be shared, and shoes aren't" LOL I'm stealing this quote!!!

    Eddie, thank you so much for interviewing Shelia. I learned a great deal about my online friend from this experience.

  60. Brilliant interview...I enjoyed it so much...thank you both....xv

  61. Hi Sheila, I finally got in to read this. No pop ups this time!! Eddie, you have captured our Sheila so perfectly. Thank you for roasting her!


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