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Tuesday 1 February 2011

Breakfast At Eddie's

Hey - I feel hungry and I can't resist popping back to show you one of the all time favourite British comedy sketches.

Here's Eric Morecombe and Ernie Wise dancing around their kitchen. Sadly both have passed on now. When I was a youth, many years ago, they were huge hits on the telly. I'm not sure whether they were known in the US.

I have to laugh because I can just imagine some of my favourite cooking friends having a little dance around their kitchens after this. Marguerite and Lola . . . one, two, three!! There you go!  . . . . and don't forget to shut the fridge door.


  1. Thank GOODNESS I am not a breakfast person!! I wouldn't have the energy for it!
    Funny video, Eddie.... :)))

  2. Fabulous Eddie!

  3. What great fun Eddie!! Thanks

  4. I never saw them before, but I sure would have liked to have been able to watch them on the telly in the US when I was growing up and still watched TV. Nice video. Thanks for showing them to us. Hubby and I watched the video and cracked up.

  5. Totally hilarious!
    Thx for posting it!

  6. They are greatly missed...two of the best Eddie x

  7. Now that's a happy meal!
    I wouldn't mind having breakfast with them.
    I can imagine you doing the dance, Eddie! :-)

  8. They are, of course, hilarious. Just glad that I don't have to go through this palaver at breakfast time.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Timeless classic! Remember That Riviera Touch?

    The Mighty Sam

  10. ROFL! I am at work and I was laughing so hard and so loud that everyone kept coming in to see what was so funny! LOL After a while, the whole office was laughing, even the boss! LOL Thanks for brightening up an otherwise dreary, boring day! :)

  11. Absolutely brilliant! I've never seen this before and loved every second. What a hoot!. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Eddie. I'll be smiling all night... and I'm thinking of making breakfast for dinner :-)
    Cheers, jj

  12. Yes, I knew Morecombe & Wise in the states, but I'm something of a comedy team junkie. I know a lot of folks that the majority here might not remember. Anyway, they were hilarious. Thanks for posting this, Eddie!

  13. Oh, how I loved watching Morecombe and Wise! They always made me laugh.

  14. I came baaaaaaaack to watch this again! I'm still amazed at the energy of them this early in the morning!!!
    I hope that you are doing well, my friend. And, to Maria, please give her a special hug from me!

  15. Thanks for the visit at sixtyfivewhatnow. I came in through Maggie May, reading your comments to support her story. How wonderful to see this sharing, and how the whole story comes alive with each addition.

    Good to see you, my friend.

  16. I'd never even heard of them! More's the pity - if this skit was any indication of their usual foolishness, we really missed out on something spectacular here in the states!

  17. This happens every morning, at around breakfast time in my home!

    Thank you for sharing this precious bit of pure comedy, Eddie. And for mentioning me, I loved watching this.

    Lola xx

  18. We used to live near Eric...where I grew up in West Common, Harpenden. Lovely man.
    Nice memories.
    I live in New Zealand now... nice place too

  19. This and the Monty Python Fish Slapping Dance are my two all time favourite TV sketches

    You clearly have excellent taste sir!


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