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Thursday 27 October 2011

Eddie's First YouTube - How To Solve The Solo Game

Today something rather different!  I have made my first Video for BlogLand.  Hope you enjoy it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that!  I expect a number of you knew how to do this already.

With all these spinsters and batchelors it is a wonder the whole family did not die out on that side of the clan.  Considering all those unmarried brothers and sisters, some already departed before this story, it is fortunate that my grandfather produced a son, my father.  From then my father was the last of the clan but he married and Maggie arrived first, then me.  I was then the last in line but married and had a daughter and a son, who is currently the last in line.  Go for it, son - but get things in the right order first LOL.

My elderly relations were, as I said, rather strange.  They had a good sense of humour, except my grandfather, who was rather grumpy.  I wonder where I get mine? I suppose Auntie Madge was the liveliest out of a rather dreary bunch but unfortunately they were all extremely stingy - I cannot recall being given a penny piece.  I remember one particular occasion when my parents were very amused when their purses were not opened yet again - had they done so I suppose a plentiful supply of moths might have flown everywhere.  This example of the worst case of 'stingyism', or should I say stinginess, I have ever known was the occasion of a relative's silver wedding anniversary.  It is usual and fitting to send a present made from silver for a Silver Wedding Anniversary - not so with my elderly relatives!  Their solution was to send a jar of Silver Shred marmalade LOL.  I am not sure how the present was received or whether they ever spoke to my elderly relatives again..


  1. I don't know if I could do that myself, but I'm impressed to watch you do it!

  2. Oh great vlog tutorial:) Thank you for the effort..always easier when you can see it;)

  3. Oh, my. My brother and I used to play that game at our grandparents' cottage every single summer. We'd stumble onto the solution and then forget what we'd done!

    Just watching brought me back to New Hampshire (USA) rainy days in the pine cottage. A fire in the huge granite fireplace.

    Thank you for this. And, if the silver anniversary couple had a sense of humor, perhaps they laughed hysterically at the marmalade.

    ...or not.

  4. Eddie, I loved it! And you have a wonderful voice. I so enjoyed, too, the story about your elderly relatives. I always find family stories amusing, and having grown up in the Deep South as a child, funny stories abounded.

    Speaking of which, I think one reason I love the British accent so much is because it is easy on my ears. And I think the ONLY people outside of the American South who do a credible Southern accent are British actors (Vivian Leigh for one and Leslie Howard for another). We tend to drop our "r's" in words like mother (mutha) and brother (brutha), and I hear that with some British speakers. It's a softer accent than our Northern cousins, and I actually feel more at home with the British accent for that reason.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Sheila :-)

  5. I had completely forgotten about that game! What a fun reminder and it was a blast watching you play and with commentary, too! :) What fun!

  6. So much that I like about this blog Eddie.
    First....great job on your YouTube video. I know that you must be enjoying your video camera in your garden...and now you shared a part of you with us via a video.
    Second....I love your accent...your voice. It is always nice to put a face with a blog...and then a voice to the face. Thank you for that, Eddie.
    Next....your skill at the game is great! I hadn't seen this particular similar...but not this one. You showed the moves in such a way that one could learn from you. Way to go, teacher!
    Finally, I always love to read your blog...and again, you haven't disappointed. Splendid job, my friend.
    Smiles and hugs to you from Jackie

  7. Eddie, you are an Englishman, you speak English English :) And I so want to try it! Speak with an accent and make a youtube video.

  8. So glad you made this video! And not only for the tutorial!

    Have you ever considered a career as a hypnotist? You have the voice for it, most certainly.

    xoxoxo, cd

  9. That really does take stingy to a whole new level. Marmalade, really? Great stuff. x

  10. Wow! Great video, audio, and tutorial! Loved hearing your British accent, too! You sound s-oooo young! LOL As for your stingy relatives and the marmalade, well, maybe they had a bit of German blood, too! LOL Cheers!

  11. Is there no end to this man's talent! And I've only just mastered the light switch. Seriously though, well done!

  12. Now, where was I when Auntie Madge taught you that?! I have a solitaire set but I have been unable to complete it. Not sure I'll remember how to do it.
    That was amazing stuff.
    You are now famous!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  13. What a fun tutorial you've created for us Eddie! And I'll be happy to have you talk me through whatever problems you need to have solved here any day!! It's a very fine voice indeed =-)

  14. Good job, Eddie. I am not very good at things like that. But I am glad you are as it was fun to watch you right handily move the pieces off the board.

  15. We had a game that wasn't quite that, but like it.

    I don't know why, but it's always a surprise to me to hear a blogger's voice.

  16. We always had that game/puzzle around. It was with red pegs and called Hi-Q .. here in Canada. I never knew how to solve it but my cousin did. She wouldn't show me how. Now, 50ish years later, I know! ;) Thanks for that. Lovely to hear your voice in that video.


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