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Monday 21 November 2011

Funeral For A Wonderful Lady

I am a bit busy right now so I cannot post anything new just yet.  However I would like you to read one of my earlier posts, written over two years ago and  titled, Funeral For A Wonderful Lady
I was deeply moved by the death of this lady who had been a true friend of the family for 50 years.  She had a fantastic send off from Planet Earth by a congregation of over 400 who obviously agreed with me that this lady was very special.

Please press HERE to see it and please make a comment on the original when you get there.  I would value your input since this is one of my rare serious posts.

I hope to be able to resume posting and visiting soon.


  1. Hope this finds you doing very well Eddie! I have been contemplating knee replacement surgery and am such a chicken!!! I've started yet another blog, so must be losing my tiny mind! Here's to your wonderful recovery...raising glass

  2. I can remember commenting on this post and it got a *Post of the Day* award from David McMahon. It was a lovely post.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a dear friend you've written Eddie! It is hard to lose such kind and generous people from our midst and it often seems as though we are truly "entertaining angels unawares"...

    I'm celebrating Thanksgiving here in the states and I'd like to say I'm grateful to have met a wonderful blogger like you Eddie! You are always a treat to read, serious or not =-)


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