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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Spot Eddie and Maggie?

There we are! Maggie on the left and Eddie standing next to her at the front. Haven't I got skinny legs? No wonder my Mum was worried about them LOL. Don't I look grumpy? Must have been before I found my Bluelights.

Well, it turns out that all I needed was my red tricycle to make me smile. My cousin is standing by me with his bow and arrow . . . . and Maggie is standing on the back row second left. I wonder what happened to all these lovely children, where they are and what they are doing now.

If you are one of them step forward and make yourself known.

My computer crashed and my whiz kid son fixed another one we have which must be a lady because it is dual core and can multi task which is marvellous. And what a memory! 4Gb no less! And 500GB hard drive - just enough to store all my jokes.

I am rather busy at present and hope to resume business in Blogland in a few days. Hopefully I will be able to get the next roast ready for the weekend.

While I am away I have a little mathematical problem for you to solve. Make yourself a LARGE cup of coffee.

There are eight doors in a row. Behind each door is a number. Each number is less than 20. No two numbers are the same, and the numbers on the doors are in order.

• three of the numbers are prime numbers
• two of the numbers are square numbers
• two of the numbers are multiples of 5
• five of the numbers are even
• three is a factor of two of the numbers
• there is a run of two consecutive numbers, and another run of four consecutive numbers.
• the numbers sum to 93
What are the numbers on the doors?

Now come on if I can do it then . . . . so can you! LOL But it took me a long time.

If you're 'stumped' and dying to see the answer, fear not, for Socrates has solved it and is willing to share the answer with you HERE


  1. Oh....... didn't expect to see pictures of myself! That second one was my 7th Birthday party and you had our cousin staying with us because you felt left out.
    I wonder why you were so grumpy in the top one?

    I can't get my head round that door thing and all those numbers...... I am sure someone else will get it right.
    See you Friday!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Great photos! Math is not my strong suit, however!

  3. Those are great old photos! I'm going to ignore the math since it is late. Of course, I'd ignore it if it were early, too!

  4. Maggie is so cute and you look like a real little man....sorry I didn't read your math problem it is almost midnight here and I am about ready to close up for the night, may be back tomorrow...Hugs

  5. What fun to see those old photographs of you and Maggie May and the others.

    As soon as mentioned solving a problem, I balked - leave that for someone with a brain!!!

  6. Great photos!! Aren't you just so adorable and your red trike is wonderful. Such a sweet smile! As for your math problem...forget about it!! It is all over my head for sure!

  7. Glad you liked the photos of Maggie and I.
    Never mind the maths problem LOL
    We still have Jim Suldog who will come to the rescue on his white charger.
    Then maybe, just maybe Jackie.
    Then maybe, just maybe Janine might be tempted out of her novel for 2 mins LOL
    Then my two wild cards are Cherry and Marguerite - I bet they might ask someone (I would) LOL
    I bet Cricket and Knucklhead could do it if they knew about it!
    Ahhh! and what about EthelMay? She has brains coming out of her ears!

  8. Lovely B&W photos of your past. Lovely to see Maggie too!

    Forget the math, I'm a cook!!

  9. Really love the photos Eddie, but the maths is far too hard for me!

  10. Eddie...I've been workin' on it!...sigh. You sent a doozie of a math problem...but I won't look up the answer or have anyone tell me...that's just the way I am. I want to solve it myself!!! :))
    Maggie (if you are reading this...and if not, Eddie, you tell her for me) you are soooooo cute. Tell me, Maggie....was Eddie a sweet brother? Tell it like it is, Maggie? :)))
    I love the photos, Eddie. The difference a bike/trike can make on the face of a child, eh?
    Hugs and smiles to you, Eddie.

  11. Of course I was a sweet brother and child, Jackie! LOL I still am a sweet brother and child! LOL
    Where's me tricycle? sob sob! I remember when the axle broke and my dad and a friend could not fix it - out came the little blue pedal car instead. LOL

    Glad you are persevering with the maths problem - a real snorter it is! LOL

  12. He was a sweet little child...... Jackie! I was the naughty one! :-)

    Nuts in May

  13. Yes she was, Jackie and listen everybody! Maggie has finally admitted it IN PUBLIC! LOL She tricked me into doing naughty things so I would get into trouble and so I threw her Teddy across the room. LOL So there, Maggie! LOL

  14.'s all out in the open now!
    You two are sweet siblings...I can tell. Hugs to you both.

  15. My head hurts now!
    I'm going to give that sum to my 11 year old to do - I'm sure he'll reach the solution before I do ;)

  16. Great pics of you and Maggie. You haven't changed that much, really! lol Now about the math problem! Sorry to disappoint, but I asked two people at work and they couldn't figure it out either! lol Cheers!

  17. Aww I loved seeing these photos of you and Maggie. So wonderful!


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