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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Christmas Holiday Visitors

Hello Folks! Belated Christmas greetings to one and all and a Happy New Year.

Enough of the serious and sad stuff of late and about time my sense of humour was re-activated, actually it has never left me, but boy oh boy it was really activated today.

My sister Maggie May, her husband Harry and my niece and her two boys were invited to my humble abode to meet my daughter and her husband and my son and his fiance, plus my new and first grandson, Peter. Quite a house full. I was in the middle of a shave, with shaving cream all round my face, when the front door bell sounded once . . . . . then rapidly twice. I decided I would go and answer the door as I was because I knew it was Maggie because only she would ring like that twice in quick succession - impatient thing.

I decided to make the situation funny so I rapidly put on my Father Christmas hat, leaving the shaving cream on, just like this:
I opened the front door and there they all were, open mouthed, and I have never ever seen Maggie laugh so hard as I saw her today - they all were creased and laughing helplessly, even the shy young boys.  Well I explained I did not have time to grow a beard, did I?

Hey! what a good job it was them - it could have been the vicar!

Anyway we all had a great day and when the other guests arrived we showed them the photographs.

I am pleased also to show off my new grandson, Peter, who is now 10 weeks old and LOVES his grandpa.
Here he is, I am so proud of him and hey! . . . . . . . I remember all the little techniques for getting him to calm down and rock him to sleep, after having a long, long talk in baby language.  He was most interested in what I had to say! LOL

Isn't he lovely? . . . . . and the baby's not bad either!


  1. Laughter is good medicine, Eddie. It sounds as if you enjoyed it to the fullest on this day with family. And Peter is adorable.

  2. Love the smile in your eyes, Eddie.
    What a sight you must have been for dear Maggie!
    Love your "bearded" look....absolutely.
    You know that I think your Grandson is precious, precious, PRECIOUS!
    Aren't Grands the most wonderful children in this world!
    Congratulations to you. He is handsome!
    Happy New Year to you, my friend.

  3. Oh, you are just a hoot! Glad you had all of them over and had a wonderful time! That baby is adorable! Aw....such a great photo of you and him!

  4. How hilarious! I totally agree with Jackie and think that you look good with a beard, too! lol And your little grandson is just precious! Glad that you enjoyed your family and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year! Cheers!

  5. Aww how adorable is he! And his grandson, too. I'm glad you had a fine day with family, you trickster!

  6. is a beautiful little baby...and i am glad you gave maggie a laugh as well...smiles...i think you make a fine father christmas sir...smiles.

  7. Haha! Love that Santa shave cream photo! And congrats on your sweet new grandson.

  8. Great photo, Eddie! And quick thinking. Happy New Year!

  9. You funny man! So glad you had a good Christmas, and yes, both men are handsome!

    Happy New Year, my friend! Be blessed...



  10. It wasn't me impatiently ringing the door!!!!! It was very funny though when you answered it and we saw you in Father Christmas mode.

    It was lovely to see you all and to be able to nurse baby Peter. He really does love you! You still have the knack!
    He is gorgeous and a very good, laid back little baby!

    Hoping you will find the coming New Year filled with good things for you and all the family.
    Lots of Love,
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  11. Happy New Year Eddie, and it is so nice to see you smile. Your grandson is absolutely you must enjoy him.
    Take care my friend and always keep your wonderful sense of humor. xo

  12. OH! How wonderful it is to see that jolly smile again! And what a picture of two handsome men together - your grandson is so adorable and it's clear he loves hanging out with his grand-papa!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year in 2014, Eddie! May you be blessed with love from friends and family, good health and many laughs!

  13. Dear Eddie, congratulations! He's beautiful and a new baby is a joy to all.
    Your shaving cream prank is hilarious! Good to see your humour returning, even though I know there are and will be many dark moments too.
    Happy 2014 Eddie! Wishing you health, happiness and lots of laughs!

  14. Hi Eddie! I was actually just checking out a few of your posts and had quick question. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks~


    1. Sent you an email Emily inviting your question.

  15. That's a great photo of you with the shaving cream on your face. Do you mind awfully if I print a large copy of it to put in the garden next Spring? I have a lot of trouble keeping the pigeons off my peas, and your picture might just do the trick!

    (Joke, I haven't got a garden!)

    1. By all means if you had a garden but it would frighten all lifeforms away!! LOL

  16. See, that is where you got your sense of humour from!! xx

    1. Nice meeting you at Betsy's and your place. I would have to be the chief knit there lol. Thanks for visiting my humble abode from your very impressive mansion ~Eddie

  17. Oh Eddie, a new grandchild! How wonderful for you. Congratulations Grandpa! He's a very handsome lad.

    I'm sure your wonderful sense of humor will rub off on Peter in the years to come-- no doubt about it.

    Happy New Year, my friend. xo jj

  18. He looks like a cheeky little boy Eddie, just like his grandad!

  19. Hello Eddie, happy new year to you too! I am glad to see you smiling. Peter is adorable...Love your sense of humor. Have fun!

  20. Hi Eddie I love Peter is cute!
    Love your jokes lol

  21. Such precious gift, Grandpa Eddie!
    You have every reason in the world to be happy.

    1. Yes, you're right Cherry.
      I really must re-focus my life. Little Peter is adorable and we had a long baby conversation the other day lol

  22. Hi Eddie ~ coming by from Betsy's latest post (Random Acts of Kindness) "Can we talk".... I so appreciated your comment and usually don't check out the numerous commenters Betsy has, your comment was right on.
    I know Christmas is over, but you had me laughing out loud. What a great moment and what an adorable grandson.


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