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Thursday 13 February 2014


The Miracles Of Modern Teaching Methods

It's been a while since I posted, although I have various ideas and subject matter in embryonic form swirling around my cerebral hemispheres.  I have been unable to get my digital pen to paper for a while . . . . . . . until NOW, courtesy of a very slick video presentation my daughter showed me last evening.

My daughter is a teacher, teaching 7-8 year old children in the school she actually attended some years ago.  She often says to them, "That is the desk I sat in when I was here."  and they look at her almost in disbelief.

When she moved to that school as a teacher 2 years ago, from another school where her mother attended as a child (another coincidence) she saw a pile of familiar maths books that had been sitting in a cupboard for about 25 years and low and behold the third one she examined revealed her name as its owner as a child, and she nearly flipped. Yet another a coincidence.

I can say right away, that book was very old fashioned and therefore did not feature such a riveting teaching method we are about to see now.  I would also mention that the lady teaching us is none other than the very same lady who taught various mathematics teaching approaches to my daughter during her University Studies before she graduated. Another coincidence - life is really full of them.

So, anyone fancy learning their 17 times table in 10 minutes flat?

You never know you might need it one day.
Well, come on then pull up a chair and let's get started.

Needless to say, the 17 times table does not feature in the children's curriculum but my daughter modifies the principle sometimes for the other tables, using the same idea of the counting stick..

In my day we did not have such luxuries and had to learn the lot parrot fashion, including the 13 times table to 12, the hard way by repetition - but I must say I have never forgotten them and I am surprised how often we need them on almost a daily basis.


  1. its pretty cool...i am teaching my son times tables right now and used a similar technique...that and just flashcards and would be surprised how many o my high school students can not multiply

    1. Yes, Brian it is amazing how a lot of adults cannot do the basic things like percentages, long division etc yet they are super bright and excel in life.

  2. What a neat bunch of coincidences for your daughter and how fun for her to find her own math book in the stack! Math was never my favorite subject. I struggled all through school with it. ha.

    1. Just pipped at the post Betsy by Brian, or should we call him Speedy Gonzales lol.

      Yes it is amazing set of co-incidences.
      Yes just saying to Brian about Math(s) (we add an s, you might have realized) . . . . . .but you are very talented in the English Department . . . plus of course having a super dooper head with lots of gey matter on your shoulders. Sounds awful doesn't it ROFL . . . but a very pretty one at that.

    2. Oh, that Brian! If he had to do dishes and laundry, he wouldn't be first! haha....good thing I like him. :)

      grey matter...haha...yes, I suppose that's good for something! :)

    3. Yes, what a shame! I know how you feel!!
      That's why I am rarely first at your place - you see a man's work is never done!! ROFL

      I will comment at your place tomorrow if I may
      I am driving the bus tomorrow and need my beauty sleep! lol

  3. Was I first??? I cannot tell until you post the comments! ha.

    1. Oh I must have a degree in ESP or something!! I've already answered this!!
      Speak later at a chick's place in Ohio.

  4. I loved this, Eddie. It was fun. I admit, I speak more slowly than they do... I am Southern and we are noted for that. But aside from the sped at which they said their numbers, I hung in the with them! ;-)

    Neat that your daughter found her composition book at her school!



    1. Hi Sheila!
      Great that you now know the 17 times table. You can now work out almost all permutations possible should you ever see 17 Magpies in the wild, quintessential or not! lol.

      My brain works quite slowly but thank God it works at all, but fortunately it does, but I struggled to keep up with them at times.

      Yes it was a coincidence about her school book. E xx

  5. Very interesting and engaging method. Your daughter was lucky to have this teacher - I suspect it had much to do with her wanting to enter that profession.

    I don't believe in coincidences. I do believe that your daughter is on exactly the right path - with these delightful, little confirmations along the way. I do love that she found her own book from years gone by. I'm sure that brought a smile to her face.

    Hope all is well with you, dear Eddie.

    Hugs to you.

  6. Hi Hilary - guess you might be right about the non coincidences. I too have a feeling this was all meant to happen.

    Question to see if you have been paying attention:
    What's 6 x 17, and no cheating? ROFL

    I am OK but still have my sad days, which I will for a long time.
    Gradually adjusting
    Hugs ~ Eddie x

  7. Hi Eddie ~ Thanks for the comment on the prayer blog, and your sharing a little more of your life with me.

    I think most coincidences are God Things...but how exciting the number of "coin" happened.. To find her old Math book gave me chills.

    Very interesting method. I think my X-Tables is the only thing I do remember about Math.

    What concerned me the other day, is I wrote a long message in a Birthday Card for my 13 year old grandson. (Is was in cursive)...He took me in the bedroom to admit he doesn't read cursive very well, and wanted me to read it to him. He is a very bright boy who gets good grades, but cursive is NEVER used. Either they print, or type there homework. I understand it, but it makes me sad, as I'm a lover of hand written cards and letters.

    I'm so sorry about you loss, and am dealing with a brother that is 10 years younger than me who is dealing with a terminal illness (cancer) and the time frame they have given him is not good. But God is in control...and that's where my hope and faith brother is a believer. Sorry...I ramble.. Will make it shorter next time. I have saved you in my favorites.

    1. Hi Wanda,
      I have had a monumental senior moment - another one!! lol
      I have returned your reply beneath another good friend of mine's comment, Jackie.
      Let me introduce you:
      Jackie - Wanda
      Wanda - Jackie

    2. I forgot to mention your daughter is beautiful ~ I will come back and listen to her sing.

    3. Nice to meet you Jackie!

  8. Totally fascinated with the video; somehow, I think you knew that I would be.
    Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it, my friend.
    So glad that your daughter is teaching...loving it....and has the wonderful memories of when she was at that school. How heart-touching that Maria attended that same school. Warmest hugs to you and your sweet family.
    Give your Grandson big hugs from me....

    1. Hi Jackie
      Yes I did know this post would interest you, as an ex-teacher of many years. In fact even when I was compiling the post I did say to myself. "I wonder if Jackie will be reading this and what she might make of it."
      One thing though, Maria attended the first school where Selina taught (gosh that's bad English isn't it? Slapped wrist.
      Yes little Peter is coming on nicely and it was remarkable to witness his little light switch of consciousness being switched on from almost non response to a now enquiring, expressive, communicating (albeit in baby language), smiling and laughing little chap of 14 weeks. I expect he will be learning his 17 times table soon lol
      Many hugs ~ Eddie

      PS On Plato is some great music by Bizet.

    2. All those little expressive baby talks are sooooo precious.
      I know that you are enjoying each moment. Give him snuggles for me.

  9. Hi Wanda
    Thanks for the comment and maybe the events were not coincidences at all and all meant to be. God moves in very strange ways sometimes and I do wish He would whisper in our ears sometimes to tell us what He wants. He keeps us on our toes.

    Cursive I believe is what some of us Brits know as 'Joined Up Writing'. Well it is difficult to read at first - it's as simple as that! But we get used to it eventually and so will he. In fact my joined up writing is sometimes difficult to read - even by me!! lol if I am in a hurry.
    Please feel free to ramble on - because what you say is interesting.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts! I am slowly coming to terms with things.
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  10. Somehow or other, I think learning the parrot fashion while young seemed easier to me!
    Fascinating video though!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Yes it was easier but this way is more informative and helps to seal understanding about relationships with numbers like 51, twice 51 and thrice 51 etc.

  11. Hi Eddie, sorry that I am so late in commenting! This is brilliant, and if only I had had such a wonderful teacher at school I would have learned so much better, if this is the way that children are taught now that is so very good. How amazing about your daughter and the school though - indeed, what a coincidence!!

    1. Hi Amy, Replied to your comment in the wrong place - it appears below "What about the girl's" comment. Thanks

  12. Wow, I've never seen anyone use a counting stick before! That's interesting! I should sign up for this class.

    Well, you know Eddie, I'm still waiting for the day that I will actually use sine, cosine, and tangent in real life. I read somewhere that Einstein flunked Math. I guess, I'd be okay. :-)

    1. Yes it is an approach that is a little different.

      See what you mean about sine, cosine and tangent - I too have never used them but I do tend to go off a point at a tangent sometimes.

      Liked your post! Did you get the second encoded film?

      Einstein was not good at maths even in later life. He had the ideas but always had to get someone to do the maths for him.

      As for me I fell asleep in an Economics exam lol.

  13. Yes - teachers today elicit much greater interest and enthusiasm.
    Take my example - I actually fell asleep in an Economics class once at school! The penalty was four strokes with the cane which is another story.
    Yes - we were surprised when we heard she was teaching at the school and when she found her old maths book.

  14. That's interesting. But I think I'll stick with a calculator!

    1. Clever - so those how you showed them you were bright enough to become a secret agent lol.

  15. We did endless flash cards for the times tables when I was a kid-- Oh how I hated them, but I still remember them... most of the time.

    What a hoot that your daughter found her old school book. That's really amazing.

    Hope you're good Eddie. xo jj

  16. Great post, Eddie! I'm with Secret Agent Woman and will stick with a calculator. LOL And it's interesting that your daughter has had so many syncros in her life and I don't believe in coincidences either. Cheers!

    1. Are they not coincidences then? Perhaps just meant to happen, eh!

  17. Fascinating, now can I go and lay down in a darkened room please.

    1. Best place, Ann.
      Safer than you kitchen too ROFL.

  18. I am really enjoying the alternative movie quotes you leave on my blog!
    I took a series of shots of the "beary" happy couple, created a post card ( yes, with quotes!) out of one of them, and sent it to a friend.
    Glad you get a kick out of my post ;-)

    1. Another senior moment!!
      Cherry, your reply is below.

  19. Glad you like them too!
    Funny, that those characters just seem to ignite my sense of humour. Their expressions are so silly and to make them say some fav quotes just somehow
    tickles my chuckle muscle, and it seems your's too.

    I often pop over and you know what, I am quite disappointed that others have not left any more movie quotes. Thinking!!!

  20. You speak the truth, Eddie, as usual. Those repetitious times table lessons have stood me in good stead for many years. I probably would have appreciated the easier method, had it been available, but the old way certainly worked!

    Glad to see you back here. I'll have to stop by more often to see if you've developed any of the embryonic ideas!

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  22. thanks is getting better daily...home now he is sleeping better and i imagine when we go back down tomorrow he will be looking better after a day of rest...crazy times man...hard to see your parents hurting...

  23. Nice way of teaching it indeed, thankfully I was always good with numbers, I can times away, but ask me calculus and yeah, I forget all of that


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