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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Brass Zombie Chickens Found Lurking!

For recipients of my Zombie Chicken Awards please read my previous post first or you will be totally confused by all this seemingly senseless activity. For the remainder please read on! Please!

Now just take a look at this! Quite extraordinary!
Remember this little trophy on my previous post?
Today I found some brass zombie chickens ALIVE! in the crew room at my ambulance station!
They were arguing furiously whilst standing on the mantelpiece. You might say THEY WERE THOROUGHLY BRASSED OFF and insulted with all these awards and gave me the COLD TURKEY!
For those who are not interested in chickens or turkeys there is plenty of fish and chips available.
If you would like to read a good play in five installments there is a ripper here entitled
767 Weddings, 2 Irate Vicars and Almost a Funeral starting with the trailer and this builds up to a real Easter treat.
Previews of coming attractions and dire warnings of things to come:
I am writing a love story would you believe - yes the old chap has feelings you know! He isn't exactly a block of stone! It just requires a fantastic memory, that's all! But it's all there!
I am starting a parallel blog to Clouds and Silvery Linings entitled Plato's Ponderings or maybe Plato's Procrastinations - please advise which one you prefer.
The purpose of this is rather like a confessional box, really!
The idea is for you to confess all the wrong things you have done and I will write the stories up, publish them and obtain the film rights for forthcoming blockbusters. How about that!
The other reason is to bounce ideas off each other for new stories far away from the madding crowd.
The main reason is to place posts like this on it so I can keep my usual blog for sensible projects.
With the English Grand National Horse race just over I am working on a giant horse race with funny things occurring at the fences and between the fences. Now do not worry I will say only bad things about fictitious horses! and only good things about YOU! but funny! You will enjoy, I promise!
Business of the day concluded, except for the riddle which no-one has managed to solve.
Here it is again:
There were twins
One was 'terty'
The other was 'tertyto'
One was born in March
The other's birthday was in September
And they married each other
Here is the conundrum is written the English:
There were twins
One was thirty
The other was thirty too
One was born in March
The other's birthday was in September
And they married each other
So the answer is:
One was thirty and the other was thirty as well
One was born in a place called March (they both were)
and both their birthdays were in September.
And . . . . . . they were both vicars and married each other to his/her partner.
I am most disappointed in you! (says he tongue in cheek) Not one of you got it right! And all that talent too! Well I never!


  1. I got the vicar have to at least give me credit for that! I like the "ponderings" bit best...Love this post! Love the brassy chickens!!! And the bard is pretty terrific too! Will look forward to your forthcoming posts!!! Very clever! Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. Ooooh I see Mr Eddie is a bit of a romantic!
    I'd go for Ponderings...
    When is the Ribbon Cuttin ceremony?

  3. What a coincidence seeing the chickens in the ambulance station!
    Name for a new blog? TIME WASTERS! Cos that is what I find mine is!

  4. If I wrote everything I'd done wrong, Eddie, you'd be too gobsmacked to write it up. I never saw your connundrum but if I had I'm sure I would have got it right.....

  5. Sorry Eddie, I am horrendously busy these days for a while so have been remiss in visiting many blogs at all. Thanks for the award, (I think!), and I shall get around to displaying it proudly on my blog! God knows how you are finding time to run two blogs! All the best.

  6. A love story sounds very romantic! I have hens on the farm (some people call them chickens but once they start laying eggs they are actually called hens) and I get many eggs every day of which I sell.

    CJ xx

  7. Eddie! I'm doing well to remember my own birthday and cipher my age! You expect me to have your immense brain power?!

    I LOVE the chickens! Now THAT's serendipity. :)

  8. P.S. I'm voting for Plato's Procrastinations because it sounds funnier and you know me. I love to laugh!

  9. Plato's Procrastinations, definitely!

    I thought I commented on this post already, but now I realize that I only saw the picture and was pulled away before I could read your insults and riduculing of my brain matter and ability to solve riddles... Fair enough, next time I'm bringing my think tank to the party. :)


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