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Saturday 5 September 2009

My Sunday Roast - "It ain't half hot Mum"

Something to celebrate

I feel like celebrating with a musical masterpiece - something really grand - and what better choice than this renditition of Handel's . . . . . . .
The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba
by the Amethyst Quartet

Isn't it fabulous - such precision, accuracy and expression. I hope you like classical music - but please read on anyway
So just what am I celebrating?
Oh, it could be because it is just wonderful to be alive and in blogland - you all say the nicest things! . . . . . most of the time.

Within a month I have been called a "CUTE HOOT", "A COOL DUDE" and one lovely lady has gone as far as saying, "EDDIE: I'M GOING TO LOOK FOR YOU IN MY NEXT LIFE; YOU'RE DEFINITELY THE MAN FOR ME!"

Oh, excuse my while I wipe my brow!
I shall not reveal your identity but thank you !
You have made my decade!

Or could my celebration be the return of some
very good friends of mine to blogland?
Lola's return at Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

Or perhaps Janine's at Sniffles and Smiles impending return to blogland

Or Meredith returning recently

Or Cherry showing signs of returning, hopefully
So, I'll call the music
"The arrival of the Queens Of Sheba"
because these ladies are ALL Queens of blogland - and we can listen together to this marvellous rendition as we read on . . . . . . . . . . .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To hear Eddie and Janine play a duet of this press HERE
But actually THE MAIN REASON reason for this post is because I am celebrating my own Sunday Roasting on 6th September 2009. Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding is on the menu - just like mamma used to make. Tuck in and enjoy! I am deeply honoured to be featured in David McMahon's The Sunday Roast at Authorblog. To read it please click HERE and thank you David - I enjoyed the roasting very much. To participate is a huge privilege, as it is to be awarded POTDs of which I have received seven so far. It was an honour to receive these as well and the roasting.
And thank you David for my gradual roasting so I could get used to the temperature.
David, you are a shepherd extraordinaire and you watch faithfully over your ever growing flock numbering 943 (sorry 944).

I sense a big celebration when you reach 1000
(Very strange! - sometimes I am observed to be not in the picture - yet I return - where I go no one knows. It's a bit like Gilbert & Sullivan's "Ruddigore". Same at David's Roast Host - obviously I go to haunt people! - or perhaps just to stretch my legs? Should be rectified now)

Whilst writing, once again, I would take this opportunity to apologise to my followers for not visiting your posts as regularly as I would wish - I am horrendously busy at work trying to settle into a new job - but I hope the dust will settle soon to allow me more time.

In conclusion I offer a preview of a forthcoming attraction, as you might have noticed, on my film trailer post.

I do plan posting more ambulance stories but I am sketching in my mind a big fun production where a lot of my blogging friends can participate - a bit like my Grand National - problem is this one is a long time coming because of my work situation so all I can do for now is 'tease' you with it for a while.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you due warning that a new musical rendition of "The Wizard Of Oz" will soon be penned and adorn the world of make belief. I am uncertain when this will be posted as yet - I have not the foggiest idea! I am auditioning still for some of the major parts and the production has not been completed - but I give you due warning, the chances are very strong you will be in it but I cannot tell you as yet whether you will be a 'goody' or a 'baddy'.

What I can say is that nasty, evil, wizard of a witch, Suldog is cast for that horrible, deadly, vile Witch of the West and let me warn you, his wand is deadly and his broom flying is brilliant.
All together: "Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh"

Says he, "No no! I am nice really!"

"Oh no, you're not . . . . . .boooooooooooooooh!"

"Oh yes I am!"

"Oh no! You're not! booooooooooooooooh"
"Grrrr! Right! By all the nuns on a merry go round I will turn you all into a load of toads! Grrrr!"

ok! sorry!


  1. Eddie....congratulations on your impending roast on David's blog. I look forward to reading it.
    It is always a pleasure to spend time at your blog; you are a very creative man.
    I also celebrate with you the return of your fellow bloggers. Isn't it wonderful to have old friends back on line...
    Have a lovely day, Eddie.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  2. you have such wonderful news upon your return, congrats on being featured at the Sunday Roast with David!

    And like everyone,I'm looking forward to the Wizard of Oz, could I at least be a tree or a shrub, I'm sure you'll need a tree somewhere to fill space. I'd be willing to audition!!!^^ ...

    take care!
    hugs from manila!^^

  3. Just back from David's blog and Well roasted! Well done and congratulations sweetie! I so look forward to the Wizard of Oz...shall I audition..I'd be a good witch or one of those annoying little singing thingies...what the heck are they called...brain fart..sorry. I hope a stellar memory is not necessary to audition..I'm more of an improv. type meself.

    More ambulance stories them!

    Many hugs and kisses

  4. Great interview at Authorblog and I really like the "bluelights" animation on this post! Made me laugh...

  5. David's Roast post is up because it's Sunday in Australia already? How cool!

    Thank you my darlin' for the mention, the link-up and the kudos. I left a message at the Roast Pit, but I had to stop by here too to congratulate you.

    Your advice about keeping it short and then going on for 8 pages cracked me up, it's so YOU.

    Hugs, pet.

  6. Blimey! I thought something important was about to happen!

    See I can be funny too!

    Great Roast! * Keep it short* was a laugh for a start and *Chat up the ladies*!!! That bit of advice would be daft for ME to try!
    Funny man!

  7. Just read your Sunday Roast and was very impressed my friend...a job well done.
    So enjoy following your blog and you know me Eddie I love "Albert" and always have.
    Have a great weekend.......:-) Hugs

  8. Have just found your blog through reading David's Sunday Roast interview. Congratulations! So I've popped over here for a little what I will be back for more.

    Best wishes

  9. You're in fine shape, Eddie. And your casting instincts are fine-tuned too.

  10. Eddie...I left a comment at David's blog, but I wanted to stop back by here and tell you how much you mean to me and to the blogging world.
    You are the best. Congratulations on a well-written interview that you have on Authorblog.
    All the best to you, my friend.

  11. What a jolly blog to find (via your roast ;-)

    I'm new here, but I'd love to be a munchkin or something...perhaps a hula dancing munchkin....

    Aloha, cutie

    Cloudia's Comfort Spiral

  12. Wonderful music and congratulations on the Roast!

  13. Eddie,

    You are truly gallant gentleman! What a warm welcome you have given. Thank you, truly!

  14. Eddie, imagine my surprise when I hopped over to David's and saw what you had written about me! I appreciate your kindness and am humbled by what you wrote. So often I have almost given up writing. You have no idea what encouragement that was for me to read. THANK YOU!!

    My current post may not be of interest to you (a tea party!), but thank you for all the visits, kind words, and blog friendship. I am so glad we have met! Your humor never fails to brighten my day! Your family must find you a delight :)!

  15. Well you all seem to like me! LOL

    Actually I am very humbled to receive such comments and I shall thank you all personally in due course.


  16. Congrats on the Sunday Roast Eddie, and for the great shoutout to moi! I agree with Lola about suggesting 'short' and going on and on! LOL!

  17. Sassy Scribbles said...

    He's my favorite guy in the whole bloggie world!

    9:05 PM

  18. Eddie...the duet by Janine and you on Plato was soooo YOU. I am smiling at the fact that Janine's short li'l legs can't reach the lower pedals on the organ...and I know that she appreciates your playing them for her. You are always the gent. (She can turn the pages, though...she always turns another page and keeps on smiling, doesn't she. Life is good!!!)

  19. I wrote a very important comment here and it seems to have got lost some where. So just rewriting to Congratulate you on "the Sunday roast" that was a great one!

  20. Hi Eddie,
    I have to apologize for not visiting. I must check my google reader, it has not been showing your new posts! Right now I am on the dinosaur computer so I will have to wait until my teen is done to check it!
    You deserve to be roasted Eddie. And a toast to you as well! This dinosaur will not let me watch any videos so I will check that out when I get back on the newer one.
    I wait with anticipation for your production Eddie!
    Love Di

    P.S. So sorry I'm late

  21. Breeze said...
    One of my favourite bloggers ever! Love ya Eddie! Glad to see you roasted...but you've always been well-done so nothing too startling in that!


  22. K. said...
    Great interview, David! Eddie Bluelights is entertaining indeed. I think I'm going to start saying "Crumbs!" LOL...I think my kids and coworkers would really enjoy that. :)

    1:34 AM

  23. Lola said...
    Woo hoo! Excellent introduction, as always David. I love Eddie's advice about keeping it short - its' so him to say that and then go on for 8 pages!

    He's a sweet man, and his good nature comes through with every word he blogs. He has been very close to me in difficult times, and I will never thank him enough.

    Bravo David and thank you Eddie for the mention! Thou rockest, pet.


  24. Sandi McBride said...
    I've been visiting Eddie for a few months now and he never fails to entertain. Thanks for the roast David!

    2:13 AM

  25. Maggie May said...
    I enjoy Eddie Bluelights sense of humour and his exuberance that permeates everything he writes.
    Is he having a laugh though saying *Keep posts short so that the reader could visit 24 others*! I could have visited 2 or 3 dozen while I read that lot!
    Great interview.
    Only kidding Eddie!

    2:37 AM

  26. Crystal Jigsaw said...
    Definitely a great blogger, I always a trip to Eddie's blog. He comes across as a caring and gentle character, a pleasure to have made his acquaintance albeit in blogland.

    CJ xx

    3:49 AM

  27. Bernie said...
    One of my favorite bloggers, always ready to help us new bloggers with words of encouragement and whenever I need a blog problem solved, I ask Eddie. He never makes me feel ignorant or a nuisance....and I will say he does chat up the ladies in the village and we love him for it.
    Great Roast David......Great blogging Eddie.......:-) Hugs

    4:41 AM

  28. Eddie Bluelights said...
    Crumbs! That's a long post!
    Thanks a lot David - great honour for me - got the flashing eye lights working at my place ~ Eddie

    5:58 AM

  29. Eddie Bluelights said...
    Ah! Great, David . . . you have made my eyes flash as well. All I need now is my Thinking Cap! ~ Eddie

    8:37 AM

  30. Jackie said...
    Eddie....a job well done, my friend. The hints that you give to new bloggers (that would be ME) are very helpful ones. The greatest help to a blogger is to have someone (like yourself and Janine, Bernie, and others like you) that will comment with sincerity and not be afraid to let the humour (I put the "U" in just for "U"..)...flow. Thank you for being a blogging friend...not only to me but to many many people all over the world. Congratulations on a well-done interviewm Mr. Bluelights!!
    Smiles to you from Jackie

    9:26 AM

  31. God of Another World said...
    An excellent choice, David. Mr. Bluelights has been a favorite of mine for awhile. He is genuine and humorous and is anything but predictable.

    3:05 PM

  32. The Things We Carried said...
    David, you have chosen a favorite of mine. Great interview! How humbling to see what Eddie wrote here. He is truly a kind man with a fabulous sense of humor! Thank you for spotlighting him!

    4:58 PM

  33. Shrinky said...
    What a treat to find Eddie in here!

    10:50 PM

  34. Merisi said...
    Wonderful Sunday Roast,
    about a blogger who truly has great stories to share!
    Thank you, David and Eddie! :-)

    1:11 AM

  35. Gaston Studio said...
    What a great choice to roast Eddie, David, he is one genuinely funny man, with genuine being the key word. A great read, and he gave me a shoutout! How sweet!

    2:58 AM

  36. Mr London Street said...
    If that's keeping it brief I dread to think what the unabridged version would be like!

    Nice interview.

    4:27 AM

  37. The way you write is like a breath of fresh air :D Very refreshing. You can count on me as a regular visitor!

    Jobs always have a habit of getting into the way of what we like doing the most. So there! Don't be apologetic :-) All of us are just a click away, whenever you find the time :) Loads of love to you :)

  38. Great interview on the roast, mon cher amis! Looks like your popularity is soaring! Thanks for the lovely birthday poem, twice. It may take me a while to catch up on my return comments, after my vacation. My mind is still on the beach!

  39. No picture here...just an empty space, sniff sniff...guess you're still busy playing the organ with that girl on your other blog!

    Now I need to go see if you got properly roasted...wouldn't want you to be under cooked of course.

    It's getting to be like a reading a novel here...good grief there are 38 comments ahead of me plus your own long post. At least the plot is good and I think the good guys/girls win here again today!

    blessings on you and yours,


  40. Tranquility - It is a real treat to have you on board and I am bery flattered you have spent so much time here and placed some brethtaking comments - thank you so much - it means so much to me - I am so appreciative ~ Eddie

  41. Marguerite - Why hello ma cher Marguerite
    To see you at Eddies' is such a treat
    I can see your lovely green eyes winking
    In syncronisation with my blue eyes blinking
    I look forward to seeing you at Cajun Delights
    And arm in arm we can walk and see all the sights
    Of people enjoying themselves on the beach
    And how to Cajun dance to me you can teach

    You are going to have a lovely part in my play
    You'll like it so much, you won't go away.

    Thanks for being such a great sport ~ Eddie x

  42. Marcy - Thank you very much for your visit - I am pleased to say I can wink at you now 'ampidexterously' if there is such a word ~ Eddie x

  43. Hello blue eyes....

  44. Oh, Boy! I get to turn people into a load of toads? I can't wait!

  45. Hello Mr Eddie!
    Congratulations on the Roast! Oh how wonderful of David to recognize an equally wonderful blogger! I thought that was very kind of you to mention your friends. Thank you for always tagging me along :-)
    You make us proud, Mr. Eddie.
    For that you get a standing ovation! :-)

    Also, I want to thank you for always dropping by Cherry Blossom Street. You are a good friend, Mr Eddie.
    It is also an honour to be a part of your upcoming project "Wizard of Oz".
    Ooohh I already know it would be a winner!
    Don't forget to take a break, you is wealth!
    Take care!

  46. Suldog - Thanks Jim - have a good break fully charging your batteries - might have a break myself after "Oz". I think you are going to like the production.

    Girl from Cherry - I was very pleasantly surprised to see your comment this morning - it has made my day. I have some funny things which will amuse you about a lovely girl called Cherry (what a coincidence!~) in my "Oz".
    I always value your comments very highly and breathe a little sigh when you call by - God Bless you! ~ Mr Eddie x

  47. Everyone - I am very touched and humbled by your very kind comments - keep them coming I love it LOL

  48. Eddie...look at the comments!! I love it. I smiled at Marcy's comment about your playing the organ with that other girl on your other blog.
    I'm sure Janine had to smile at that, too.
    Terrific responses here to a simply terrific guy. You can't 'not blog' Eddie. What am I going to doooooo. Sigh. You deserve a break, though, my friend...if anyone does, you do. Just don't be gone too long after Oz....please?! Enjoy the comments...they are well-deserved ones. Blink those blue eyes and get back to work (you KNOW you're reading this at work!! :))) )
    Smiles from Jackie

  49. Jackie - Thanks so very muck, Jackie, you are such a loyal friend - and yes I am reading this at work!! - smacked wrists!! what a naughty boy! GET ON WITH YOUR WORK, EDDIE!!!!

  50. Eddie you are the best kind of kook. Now remember that none of the paintings on my blog are done by me.


  51. Well deserved, Eddie with your sparkling blue eyes! I am still getting to know my new computer and it has been remiss in alerting me to your posts! I am caught up now......

  52. Well, Eddie...You've DONE IT AGAIN, my dear sir!!! You can't keep that twinkle to yourself!!! You are ALWAYS brightening up the entirety of blogland with your starry eyes and performances!! A fine roast...turned to a tee...well-done...and couldn't happen to a nicer guy...LOL...And this companion post is absolutely terrific!!! Your sense of humor and your ability to tell a fantastic yarn never fail! Bravo! Bravo! And congratulations!! God bless you, my friend! Hugs, Janine

  53. Read the Roast last week, but didn't get time to comment.
    You're really really funny, I've laughed so much reading this blog!
    Well done on your Sunday roasting! I'll be back.

  54. Hi Eddie! After seeing your comments on so many village blogs...I thought I'd better come over and say hello, lest you think me rude :) What an honorable job you have...I'm so glad that there are people like you who can take care of us when we're sick and hurt...
    I will definately check back to see your OZ post :) Congratulations on your roast too!!
    It is very nice to meet you!!! :)
    Blessings to you.....Jerelene

  55. Eddie!! Congratulations!! I don't know how I missed this!! Wonderful job!! Hugs!!


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