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Tuesday 29 September 2009

The Sunday Roast continues

If you intended reading more about the Wizard of Oz I would like you first to read an important announcement concerning a popular weekly feature by our well loved leader,
The Wizard of Aus, David McMahon of Authorblog
David has handed me the Microphone, the Spit and the Cooker!
I can just see in my mind's eye him saying,
"Give 'em a right Roasting, Eddie from me!"
Following his sad departure from Blogland David McMahon has honoured me beyond measure by suggesting I continue his weekly Sunday Roast publication. I was very touched to receive his email, and I quote:

. . . . . . . if you'd like to take up the baton and publish the weekly Sunday Roast column, I'd be delighted to hand it over to you, lock stock and barrel. I have some roasts in the pipeline and I'll email all these to you if you decide to take up the offer.

Thank you David, I am honoured beyond words. To be offered this task is truly breathtaking. I am so very, very grateful.

I have accepted David's very kind and generous offer on one condition and that is, if David ever decides to return to Blogland I will return it to it's rightful owner still intact and not compromised in any way. I shall make sure the project is run exactly as David would wish. I know I have sufficient time to administer this and I intend to devote considerable initial effort to get the show on the road for us.

I know this is a very popular feature at Authorblog and I shall try to maintain, and if possible
increase, it's profile and interest, but this will take time.

As David said there are a number of roasts in the pipeline and these will be published as soon as I can do so at my blog.
For those not familiar with The Sunday Roast my very good blogging colleague, Maggie May, outlines it very well in her post which I link HERE

Before I can publish the first Roast, we must address how we can publicise the feature across Blogland so sufficient readers can be attracted. Maggie has kindly offered to keep her post published for a week and I would be grateful if you could post something for a few days to help get the word round.

I would welcome any suggestions as to how we can achieve success. We are addressing this issue as well and work is underway to find a solution and David has just agreed to link his blog to this post so his 935 followers can access the roasts if they so wish. If all goes well I should be able to post the roast circa mid October.

I intend running this feature in a democratic way and I shall be asking everyone for their nominations as to who YOU would like to feature and I would be grateful if you would let me know your preferences as and when they occur to you. I can easily handle setting it all up, contacting people and publishing the roasts.

I am a man of integrity and I shall respect all confidences, as David does, and always has.

I have an email set up for all roast correspondence and therefore you can contact me at:

or you could let me know as a comment attached to any post I may have showing at the time.

I will leave the email address on my sidebar for future reference after this post is superseded.

I intend adding a link to a Roll of Honour and I will compile all previous and current roasts so we can all see who has been roasted and when. You will be able to scroll down a page to see who they all are. This could rekindle interest thus highlighting the feature.

Since I normally post my work no more than twice weekly the roast post will stand for a much longer period of time than previously so more people will have time to notice it, hopefully - therefore there should be more comments for the 'roastee'.

I hope I have elicited interest here - I think this is a cracking publication and together let's make it work again and have some fun doing it.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


I publicly thank you David for all your help and encouragement . There is no doubt that without it I would have thrown in the towel long ago, as would a large number of blogging friends.

We all wish you well wherever you go and whatever you do. We know you will drop in to see us when you can and we shall be delighted when you do. And I for one will follow you on

Red Bubble

God bless you, David

I am working on the next installment of The Wizard of Oz and there may now be a slight delay posting it so I would ask you to bear with me for a while - I'm up to my neck in witches!! Actually I would welcome more writing time as well. Meanwhile if you would like to see the last episode please press HERE or the start at Part One HERE


  1. many congtrats Eddie ,I will read with interest

  2. Yay! This was such a great feature and you are perfect for this! Maybe if someone knows how to make one of those clicky badges we could all put it on our blogs and announce it to our respective followers. As a vegetarian I'll just pretend it's a tofurkey roast.

    Congratulations Eddie


  3. David's shoes are pretty large, Eddie, but I am sure you will do a brilliant job filling them. Good luck!

  4. Can't wait to read the first Bluelight Special! Congrats and good luck to you.

  5. nice. i enjoyed stopping by David's each week to read the roast and meet new people. quite the honor getting that baton. know you will do well with it though. and i'll be patient with the next wizard post, smiles.

  6. Well, Congrats, mon cher amis, you are PERFECT FOR THE JOB!!! Since I am one of "the roasts in the pipeline", you will be hearing from me soon! I had ceased working on the interview, when David made his announcement, but shall now finish it up, before I send it to you. See you at gmail!!!

  7. Eddie, I'm delighted!
    David's Sunday Roast was a favourite of mine,and I was so disappointed to think it would end.You'll be perfect to take over the cooking! I agree with Breeze's suggestion of a badge that we can all put on our blogs to announce it.
    Oh, this is becoming exciting!

  8. Eddie, you'll have to change costumes. But, if anyone can take this task, you can. Looking forward to it.

  9. Maggie from Nuts in May said you were carrying the torch. Very nice of you.

  10. It couldn't be in safer hands! Go for it and good luck.

  11. We all miss David.
    But, oh this is wonderful news.
    From one gentleman to another...

  12. Eddie...
    I am passing along a note from 'Jackie'.....
    she will be off line for a while.. taking care of her mom ( H1N1 flu ). She didn't want you to worry , since she can't comment. Her parents
    live in a rural area and there is no internet
    access... even her cell phone is spotty at best.
    She'll be baaaaack !!!

  13. Eddie, this is such a happy news!
    I totally agree with everyone here, Sunday Roast couldn't be in a much safer hands! You're gonna be awesome!

    Congrats Eddie and Good luck!

    We've been receiving so much help for the flood victims here in Manila, we are very grateful! Thank you for the thoughts and prayers Eddie. God is good.

    Sassy + Hubby

  14. Congratulations on being entrusted with something that means a lot to you :) I'll be reading and shall be around as much as time permits me to :)

  15. Well done and thankyou Eddie for taking up the baton that is the Sunday Roast from David. I'm going away for the weekend but early next week I will put up a post advertising this. Hopefully all the regular readers, and more, will still enjoy their Sunday Roast courtesy of you. :)

  16. Congratulations, Eddie! That's a plum assignment, and I can't think of anyone else who comes as close to matching David for kindness as you do. You deserve it, and I'm sure you'll do a splendid job.

  17. I, for one, am so glad you're going to continue the tradition and will add you to my "follow" list. Thx Eddie! :D

  18. I've added you to my bloglist Eddie and put a post up pointing anyone who comes to my blog over here for a right roasting!
    I am glad you took the baton up and have every confidence in you.

  19. Hello, my friend!!!! I can't think of anyone better to carry the torch!!!! Just don't start too big a fire, or will have to call it the Sunday charbroiled! LOL...You will be a terrific host!!! And I am thrilled to see you honored in this way! I truly will look forward with eager anticipation to seeing the tradition continued, and to observing the special blue light touches that you will naturally incorporate! Hugs, Janine

  20. Eddie, I have complete faith you will do a brilliant job and I'm sure that out of love for David, his followers will certainly support you and welcome the chance to get to know you.

    Here's to you!

  21. Some men are born to greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them. Congratulations Eddie. A very worthy successor.

  22. Congrats, Eddie!! I'm so happy for you!! Have fun!! You will do a great job!!

  23. Good to see that David's traditions will not all be lost. I hope that the baton will not be too heavy for you.

  24. Eddie, I have posted the good news at my blog :)! I am so very pleased you will carry the torch!

  25. Eddie, just want to let you know that I've written a post about your Sunday Roast.
    Looking forward to the first roasting, and the continuing tradition, Yorkshire pud and all!

  26. Congratulation! I am quite sure this honor is well deserved!

  27. Congrats on carrying on the tradition! If you ever need a big bowl of mashed taters or maybe some boiled crawfish for your Sunday Roast, feel free to gimme a shout! :D

  28. What an honour for you, and well bestowed. I can't think of a better person to take the reins. I look forward with interest.
    Keep on rollin-rollin-rollin!!!

    Love Granny

  29. Oh Eddie.......How wonderful!!! What great news.
    I am so proud of you and for you...

  30. Thank you all for your kind comments and support.
    With this backing we are definately on course for 'go' on 11 October and this weekend I am trying very hard to get the history of previous roasts posted - it is well in progress and there is a surprise in the post!! Come on you'll have to be patient!

  31. How are you, my dear fellow?? Hope you are staying afloat with all this new blogging responsibility ...Perhaps, we can buoy you??? You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs~Janine

  32. David gone? I never thought I would see the day!

    Then take the baton, my friend, and run the race well.

  33. Eddie Blues and Twos, I am so proud of you to continue on with David's wonderful tradition - I am so sad to lose him to Blogworld, and hopefully it's a temporary thing for him, but you are such a fabulous custodian of such a favour - Thank you and all the very best of luck, Sir! With love and much respect, Fhi x

  34. Wow it sounds like quite a responsibility Eddie. I wish you well with your new venture! I am going to visit Maggie May to read about this.
    Love Di


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