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Wednesday 13 August 2014


What a title!!
What's all is this about?

Oh, it's the latest prompt from Tess for Magpie Tales

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell . . . by Keith Haring, 1985

An Unlikely Wedding

One day I received a strange invitation,
sent to each soul, to every nation.
It was a bit weird, bizarre and unclear;
the concept and reason behind that idea.

The forthcoming wedding, my eyes did befell,
t'was a picture of nuptials twixt heaven and hell.
I could not believe my wide bulging eyes
and asked if this notion might prove to be wise.

Allowing for lust, maybe love, yes of course,
such union must end in a speedy divorce,
for all points relating to this sanctioned wedlock
are bound to end fast in conflict and deadlock.

Just who the bride is no-one can tell.
Is she from Heaven, or maybe from hell.
The groom; he we might speculate also.
Does he have horns, or wears he a halo?

And just who would give his offspring away?
Would he be darkness, or be he bright as day?
And who would be chosen to bless that ring?
And what kind of hymns would be chosen to sing?

Some guests would like it much more to be hot,
whilst others, more righteous, would most certainly not.
Some would be happy playing harps at great heights,
but to others this would give them such terrible frights.

When asked at the service if they had some objections
to this marriage, all said yes; there were no exceptions.
So it is  not be clear how this marriage occurs;
live in sin is the option that each person prefers.

And imagine when guests did get to the feast;
in-laws might squabble from the most to the least.
And no-one knows what they might say in their speech
and just what advice the bride's dad may beseech.

And what would the angels just happen to say?
Elect ones and demons, they would hardly play. . . . 
They might have a chat when before they decided,
a third  of them fell from the two thirds divided. 

Eddie in his Pope mobile striving to hold back the forces of evil

Well that was a bit different.  What a strange idea for a painting, wasn't it?

Why not have a go at Magpie Tales 


  1. ha. that is a marriage made in...well...maybe a bit of heaven and hell...yikes....but i like to think that is heaven crashed into hell it might come out for the best...smiles.

    1. Thanks Brian - the whole concept is amazing!
      Of course we know that eventually hell will end but that is for another age . . .and hope for the future . . . :)

  2. A very creative submission for Tess' Magpie Tales!

    1. Thanks Michelle . . . . always lovely to see you here . . . . :)

  3. I love your poem, and i had no idea Keith Haring worked on that large of a scale.

    1. Thanks Stephen - yes a large painting and a gigantic concept . . . Eddie :)

  4. Well, that was a unique take on the prompt..would be a very odd wedding for sure.

    1. Thanks Truedessa - very odd indeed, I think I will decline the invitation . . . . lol

  5. Ha, yeah, I don't think this will work out either, *grin*

    1. They have started squabbling already I am told . . . . Thanks V . . . :)

  6. I've known some marriages begin in heaven and end in hell...perhaps this couple are just cutting out the middle bit to save time!
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane
      Welcome aboard my humble residence . . . steeped in good old British culture and history. See, we have Eddie attempting Riverdance just after a hip replacement operation . . . and him also attempting to re-write Shakespeare. What more could any girl possibly want?

      Did you hear the fanfare of trumpets as you walked through my sidebar?
      Alas I have not had time to install the red carpet . . lol . . . but I left you a jam butty for you which I do hope has not gone too moldy.

      Yes that marriage was doomed for failure and I doubt whether is was even consummated . . . .oh! thinking again I bet it was . . . lol

      Coventry is about 80 miles away from Bristol.
      Do you ever get homesick?

      Well must dash . . . . It's jolly well tipping down outside and I wanted to do some gardening. Oh Hell's Teeth!!

      Toodle Pip

    2. Are you back from Specsavers? Hello? Hello,Eddie?
      Ah, there you are...try me labels list old fruit.
      Jane x
      PS Homesick? Housework makes me sick, does that count?

    3. LOL
      Yes housework. housework - that would make anyone sick.
      Coming back to find your labels - Ahhh! I see the light! . . . labels,I was looking for clouds but the clouds are within your labels. Thank God I am super intelligent! . . . . . lol . . . . Eddie x

    4. Hi Eddie...
      Hi Jane....
      Glad you two are getting along...I love the British! hahaha!
      Oh yes...the me see now...oh...kind of like the Emperors new clothes!!
      how is that Eddie?
      Linda :o)

    5. Hi Linda:) lol . . . . . . and Jane, "Where are you?" . . . . lol
      (last time I saw her she was driving a snowplow in Ontario and Chris was commenting and they did a little interview on video - hilarious - you should see it Linda and Jane does not sound like the Queen either).
      Your comment re Emperor's New Clothes was excellent - but never mind the poem and the subject, it is so weird any interpretation goes.

      I see you have posted - will be over soon. Cheers ~ Eddie :)

  7. I think you’re right, I predict a divorce before too long!

    1. Yes . . . I wonder who proposed . . . they must have been drunk? . . . :)

  8. I love the rhyme!! And the photo!!

  9. Look at you go,
    With the flow.
    One wedding I'd avoid,
    Horns and hell would make me paranoid

    1. I thank you Pat
      Landing on my mat
      It just would not work
      And we;d all go berserk ! . . . lol

  10. ". . .striving to hold back the forces of evil . . ." It will take more than a paper cross to hold me back, matey!

    1. LOL
      I just loved that comment. I was rolling around laughing for ages.
      Guess it would take some garlic a steak and strong sunlight to drive you back to Transylvania and the castle .. . . . :)

  11. Bingo! You have nailed this prompt. What a take! Great one.


  12. I'm wondering if the service was performed by a cleric (perhaps defrocked) or if it was a civil ceremony?

    1. Who knows and I don't know the venue either . . . . lol
      Great to see you Jim . . . :)

  13. A very strange idea for a painting indeed!!

    1. Absolutely Amy . . . . . . I cannot think how anyone would imagine this including Keith Haring in 1985 . . . very strange

  14. Very good Eddie I love the message! Heaven and Hell. Thanks for visiting me! Bravo!! <3

    1. Thanks Bekkie and always great to see you . . . and you are most welcome, I enjoyed reading yours . . . . :) Eddie

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