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Friday 6 March 2009

Feeling Sheepish at Cheddar

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me!

"This chap looks a bit different!", said the sheep said to himself, "He is wearing an ambulance uniform and it looks as though he has had his breakfast already! He's just walking round Cheddar reservoir here quite peacefully. So instead of running I'll listen to what he has to say because he has been standing there quietly for several minutes, making strange noises as though he wants me to come to him. Oh well, why not? He looks quite harmless. OK let's go for it! He's beginning to drive me up the wall. I'll let him get three feet away from me and no more!"

"It's OK folks! You can come out now. He must be a vegetarian."


  1. Too, too funny!!!! Love it! Wish I could share a photo I have of a little fawn that followed a beagle home in Maryland ...right through the doggie door, and the home owners found the two "friends" settled on the sofa when the owners returned from work that evening! Wonder what the beagle said to the fawn? Thank you for enlightening us regarding the thoughts of that clever sheep, Dr. Doolittle! Cheers! Janine

  2. I love it!
    Great Pictures!
    They would like me too as I would never eat them!

  3. Great pictures...and commentary.

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! As you can see, I followed your wonderful advice! And David was kind enough to stop by as well! You guys are so great! Thank God for my fabulous and wonderful new friends! I am blessed!

  5. Nice work all round, with the pictures and the ``speech''.

    Even though it was in Cheddar, it wasn't cheesy!

  6. Wonderful, I love the way you've captured it's quintessentially sheepy expression!

  7. Very funny, laughed a lot, ar'nt sheep the doziest of animals..I mean they look like cartoons.

  8. *rofl*

    I have to thank you and David of Authorblog for this great laugh of the day, sheer joy! :-)

    Congratulations on making it onto David's Post of the Day blog!

  9. Came over from David's. Congrats! Loved these and especially your captions!

  10. Thats cute! He's just standing there looking sheepish.

  11. Congrats on David's mention in POTD! Well-deserved!


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