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Tuesday 24 March 2009

Oh Harley! Oh Harley! . . . A Marvel of Engineering

Behold this regal magnificence of classical tradition
So engineered by genius, a pinnacle of man's inventiveness.
My countenance conveys such majesty, such strength, such beauty,
Not seen since my creation by mere men amongst the gods.
An endless shower of praise and accolade rain upon my face.

My mighty chest expands and swells with worthy pride
Consider then my purpose and exceptional design
A powerhouse so supreme all others fall before me.
Yet while I sleep I am the object of awe and fascination
For how could mere mortals fashion such perfection?

Beneath my face of steel, reflecting light in flight before me
There lies a noble heart; a symphony of mighty moving parts
Which when commanded will awaken and create such terror
That all creation will know I am the rightful king of princes.
Those mere upstarts who would dare contest my reign
Are not mine heirs but false pretenders to my throne.

Behold I awake and stir and in due season set in motion
All those inward parts of muscle and steel sinew, which
Will cause those fools which dare rival my own authority
To bow down one by one and kneel before their king.
I roar! again, my thunderous bellow of a roar - like a beast possessed
Is but a prelude to such marvels which my power will fashion.

Now I stir and make the very air surrender to each blast of fury.
Hot gas and blood from deep within my furnace are expelled
As each deep-throated roar progresses to my next astonishment.
For my engine doth but idle and my true task not begun.
Yet now it's due season for my full majesty to come of age.

My heart and lungs they spring to life with deafening ferocity.
Claps of heavy thunder blasts cascade to mute all other sounds
As my real power engages into drive, propelling me to speedy motion
In a cacophony of canon fire with ever wild crescendo
Commanding every face in awe to gaze in my direction.

I fly, I fly like eagle's wings and with all my energy so harnessed
I still find yet another gear to fly the faster when my master orders
And whatever thrust required of me it will be met in plenty.
Now hear this you pretenders and mere princes who would have my crown
Get in rank! - you shall not have it for your pedigree will not stand the test of time

. . . like mine.

Says Mrs Bluelights, " . . . . . . and I don't know why you're rabbiting on and on about it, ducky, it's only and motor bike!"

"There come and sit down my dear, drink your cup of coffee and have a bag of crisps, my dear and then you will feel much better! All this blogging is very bad for you and I have lots of jobs for you to do!"

This Harley Davidson, parked in the Ambulance garage, belongs to one of my Ambulance colleagues. It goes like the clappers and makes a fantastic din. We can hear him coming half a mile away! Apologies for those who have Ducati bikes - I am told they are even better!
But shhh! Harley is very sensitive and I don't want to upset this sleeping giant. I've had enough roaring for one day!

Written by Eddie Bluelights March 2009 Copyright Eddie Bluelights March 2009


  1. I really like this, Eddie! You capture so many of the senses with your words...I hear, see, smell...and you lead me to acknowledge the Harley's magnificence....I love the way you personify the bike...using the bike as the speaker for your piece...This was a real treat to read!

  2. Mr Eddie I am not messing with the king of the road, for I am only a Ducati :-)

  3. Seeing these pictures I can understand your enthusiasm without any problems.

    PS Thank you for nthe nice comment!

  4. Hallo Eddie, I am here to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, if only every one did that who pops in out of curiosity I would have no time to cook himself a meal, and that would do no harm to his mighty corporation.

    I can't say that in all honesty I have a great love of motor bikes,when I was nursing I saw too many young men with terribl njuries, but I can appreciate the beauty of the beasts.
    However, I do like your writing style and I shall be back for more.

  5. I tremble before such power. Great bike. Even someone who knows nothing about bikes can feel the draw to a good bike.

  6. Mr Eddie thank you very much for following. I knew it had to be the Ducati!
    My brother has Ducati, you see (with matching Ducati Arai helmet and Ducati leather jacket!)
    All I hear from him is ducati this, ducati that..
    So you see why I can understand your colleague's enthusiasm for bikes!

  7. Oh I love the additional photos, and humor...Humor is definitely your best...but you really carried this one off as well!Inspired!

  8. you're welcome Eddie.. and i'm glad you stopped by! i'll keep the pot warm... [or at least a cold bottle of wate in the fridge! ;) LOL]

    blessings, and have a great day!

  9. Do you ride one, Eddie?
    Powerful machines. I rode on the back of one once many moons ago. Well it may not have been a Harley.......

  10. we have a kawasaki zzr 1100.sigh that will soon be sold

  11. Hi Maggie, No I did not have a motorbike. Actually I had a Lambretta Scooter 200cc - quite tame I am afraid. I still came off it a few times! but lived to fight a huge number of days.

    Hi Valleys Mam, actually there is a Paramedic at work who has a Kawasaki 1350cc and he is a bit 'peeved'that Harley was so boastful and says it would knock spots off the Harley Davidson. Yes he's right as I will point out in my new blog soon.

    Thank you Tracie, cold water will be fine thanks - thanks for stopping by.

    Sniffles and Smiles, Thank you again, my friend. As for the next post, "I'm working on it! I'm working on it! Be patient, my dear!"

    The girl frim Cherry Blosson Street - thank you for your comments and I note your brother's enthusiam for the Ducati, shared dare I say by the owner of the Harley Davidson.

    Moannie. Totally understand and agree with your worry about the safety issues. I too have seen some awful sights re accidents and I have lost a couple of friends in the past.

    Rune E. Thanks for the visit. I'll keep the kettle on.

    Michael - Thank you my friend for the visit and your comment. I am a reular visitor to your place.

    Grumpy Old Ken. Where are you?

  12. Eddie this was a wonderful post, you have a real gift my friend mixed with knowledge, photo's and my favorite...humor! Love it Eddie thank you for sharing....:-) Hugs

  13. From Jackie
    Eddie....My husband has had 3 Harleys. I can't let him see this site. He built a room onto his 'shop'....a room just for his Harley. The special room had to be air conditioned....of course. We don't have a Harley at this point....that's why I can't let him see this link!!! :-))Smiles to you from the USAJackie


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