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Sunday 8 March 2009

Anyone for Fish and Chips?

My post today is inspired by David, authorblog from his post, "Nearer, My Cod, To Thee", where he reports a fisherman finding a cellphone, still working after being inside a giant cod's belly. Remarkable! Perhaps it was a distant descendant of the same large fish which swallowed Jonah and, not liking the taste, spat him out near Nineveh. The cellphone incident occurred somewhere in the UK and there is a distinct possibility that, after the fish was boned, cleaned and cut up, these pieces of Cod which passeth all understanding may have turned up in a fish and chip shop in Bristol called The Cod Almighty. Perhaps you may think this all a huge red herring and I do not wish to be an old trout about appearing too secretive of its location, so I will tell you exactly where it is plaiced. You'll find it in Southmead Road, A4056, quite near Southmead Hospital. We pass through regularly on ambulance duty, ferrying patients 'to and fro' when in Bristol. If we are free to do so we sometimes stop for a bite to eat there and I'll tell you now that the flavour of these 'chish and fips' is absolutely fabulous - second to none!

From across the road we cannot see whether the owner is the sole proprietor or not but he's a nice chap and very friendly, and certainly would not dream of carping anyone. Neither would he ever under any circumstance contemplate telling anyone to 'sling their hooks' or 'you've had your chips!'" If you look closely inside you will see some people, mouths drooling, waiting patiently at the counter. Just round the corner inside I once saw an elderly man perched on a seat sound asleep. When I asked if there was a problem I was told, " 'eel be OK, 'e's fallen asleep after 'is dinner, 'e loves it - don't worry 'es only a kipper".

At The Cod Almighty there is no sign at all of any stench of fish, but just a mild mouth-watering aroma, guaranteed to stimulate one's salivary glands. Lovely!

The haddock and mushy peas are great as well, as are sausage rolls and pasties - super!

After all this publicity I expect next time I pass I will notice a huge queue of people eagerly waiting for their meals. If you are viewing, Mr Owner, you owe me a free cod and chips for this plug, which should boost trade enormously.

I took some cod and chips back home for my son and just look what he did with the ketchup - what a mess! He ruined the flavour completely, after all the preparation and the unique cooking oil they used as well - ruined. That's youth for you.

Many apologies for all the 'orfeful' puns. However, it was essential to use them all in order to convey my full message. I had a whale of a time doing this!


  1. How far from Hastings? I'm starving.

    Love Granny

  2. Love puns! My grandfather and father competed in the telling of puns over every Sunday dinner...No, cod was not on the menu!

  3. Hi, Eddie!

    Janine recommended you :-) I'm her better half! Glad to meet you!

  4. Hi "minimoo1". Gosh, sounds like a name from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado". Nice to hear from you. Did you like the Fish and Chips? They'd be a bit cold by the time you got them back to The States.

  5. Hi Granny, If you get in your car right now and drive like the clappers you should arrive at The Cod Almighty in 3 hours 19 minutes precisely. The distance is 185 miles. If you buy a double portion you could stop and have the second lot on your way home. But don't put too much Ketchup on them. Hope that helps. Love Eddie x

  6. I missed my fish & chips on Saturday because I'd stuffed my face with a big mac. This post has made me hungry now.

    CJ xx

  7. Hi CJ. I'm not always as mad as this, really! But I cannot resist a silly post now and then. Go on, treat yourself to some Chish and Pips. Much better for you than a big mac. Eddie xx

  8. Well good evening you fish&chips lover! I too enjoyed a good fish&chips while we lived in Weybridge, Surrey. Now I own my own Chicken and Chips place here in the good old USA. My best half will be posting a picture of it on my blog and you are invited to eat and then take in the play "The Mikado". If you go to our companies website you will then understand why I am calling myself minimoo1. Look forward to meeting you and Merry old England soon. I am hoping to bring the family over for Christmas shopping this Nov-Dec.

  9. Thanks for that, Minimoo for You, or minimoo1. Now that you have expressed an appreciation for Fish&Chips the blog titles look a lot less Fishy. I will put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate your website.

  10. Oh yammy tummy,
    I'll dive right in,
    thank you for the generous serving! :-)

    I shall have to dig out pictures of my Venetian fish and such!

  11. That looks codilushious -I just love fish and chips,mushys and white bread and butter ...... off to the Chip shop

  12. Can't find your most recent post...something wrong with blogger...says it doesn't exist ...don't know if it's just me, but thought you should know just in case.

  13. Mmmm. What I would do for a nice plate of fish and chips right now!

  14. No Mr Eddie, I do not like ketchup! I'll take few pieces of this fish&chips...thank you very much. How do you know the girl loves to eat?
    Yup I eat like the Goliath even though I really am a David (nope, not the authorblog!)

    I like fried fish. No ketchup!! No..


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