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Wednesday 4 March 2009


Thank you very much, Retired and Crazy, for the You Make Me Smile Award, granted today.

I am truly honoured to receive this, particularly so soon after David's POTD runner up award. I have not learned to do Wordless Wednesday yet so instead I have called it Speechless Wednesday because it was such a very pleasant surprise to see this when I returned home tonight from my ambulance duties.

I have found that in general if we smile at people it usually makes their day a little brighter. However, I keep telling the young bucks I work with it has to be done carefully and tastefully, especially to ladies. If done incorrectly they run a huge risk of getting their face slapped and if they do it to a man they run the risk of being totally misinterpreted. As in life all things should be in balance.

Retired and Crazy, I will endeavor to make you laugh from now on, not just smile. Thank you again.


  1. Hi, Eddie!
    So wonderful to "meet" you!!!!!Welcome to the bloggie world ...I notice your archive begins fairly recently...I joined the blog world just last November myself!!! It's nice to find someone a little older out here besides myself :-) I'm thrilled to hear from you! I miss GB! Thanks so much for stopping by, and leading me to your blog! God bless you, my brother!!!! Janine

  2. Just wanted to add that you are very, very funny! I particularly enjoyed your Blundering Brown Post! Cheers!

  3. Making someone smile is one of the best gifts to share with people....... so congratulations on the award!
    You are quite funny ..... in the nicest sense of the word :-)

  4. Hurrah! Congrats on the award as well as on your new friend and follower--me, of course :-). . .Have a wonderful afternoon/evening!

  5. Smiling is definitely good for the soul. I went shopping yesterday and made the assistant smile when I got to the counter..!

    CJ xx

  6. I take more sugar than is good for me :-) Thanks for your wonderful comment! You make me smile!

  7. Hello Eddie, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! Cheers!

  8. I came to know about your blog through Kim's. And I must say I agree with her you are totally awesome. Am following this blog with all my heart. Keep it up

  9. Thank you Author, drop in anytime


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